Do You Love Me?

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The next day...

After King Renard died, the rebels who didn't know what to do next were easily captured. Sir Nicholas was brought into Prince Alexander's palace where he rested at the moment and we decided to wait for his recovery as for now, I didn't want to leave my beloved's side.

He looks so peaceful in his sleep... I had the urge to play with his brown wavy hair that looks soft but I didn't want to wake him up as he just recently fell asleep.

Lucy had met with Michael who brought Snow and they were currently on the other room where I stayed before while Michael was guarding Sir Nicholas's door. Once Sir Nicholas is well again, then we will go back to Zurich Empire.

knock, knock

I turn to see Prince Alexander standing by the door. I sat up from the chair to greet him but he raises a hand and gesture for me to come outside.

After the events of last night, the Emperor decided announcing the Crown Prince was the right moment to kill the incident (overwrite). Hence, Prince Alexander was now officially the Crown Prince. And since he killed King Renard, the rebel, his name was easily carved into each of the citizen's heart as the Empire's hero. His image got an instant boost that all eyes began to fell on him.

Once I reach the door, I share a nod with Sir Michael who then got inside the room to take care of Sir Nicholas. Once the two of us were alone did I finally say something.

"Greetings Your Highness, Crown Prince Alexander... I am very thankful for the hospitality and help you've given us. Especially since you helped saved Sir Nicholas. Truly, I am eternally grateful", I gave a deep bow to express my feelings.

The Prince stopped me before I could do it by holding unto my shoulders and instead, we were staring into each other's eyes.

I broke the contact first and took a step back, "May I know if there is anything, I can help you with?"

Since he didn't step into the room to check Sir Nicholas's condition then it was something else, he wanted.

Prince Alexander grab hold of my hand and began to say, "Jade... If you are truly grateful then what do you say we get married?"

I instantly took my hands away as if scalded by hot water and stare at the prince with deep astonishment.

"Your Highness, you are already engaged and you have 2 loving and loyal concubines serving you. Why do you still insist on playing his game of make believe?" there was even an irritated tone because at this point I don't understand this man anymore.

"You my good sir", I point to his chest. "You don't even love me, do you? SO why are you even doing this?"

He gave an eerie smile that sent goosebumps and now did I remember how dangerous he was, "You are a smart woman Jade. Don't tell me you don't know why I am doing this?"

I stare at him. There was nothing that crossed my mind.

The Prince let out a sigh before continuing, "The Zurich Empire's emperor only has one son and no daughters. But he sees you as one. As there is no Grand Duke in the empire like in here, you actually qualify as a princess. Seeing how you family also came from a descendant of empress from long ago".

My eyes widen, how did he know that? Only those in Zurich Empire and higher up nobles remembered that one of our ancestors was an empress. It was also why the emperor insisted on matching me with Prince Knox as he wanted to preserve the royal bloodline.

"Are you talking about a political marriage then? So that when we have a child, he can rule the two empire? Just how hungry for power are you!" I scolded the prince.

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