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Today was especially rough. The Bakusquad was teamed up against the Dekusquad in a game of tag.

We split up and I came face to face with Iida. We got ready to fight. Electricity puddled in my palms and sparked off my shirt.

Suddenly Iida sprints towards me. Surprised, I release a blast of electricity. Dropping Iida like a log.

Fear shoots through me as I run over to him "Iida! Iida! Are you okay?!"

"Gotcha" He slips the capturing tape around my wrist.

"Huh?!" I was tricked.

The Dekusquad wins.

"What the fuck was that Pikachu?! "

"Not cool dude, you lost us the game."

"Sorry, that was kinda stupid Kami."

"Why'd you fall for such a classic trick? Not very manly."

I hang my head and clench my shaking hands into fists. The memory is so vivid. So clear.

When my quirk manifested I killed my mother and my twin brother.

I remember my four year old self sitting next to the limp body of my twin and my mother.

"Mommy! Rai! Wake up!"

My father found me hours later. Voice hoarse from trying to wake up my dead family members. Tears streaming down my face and sparks falling around me like shooting stars.

The next day my father got drunk and I got hit for the first time.

"Haha, sorry! I'll do better next time."

Useless. I'm such a burden to my own team.

A burden on my father who missed my mother so much he drinks until he forgets.

A burden to the hero class of 1A, how did I even get in there in the first place?

A burden on my boyfriend, the loveliest boy who deserves the world and more, Hitoshi Shinso. He basically only went out with me because I annoyed him half to death.

A burden to everyone. Maybe if I stopped living it would be easier on them.

I push the thoughts away and smile. But they creep back in, polluting my brain but not my stupid smile which is still plastered to my face.

My mind is wandering and I zap myself back into the present.

I try, I really do try to focus on Mr. Cementos lesson.

But darker thoughts invade my head. Dragging my attention away from the words outside to the ones inside.

The ones that say things like, worthless, burden, ugly, unloved, hated, murderer. The game of tag pulled up more memories that refuse to go away.

"ari! Kaminari!"

" Huh?! Yes? "

Several chuckles can be heard around me. "I said can you answer question 43?"

" We're on question 43? " Oops, I said that aloud. I flip the textbook pages until I arrive at the right one.

Nothing looks familiar.

I glance at the board for clues but nothing rings a bell.

"Umm... 47?" I say a random answer and I already know it's wrong.

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