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"Kats, wheres Toshi?" I ask in concern as he returns to the meet up point alone.


"You guys went-"

"I know dumbass. He was right behind me."

"Crap, I hope nothing bad happened to him. Should I go look for him?"

"Nah, the extra is probably just fucking fine."

Ten minutes later, I'm pretty sure he ISN'T fine.

"I'm going to look for him. If i'm not back in half an hour then we probably got caught up in some trouble."

"Be careful bro."

"Don't die."

I wave to Katsuki and Kirishima before running down the street.

"Hitoshi!" I whisper shout. "Toshi!"

After a few seconds I hear a groan coming from an alley. Without thinking I run towards it.

Sure enough, Shinso lays between two dumpsters.



I crouch at his side and check him for injuries. He only has a few minor scrapes.

"Hey Toshi, what's wrong? What happened? Are you alright?"

"D- Denki?"

"Yeah, it's Denki. What happened?"

"Ughhh, you idiot. D- don't just run into an alley. And don't trust whatever you see."

"Hey! Whatever. What's wrong?"

"Ugh. There's a villian- I was right behind Bakugo and they hit me from the back. I was able to brainwash them into turning themselves into the police station then hid here."

"Are you injured?"

"I- shit! Behind you!"

I swivel and see a dark shadow in the entrance of the alley. I prepare myself for battle when the figure speaks.

"Stand down. I only want to have a discussion. I will not hurt you unless I need to."

"What do you want!"

"Hmm, let me explain something first."


"I have a... unfortunate quirk. I won't go too far into the details but I have a deal for you."

The figure has a feminie voice and talks with an indefinable accent.

"I have your lover's lifespan in my hands. I can manipulate it anyway I wish. That means I can erase memories or change the length. I simply ask for half your life span in exchange for your boyfriends."


"I will be taking Hitoshis life. However, I am not entirely merciless. I will allow you to give him half your life."


"I killed your boyfriend. Do you want to revive him?"

I look back at Hitoshi.

"The fuck? No cap." He's actually dead. I'm too shocked to actually believe it. It must be an illusion, right?

"Wait... how do I know you aren't capping?"

"You don't."

Shit. What should I do?

"What does agreeing to that deal mean for me and him."

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