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《M u t e   L o v e》  《KiriBaku》 by Social_Benti
《M u t e L o v e》 《KiriBaku》by 🌸Benti🌸
Highest Ranking; #1 in #KiriBaku Kirishima x Bakugou My Hero Academia "ᴵ ʳᵉᵃˡˡʸ ˡᵒᵛᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ᵗᵒᵒ." "ᴰ⁻ᴰᵒ.. ʸᵒᵘ ᵏⁿᵒʷ... ᵂʰᵃᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ʲᵘˢᵗ ᶠ⁻..ᵘᶜᵏᶦⁿᵍ.. ˢᵃᶦᵈ..?"...
Sorry Stranger ; Kiribaku by aguileraelizabeth06
Sorry Stranger ; Kiribakuby ᒪᗩᔕᗩGᑎᗩ
In which Kirishima texts the wrong number 7/18/19
Bakugou's Poem (depressed/suicidal/abused Bakugou) by AngryOne1
Bakugou's Poem (depressed/ Angry
COMPLETE!!! Bakugou knows nobody likes him. He knows they are all lying when they say they do. He knows they could not care less. He knows he is worthless, weak, and cru...
"Coward." kiribaku by Golden_Snowflake200
"Coward." kiribakuby Aesthetic_fans
depress! Kirishima! "Kirishima..." Aizawa said slowly. "Who is hurting you..." "N-No one..."
Bakushima - Stronger Together  by shrinky_dink
Bakushima - Stronger Together by Sup
Zombie au where Bakugo is left alone and to fend for himself. This is fine for him, in fact, he might actually prefer it... But what happens when he's not so cautious on...
Study at Kirishima's : A Kiribaku fanfic / BNHA  by redriot242
Study at Kirishima's : A X.Red_Riot.X
•~complete!~• Kirishima has feelings for him, but he didn't know how or what to do about it, he didn't know how to confess, Will he accept his feelings? Does he like hi...
Youtuber AU kiribaku by nightunicorn42
Youtuber AU kiribakuby Ryōshi
This is going to be my kiribaku fanfic, no quirks! Kirishima, or, as everyone on the internet knows him as Red Riot is a gaming channel, he doesn't show his face or tell...
Bakugou's pregnancy (kiribaku) by Randomwriter0013
Bakugou's pregnancy (kiribaku)by ShipTrashcan
these are mostly small and cute stories of bakugou being pregnant, featuring kiri trying his best to be the best future daddy he can be (this is my first story so sorry...
I'm Fragile - Kiribaku Fantasy AU by animetragedy
I'm Fragile - Kiribaku Fantasy AUby lil tragedy
Kirishima is a shapeshifter, halfdragon-halfhuman. Being kidnapped and held captive since the age of three by King Enji Endeavor, Kirishima has lacked normal human conta...
My Hero Academia Baby Project: Kiribaku Edition: Books 1 & 2 by Crystal_Clear_Skies
My Hero Academia Baby Project: Emma
When Kirishima and Bakugo have to team up for a school project, they assume it will be business as usual. Bakugo takes the lead and Kirishima does as he says. But when...
Hidden Trauma (Depressed/Sexually Assaulted Bakugou) by AngryOne1
Hidden Trauma (Depressed/ Angry
He has hidden it for so long and he has done it so well, but Bakugou has a big secret. In his last year of middle school he was sexually assaulted and developed post tra...
🌸 Pathetic 🌸 by Hedgehoglady429
🌸 Pathetic 🌸by Francis Franc
Bakugo has never been a fan favorite in his classmates' eyes. The only true friend he's ever had is Kirishima. Then when he falls ill with a bad fever, he starts to real...
Please, just stay away!    [Depressed!BakugoxKirishima] by bakubebe17
Please, just stay away! [ The Ugly Tree
{Complete!} After Bakugo is rescued from the League of Villains, everything seems to go back to normal, Class 1-A is back to its energetic self and Bakugo is back to his...
BNHA Chatfic - Can it get gayer? Who knows? by KookioesAreWatching
BNHA Chatfic - Can it get gayer? BIcycle
BNHA chatfic pretty self explanatory... Mineta dies because no one likes grape dude (My spelling is crap so don't mind me...) Ships: Kirishima x Bakugou Todoroki x Mido...
Little bakugo by Bunnythegay
Little bakugoby Bun
Bakugo is a little, he tries to hide it from his classmates. What happens when one night he was to careless and get caught by his best friends? Will they announce his l...
Bakugo² by restless-dreams
Bakugo²by 🪐
When Bakugo from another dimension suddenly appears at UA, everyone is shocked, two Bakugo's? Not to mention the new Bakugo seems to know Kirishima, though in his world...
Welcome To Gaytown- Bnha Chatfic by NoelleWilcox
Welcome To Gaytown- Bnha Chatficby Twdg-Sarah
Midoriya kills M*neta and needs help hiding the body, unsure of what to do he creates a group chat with everyone in class 1-A (except M*neta for obvious reasons, Shinsou...
Crazy Mad (KiriBaku Lemon) by YaoiShipsMaster
Crazy Mad (KiriBaku Lemon)by Yaoi_is_my_life
When an ex of Bakugo's shows up while Kirishima and Bakugou are on a shopping date, Kiri is not happy. How will Bakugou calm down a crazy jealous boyfriend? ⚠️WARNING! S...
Student chatroom {BNHA} by TaurusDoodles
Student chatroom {BNHA}by Todoroki's left shoe
Iida creates a chatroom for his fellow classmates but it doesn't go according to plan....