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IDK if it is too late but I had a writer's block and the migraine is slowly getting better just then so this chapter is a bit shorter, but I'll try to see if I can publish again within this week. Do bear with me :'P


The fact that I lied about Snow might already be out as Sir Nicholas would often give me a 'look' that seems like he knew I did something wrong yet does not proceed to do something about it and thus we were in an awkward phase where we did nothing but training only.

However, time passed and things got back to normal as we had a silent mutual understanding that the 'incident'  is not to be talked about again. He would believe my lies and I would agree not to say a word about it as both of us avoided the topic.

We were already in the Kingdom of Ostrington and currently residing in a village called Lumbold and Sir Nicholas is especially restless as if he suddenly built up a wall of defense since his demeanor change to a colder and ruthless one.

I was wondering the reason why but that was when I notice the villagers were also giving similar attitude towards us that one of the them even spat on the ground before us as we made our way to the forest that I glared intimidatingly towards him but he gave back a stink eye.

"Whatever you do just ignore them", Sir Nicholas had warned and I could only give a silent agreement but cursed the villagers in my head.

I was about to ask where we were going until I spotted a house and there was a man cutting wood outside.

Sir Nicholas steps down from his horse and greeted the man who smiled when he saw him.

"Nicholas, I didn't expect to see you. Are you staying here for a few days?" the man had dark pink hair and light blue eyes. A/N: Something like this per say but wears a villager outfit and change the eye to a light blue colour  (p.s This is Tomoya Matsunaga from Nijiiro Days)

Sir Nicholas was about to say something but the man suddenly drops his ax when our eyes met and next thing you know he was holding my hand by my side

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Sir Nicholas was about to say something but the man suddenly drops his ax when our eyes met and next thing you know he was holding my hand by my side.

"Well hello there beautiful, may I have the honors to know what is this enchanting lady's name?"

Smiling, I slowly took my hands away as I replied, "It is only proper to know your name first good sir"

Had he been someone else's friend I would've smacked his head

"This-" Sir Nicholas appears by the stranger's side and puts a hand on his shoulder as he drags the man away a good distance before continuing, "is my childhood friend Tim Lockwood. Tim, this is my apprentice Jade. Please behave yourself around her".

Tim tries to be free from Sir Nicholas's hold but I know how strong he can be so in the end Tim was only let go when he exhausted himself.

"It's- nice- to- meet- you- beautiful- Jade", Tim said in between breaths as I went down from Midnight and stand a good distance between them.

"Nice to meet you too Mr Lockwood"

"Please call me Tim. I prefer it that way as Mr Lockwood reminds me of my father", Tim announce.

"...I see. I won't make promises but I'll try to keep that in mind"

"Or just call him Sir Tim. He's just a retired knight at the moment but he has been knighted", Sir Nicholas intervenes.

My eyes open wide as Sir Tim looks way too young to retire, "I see... It would be better that way". After all, a 'Sir' is a title only given to those entering knighthood and even once they retire it was still valid while for women a 'Dame' was used before their names. 

 "Oh stop that Nicholas, I've already retired and you know how I don't like the title", Sir Tim complains and went to the house with Nicholas following in. Seeing that I have nothing to do, I followed the two as we went inside.

"Captain Nathaniel's offer still stands for you Tim. I know Lily would have wanted the same for you", Sir Tim became silent but next thing you know he threw something towards Sir Nicholas that he easily dodge and came my way however after 2 months of training my instincts were getting sharper that I can deflect items easily nowadays.

Sensing the atmosphere between the two I regretted stepping inside the house and opted to go out as this seems to be personal for them. Still, why does the name Lily sounds familiar...

"Please do stay. We're done with this talk already Jade so there's really no need for you to go away", Sir Tim suddenly said and made me stop in my feet.

"No we are not done yet Tim. You know we have to talk about this, it has been a year since she left us Timothy, Lily wouldn't want us to be upset like this", Sir Nicholas sighs.

Ah, I remember now. Lily was the name he uttered during the 'incident' that I suddenly felt weird having to forget that seeing that she was the cause of Sir Nicholas's nightmare.

"....I'm not ready to talk about her yet Nicholas. Please don't do this today, not when we just met with each other", Sir Tim gave a sad smile and when our eyes met I could see how miserable he felt. "Do forgive me for that outburst just now, I'm glad you didn't get hurt. If you want why don't you accompany me with finding food for diner".

I nod, "It would be my pleasure". 

With that we left Sir Nicholas alone in the house but he gave a light nod when our eyes met so I gave a nod too before leaving. I don't know why but I felt like I was a child in between my parents argument and I shudder to think that Sir Tim would be my mother while Sir Nicholas was my father. 

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