King Renard

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When we've reached the east palace (I decided to call east and west palace in short), the nobles were also panicking but then stopped once a voice rang out.

"Silence!" it was to be expected of the emperor who sat on his throne room, his aura was similar to that of the Prince but except it was more authoritive that people could not help but stare in awe at his majestic glory.

Prince Alexander stood by His Majesty's side and explained, "There is no need to panic, the guards have the situation under control. We will escort you to your carriages immediately so please be organized".

I didn't know if it was because Lily heard his voice or saw his face but suddenly she became calmer and together, we went near to His Highness's side.

Prince Alexander looks relieved to see his concubines were safe and I was glad to see that Rose was heavily guarded as usual even by the prince's side.

I approach Rose but even I was charged with a sword, "Easy! She's my friend" and as usual Rose had saved me.

"Thank you Rose, did anything happen on this side?" I asked some questions.

Rose explained that after they heard the commotion (explosion), everyone was panicking until His Majesty calmed them down. It seems that this place hasn't been attacked but it was to be expected as it was heavily guarded by guards.

I then excused myself to go back to Lily, who was looking very worried as the three of them talked.

How do I say this? The scene looks very enchanting as Lily who was crying was comforted by the prince lovingly while Lady Aria held unto Lily's hand staring on the ground with a blank expression. The prince hugged the two girls and not long after that, he excused himself to head right towards the exit perhaps where the commotion started.

Then some guards went to escort the two ladies so my role here was done. I should leave immediately as Sir Nicholas ordered but...

While I was lost in my thoughts, Lily seems to have approach me as she held my hand.

"Lily..." I felt very lost. Sir Nicholas was my superior and he gave an order, defying this would result in even a death punishment. But at the same time, he was someone who spent the most time with me after my rebirth... I couldn't. "Lily... what would you do if you were given an order you shouldn't defy yet you still have something important to do?"

Lily stares at me then said, "I would follow my feelings. If I feel something strongly then I should do what I feel is right. What are you trying to do Jade?"

I stare at her, she then gave a smile.

"It seems you made up your mind already", Lily gave a squeeze on my hand before letting it go.

She must have seen my determination as I gave her a hug before following the direction where the prince went.

I know Sir Nicholas might be mad enough to give a death penalty but at this rate when my gut is telling me to be there for him, I will listen to them. Because these are my genuine feeling.

I tore down the dress as I wore my training clothes underneath. I was glad Sir Nicholas had sent my suitcase the day I got kidnapped as or else I would have to steal some clothes from the nearby guards.

Nobody tried to attack me though, so it made it easier to search for Sir Nicholas.

And once I found him, I felt my blood draining as the scene was the most fearful scenario ever happened.

A sword pierced through Sir Nicholas's stomach and the wielder was none other than King Renard.

Prince Alexander seem distracted for a bit before charging for the kill. King Renard wanted to take out his sword but Sir Nicholas was holding unto it with a smile that he lets go but Prince Alexander was faster that the king's head went tumbling on the ground.

My feet that was frozen ran when I saw Sir Nicholas's body was falling to the ground.

I didn't know how I cross the distance but I made it as I reached to him first before it could fall and let his head rest on my lap.

Sir Nicholas frown when he realized it was me but then gave a weak smile as his hand reached out towards my face, "I'm not dead yet you know? So why are you crying".

Ah, so that's why my vision suddenly got watery, I felt my tears and held unto Sir Nicholas's hand.

"I hate this about you", my voice began to break. "Why are you like this when its very serious and you don't act like it is, what happened to the serious superior that everyone calls a demon?"

His face became sour, he was about to argue but I beat him to it. There's no denying anymore.

"And I hate how I came to love you"

The feeling in my gut were actually none other than my worry for him. So much had happened to us that I realized I was falling for Sir Nicholas but I denied this as I didn't want to fall in love again. I didn't want to feel that sense of lost anymore but the moment when I saw the sword pierced his body, I felt as if I would have gone crazy.

Watching Sir Nicholas's stunned face was very amusing so a smile broke out and I said it again for confirmation, "I love you Sir Nicholas".

I felt a bit bold so I went to kiss his forehead. I would have kissed his lips but I wasn't that experienced so it would be very embarrassing plus I didn't want to make his blood bleed any further.

"You-" Sir Nicholas blushed that the urge to tease him began to rise.

I looked at the wound he sustained and after realizing it wasn't that life threatening I felt relieved but he still needed treatment.

"It's better not to move too much or who knows what I'll do next", I smiled. He was slowly wriggling trying to get up so when I said this he froze like a rock again.

This made me laugh and Sir Nicholas's blush got redder. It was a moment I won't forget.


So... I bet some of you expected this. But I did drop some hints with the matching outfit and bad feeling :D Muahaha

Plus most of you were cheering for Sir Nicholas to be the main lead which I also agreed the moment I saw that picture. I mean, she deserves a better man in this life than the past. 

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