Prince Alexander (Part 2)

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"What took you so long", Leo scolded. "You could have save me yet you went to have a chat with someone first. Speaking of which who was she?"

I smiled. As if I will ruin the surprise, "Someone who is dear to me as is to you"

He didn't get it but he will soon. Leo suddenly realize something and stares at somewhere then glance at me.

"What's wrong now?" I asked as he sighs and shakes his head.

"Just how many more people will get involved with you until this is all over... You really should just marry someone now", his reply made me worried.

Someone pat my shoulder and turning around, I was met with Prince Alexander again.

"It just occurred to me that I haven't had a dance with the lady of the hour yet. Would you like to dance milady?"

He offered his hand and I could see that the ladies around us were mostly staring at him. Looks like this guy has a fatal charm that attracts ladies. Especially his adult appeal is one of the factors that makes him more attractive.

Now I was the one sending a 'help me' look to Leo. Leo smiled and put his hands on my back so I got a bit happy but that was before he pushed me towards the Prince.

"Please, enjoy yourselves as it is just one dance after all", he smiled like a wolf hiding underneath a sheep's skin.

Why that lying bastard. Was this keeping me safe, what happened to the promises of preventing bad things from happening to me. 

I shot glaring daggers to Leo as the prince took my hand and led me to the dance floor. When I turn to face him, I also reminded myself this was also another wolf hiding underneath a sheep's skin as he smiles like an angel but I know he was actually the opposite of one.

"That was quite mean of you to abandon me Lady Jade. You left me all alone when you knew I had no friend other than you", he gave a pitiful look. 

This man was an adult yet he behaves like a child. 

I push him away as his hand which was holding unto my waist was too close and intimate, "You must be joking Your Highness. I saw how the ladies were eager to befriend you the moment we walked in after all. I just went off because I knew you could make friends by yourself just fine"

The man smirks and lean closer to my face whispering, "But I only want to be friends with you".

My face immediately went tense and my voice was cold when I said, "Oh"

The Prince stares at my face and looked as if he wanted to laugh as I would do so as well if one looks as deadpan as I was at the moment. "As punishment, I will now call you Jade from now onwards. Jade"

Again my heart was beating wild but I maintain a calm composure as I replied, "I feel uncomfortable if you address me that intimately when we are not even friends with each other. Please, do keep your distance so that people do not misunderstand"

As the song had reach the end, I immediately curtsy and ran away to Leo whom I gave a beating secretly by kicking his knee.

I immediately went to father to excuse myself from the party but he became worried and panic that he wanted to let everyone leave so I took back my excuse and had a dance with him instead.

By the time we were done dancing, Prince Alexander was waiting and went ahead to father to ask something. I excused myself as I did not feel comfortable with him and was instead confronted by Crown Prince Knox.

Just what is going on today? 

"I saw how intimate you were with Prince Alexander. It seems as if you have known him for a long time", his face was void of emotion but his voice sounded angry. Goosebumps appear as I remember this was how he would talk to me before.

I kept a neutral smile as I wasn't going to argue with him about this, "I have only met him at the garden just now and I do not wish to be friends or anything with him. There is also no reason to be angry with me, Prince Knox"

He appears to have realize what he had done and using his normal voice, he said "It seems so. Please keep your distance from Prince Alexander as people would misunderstand your relationship and this would affect your image Jade."

I nod. "I understand, after all I also wish for the same as I do not want anyone to interrupt with my future plans" 

Knox nod when he understands what I meant. I was going to be a knight for the country and nothing would stop me.

I saw a pink hair from a distance and excused myself for a moment. 

"Lady Anna, it is nice to finally meet you today", I clench my fist as I greeted her. She looks lovely in her pink dress and was surprised I would even talk to her. After all, we have never met each other.

"Lady Jade, thank you for inviting me to the party. It is my honor to meet you milady, congratulations for turning 16 and entering society", she curtsy and I saw how she stole a glance at Prince Knox.

I smiled when I saw her looking at the Crown Prince and she was blushing when I caught her staring, "I see you remembered Prince Knox. Personally, I think you are the one who would match him well out of all the ladies out there. Why don't we have a chat with him"

Still blushing, Anna was quite cute when she tried to refuse but I put my hands around her shoulder and drag her to where Knox was.

Prince Knox remembered Lady Anna so there was no need for an introduction. Anna blushes an even deeper shade of red when she realize he had remembered her.

"I've always wanted to become friends with Lady Anna as she was very beautiful during your debutante. I quite think you two are a perfect match for each other", I felt fun teasing this girl and pretend to look somewhere else, "Ah please do excuse me and have a chat between yourselves as I need to find my cousin Leonel"

With that I left the two.

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