Fallin in love tonight

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This is why I cry myself to sleep

The lights were low except for the dim yellow that shone on the stage. The silver metal of the instruments glowed. Denki tossed his head, immersed in the song, fingers strumming and gliding along the guitar effortlessly. The night was alive. Full of sweat and notes, adrenaline and recklessness.

The manager, Momo, instructed him to look out at the crowd every so often. So when the next song, a slow song started Denki let his eyes wander.

There was no reason, there should've been a reason why, when Denkis eyes skimmed over the crowd they stopped on a particular person.

A stranger, really.

He was admittedly attractive, tall with purple hair and dark eyes.

"You with the sad eyes. Don't be discouraged."

He seemed to be looking back but he could've been looking at any of the other four members the local band called 'The Bakusquad'.

"Its hard to take courage. In a world full of people. You can lose sight of it all. And the darkness inside you. Can make you feel so small."
(True colors)

Denki breaks from the trace and blinks. Huh. He throws himself back into the song, fingers strumming and voice in harmony with the backup singers.

Several songs later and the mini concert is over. I begin the speech.

"Thanks everyone for coming to tonight's show! We really appreciate your support and hope to have another gig soon."

With that the room lights up with dusky lights once again. I only have my electric guitar so I wrap up the cord and help the others.

Bakugo is the drummer, Mina and Sero are the guitarist and bassist and Kirishima is a keyboardist. Mina and Kiri provide backup vocals. I'm the secondary guitarist and lead vocal.

In about fifteen minutes we're back in the staff room,

"Good job everyone!"

I congratulate them, grinning from adrenaline of the show. Mina high fives me and Sero and I do a little impromptu dance. Kirishima grins and Bakugo gives me and affectionate tch.

When all the borrowed equipment is put away I sing song to Mina "Now let's drink our single sorrows away!"

"Heck yeah!"

"No way you dumbasses, we have an image to uphold!"

"You don't understand because you're dating Kirishima." Sero complains.

"Shut up Plain Face!"

"Katsuki, maybe just one round?" Kirishima interrupts, keeping Sero's face safe from his boyfriends clenched hands .

"Ugh fine, but I know it'll be more than one. I'm not driving your sorry asses home. Kiri can babysit you all."

"Okay, just go home and rest Bakubae." He grumbles and stomps off.

We all cheer and drag Kiri into the bar. People come up and congratulate us. Pop music plays over head and people dance in the middle of the room.

"Mina, my platonic love, may I have this dance?" I ask bowing, slightly.

"Of course Denki my dear." We grin and dance through the song.

Sero and Eijiro join us and we all dance together, several songs later we stand on the side, drunk on serotonin.

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