Fallen Hero

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Because I have no motivation or brain cells to finish the 15+ un finished stories but I sure can stay up until 3am to write this
I hope I make you cry :)
Shinkami version of the tik tok trend 'Soon I'll be sixty years old'
TW: Brief mentions of su!cide, drug/alcohol abuse

The museum of fallen heroes. Also known as heartbreak halls, fountain of youth, and the gallery of lost souls.

Why? You might ask.

It's because when your soulmate dies, you stop aging.

And to move on, you need to recover from the heartbreak.

That's why most choose to NEVER seek out their soulmate. Because wandering the earth for ages is quite a terrible fate.

"DENKI!! Denki, hold on! The paramedics will be here soon. Just hold on'' Tears stream from my eyes and mix with the dirt on my cheeks.

"*Cough* Toshi... it's okay.... I've already lost too much blood."

"NO! Don't you dare give up. Don't you DARE." You can't. You can't leave me here alone. I push away the selfish thoughts and try to stop the blood coming from the large cuts.

"Toshi... I love you. I love you so much. I love you madly. I'm sorry..."

"No..." I clutch him in my arms and beg warmth into his cold, wet body. "You're not dying. You are not dying."

"Please... I want to see you soon... But not too soon you hear me? Live a happy life for me."

"Don't you get it, you idiot? I can't be happy without you! You can't leave me!" I can't shelter Denkis whole body from the heavy rain but I try my best.

"Thank you... I love you..." His breath slows and an icy bolt of fear shoots through my body.

"NO!! No no nononono, You're gonna be okay. It's all gonna be fine. Just hang on." I frantically look around but we're alone in the storm.

That's it.

I know the exact moment Denki dies in my arms.

It feels like someone just took a machete and hacked out my heart. It feels like part of my very core, my soul is missing.

A wild, loud sob escapes my mouth.

I scream and cry until my throat is sore and my voice is raw. But it's still not enough to ease this agony in my chest.

But there's nothing I can do.

Denki is gone.


I clutch his body tight to my chest and pray to feel a faint heartbeat, a breath, anything to give me a shred of hope but there's nothing.

My tears mix with the rain and my cries hide in the thunder. The whole earth is mourning my loss. The lighting snaps and flashes around me and I pray for a merciful god to strike me down.

It's been forty years since the time of the young heroes. A famous span of time where class 1-A brought down the LOV and crime rates dropped to almost unheard of rates. Of course, we technically still live in that time but for me, it ended on the day my soulmate died.

Everything stopped that day.

Even my life if not for his friends telling me what I already knew. He'd want me to live for him.

It took fourteen years of addictions and rehab to come to face the fact that those illusions of blonde hair and sparking eyes only hurt me more.

Six years after that to get my life back on track.

Now I own a small place called Electric Love Cafe. That was our dream, once we retired from hero work.

There's still some days when I see the gold marigolds in the window box and close shop for the day. They match his hair color and sometimes just that is too much for me.

On those days, when my moments of tangency become too much I go to the museum.

Shinso was regular at the museum.

Often you could see him walking in one single room. If you cared enough to see the theme of the room you'd see the name Chargebolt Hero in gold letters on a plaque by the door.

Sometimes he'd only spend a few minutes and other times he'd be there all day.

Maybe once a week a big group of seven or so would spend an hour or so in there but no one ever spoke.

"Shinso, is it okay if I bring my son to the museum? He really wants to go."

"You don't need to ask Mina, I don't own the museum." I say gently into the phone.

For the past forever every single one of Denkis closest friends insisted on showing up to the museum for an hour on the weekend. Honestly, I was surprised they managed to keep it up with their busy schedules.

I'm already sitting on one of the benches in the quiet room. Enjoying the pictures and 3D images of my soulmate. I've memorised every inch of this room.

"Shhh Karou. You gotta be quiet,"

"Sorry, I forgot!" Karou whispers back.

When they reach the room, Mina introduces us.

"Hey, Mom said I was gonna meet a friend from highschool. Why aren't you as old as her, like you're only a few years older than me.''

"Karou..." Mina looks at me apologetically.

"It's okay. I was Kaminari's soulmate. Soon I'll be 56."

"Oh, sorry."

"It's fine."

After a few moments of silence Karou speaks to me again. "Is being young cool? It'd be like having two quirks. Like being immortal!"

It really isn't that fun. Not a day goes by where I don't feel a dull ache in my chest, and a gaping hole in my soul.

"Not really, it gets lonely."

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