My boys an ugly crier but hes such a pretty liar

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Soooooo I guess I'm writing more crappy fanfic
This takes place in the future when everyone's pro heroes

Denki knew for months. Months. His lovely boyfriend, his world, his moon and his stars, his one and only love, Hitoshi Shinso, was cheating on him.

He knew for exactly three months. He knew it was stupid for not confronting Shinso when he spied him making out with Monama in the kitchen. He knew.

But who could blame him for trying to hold on to his boyfriend's love? Grasping at the chance Hitoshi would tell him, grasping at the chance he just imagined it. But the months passed slowly and Denki knew Shinso wouldn't be telling him anytime soon.

It took two weeks of crying silently into his pillow and analyzing Shinsos every move to confirm his boyfriend was, in fact, cheating on him.

And oh it hurt. It hurt to smile every day and greet the cheater with a cheerful

"Hi Toshi! Sleep well?"

It hurt to read their texts, slowly drifting apart in frequency. It hurt to see the way Shinsos arms weren't as comforting and warm anymore. It hurt so very bad but Denki couldn't deny the evidence.

"Here we are reporting live with Pro Hero: Chargebolt after an amazing jump in the hero chart, ranking in at an impressive 8." The newscaster rambles on.

He blinks back into the present as the interviewer repeats a question. "Can you tell us about your relationship with Underground Hero: Mindwash, ranked 47?"

Denki blinks slowly, what is their relationship? They haven't talked in a day. Denki didn't even know if Shinso knew his boyfriend was going live on TV.

He leans towards the mic and answers "My boys an ugly crier but he's such a pretty liar. My boy. My boy don't love me like he promised." His answer is full of sadness and knowledge.

"Can you explain?" Denki just shakes his head. Some part of Denki still loves Shinso, even after emotionally detaching himself from the cheater.

Some part of him won't allow him to hurt the Insomniac as much as said Insomniac hurt him. If Denki even held that power anymore.

The interview continued and Denki answered the rest of the questions with ease.

When Denki leaves the large building he checks the news. The interview is already in the top twenty trending.

His tagged social media posts are filled with things like 'Is Kaminari now single?' 'Chargebolt hints at disrupted relationship.' 'Shinkami, trouble brewing?'

Denki scoffs and focuses on the crowd of people in front of him. A hundred smiles and a thousand autographs later Denki walks down the street alone.

His phone rings and he picks up the phone. "Hey Bakubro! Wassup?"

"Squad meeting, our agency, now." Theres no putting it off. Denki changes destinations to the Bakusquad agency. Each member was registered as a solo pro hero but joined up in an agency after Mina and Denki brought it up.

"Spill the tea Denks." Denki meets the stares of his friends who gathered only minutes after the interview aired, being so supportive and just there for him.

Denki didn't even know where Shinso was. "Shinsos been cheating on me." He answered simply.


"How long?!"

"Mindfuck did what?!"

"Aww Kami, com'er." Denki let's Mina hug him as he explains.

"Three months ago, I walked in on Shinso and Monama making out in the kitchen. For a while I just hoped I imagined things but when I started paying attention I realized there were so many signs. I tried believing it wasn't happening but."

He shrugs.

"I guess I just distanced myself from him, so it wouldn't hurt at much but god..." He shakes his head. "We haven't talked in a day and I don't even know where he is now."

Denki hisses softly as a stinging tear escapes his eye and trails down his cheek.

"I guess I should officially break it off now." I take out my phone and tap his contact. Answering machine, after the beep I begin to talk.

"Hey 'Toshi. I don't know if you saw the interview, guess it doesn't matter if you did. I'd usually want to do this in person but I don't know when we'll next meet. I think we should break up. But I guess it isn't really an option. I hope you have a nice relationship with Monama. Just get your stuff from my apartment whenever and leave the key on the counter. Thanks for everything I guess. Bye."

Unable to remove the apathetic tone from my voice I hang up. I'm wrapped in a group hug that even one of Bakugos arms joins in. "Thanks guys."

"I'd be bawling my eyes out if I were you." Mina says matter of factly.

"Haha I did, for like two weeks."

"Aww, next time tell us so we can beat his ass." Sero says, determination in his eyes.

"Sure thing, I was just thinking saying something about it would make it real. And I guess I just didn't want it to be real." Denki chuckles.

"But bro, you got to rank 8! That's so manly!"

Denki grins, that's true.

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