3 am call

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This was nice. A strange write but still nice.
⚠️Slight trigger warning: Brief talk about ctrl alt deleting ones self⚠️

Why was Shinso calling me at 3 am? Who knows. Did I pick up? Of course, that's what you do when you're in love.

"Hey Shin, wassup?"

"Two drinks deep at a table for one. The place we like to go. And you take yourself home again"

It sounds like he's eating the mic. Did he butt dial me?


"The time disappears. You hold back the tears."

He's a good singer. Maybe I'll just listen to him.

"You told me it's so hard to be lonely. Why won't you love me?"

Shinso loves someone? Who would reject such a perfect boy? Point out something wrong with him. I dare you. You won't find anything. And if you do? Well, I can fit a body in the trunk of my car.

"Why won't you love me? You imagine when you close your eyes. You're with me on the other side. So why won't you love me?"

I feel a mix of jealousy and hurt. Lucky person. I knew he wouldn't like me. I'm not his type. I hang up and flop on my bed. Bleh. Don't cry.

-Shinso Pov-
I can't focus on anything. I walk in circles around my room when I notice my phone is warm. I pull it out of my pocket and check the screen. I called Denki. Oops. He probably didn't hear anything. He's sleeping like any normal person.

I'm about to hang up when I see the length of the call. 4:45 and counting. That means he picked up.




"Yeah. Why won't you love me? Ughhh"

I hear the sound of a bed creaking. Did he accidentally pick up?

Is he... crying?

"*muffled pillow sobs because how do you write that?*"

-Denki Pov-

"F- fu- fuck love!" I bawl into my pillow. Because really, fuck love.

You know what. Yeah, fuck love.

"From now on, I, Denki Kaminari, am not madly in love with Hitoshi Shinso... He's just going to breathe in my direction and I'll be head over heels for him again. Ahhh, I'm hopeless. Here's to a night of misery and heartbreak."

I flop on the floor, I need a change and sleeping on the floor is just the thing.

-Shinso Pov-



Denki...? Likes me?

He's probably thinking about a different person. A different Hitoshi Shinso.

Do I spend two hours looking it up until Aizawa bangs on my door, rousing me for practice? Absolutely not. As a side note, I'm the only one.

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