It's You?

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By the time the carriage stopped, we were once again dragged to who knows where. After walking for a few minutes, there was a creaking of the door being open and finally, they've decided to open the blindfolds and I was glad to see Lucy was unharmed and beside me.

"You'll be staying here for a while", the man that seems to be their leader said.

He then exited the room and once there was that typical click of a lock, we were left alone.

"Milady", Lucy rush to check for any wounds and once she was satisfied, she sighs and brought me to a nearby couch to rest.

The room... It was not one that I expected to be used as a prisoner's room seeing how I remember in my past life it was dirty and have brick walls as well as hay stack being used as a bed on the ground. At first, I complained but seeing how nobody bothered to entertain the dying woman, I accepted them all so it was quite a surprise seeing this 'prisoner's room'.

The room was fully furnished with high quality items and even had a bathroom instead of a bucket in prison. Even the walls were decorated that instead I realized this was like a typical guest room of aristocrat families minus the lock and barred windows.

Even Lucy was confused seeing the surroundings.

"It seems that we've been kidnapped as guests of someone with wealth", I let out a laugh.

"If so, why didn't they just invited us?" Lucy asked.

"Who knows. Either way, I don't feel welcomed here", I stare at the glass cup as well as jug filled with water.

'Who in their right mind let something like this lying around the victim?' the more second we spent in the room, the more agitated I felt as overall, the room besides the lock was telling us the signs that the kidnapper did not mean any harm and trusted us well that we wouldn't cause any harm weren't they?

I stood up and walk around the room more to see that there was plenty of potential items that can be used as a weapon and made sure Lucy put all of them on display and nearby where it was easy to be grabbed hold off.

The only pity was how the windows were barred or else we could've just escaped from there but then again; we didn't know which floor we were.

While I was busy thinking of ways to escape, the door clinks again and footsteps were heard. As I was facing the window, my back must have been facing the person so Lucy who was beside me had seen the person first as she tugs on my sleeve making a speechless face.

Turning around, I was speechless myself for a while before furrowing my brows and asked in a voice filled with anger, "What is the meaning of this? Your Highness?"

I knew he was dangerous from the start yet I still thought he was a trustworthy ally seeing how he was a reasonable man.

Standing before me was none other than Prince Alexander, I wouldn't mistake his handsome face anywhere else. And especially now when he smiles and I could glimpse a view of hell itself a bit.

"Forgive me my love, but I would like you to stay here for a while. It's not safe out there", he spoke in a gentle manner as if caressing towards a lover that I felt goosebumps all over.

"W-what nonsense are you even speaking of? I'm perfectly well guarded, in fact! I wish to speak to my knight immediately", I glare at him.

"Oh? You mean Sir Nicholas? I've already informed him that you'll be staying in Carlisle Palace for a while", he easily countered.

Once again, I was surprised, "Y-you- what?"

He sighs and sat down on the couch where I sat before and patted the space beside him as he looks at me.

I took the seat on the other couch facing him which made him smile and said, "I will cut to the chase then. You remember the time we met when you asked about King Renard?"

I nod.

"I did make contact with him recently and he offered quite a deal; help him destroy Zurich Empire and he would let me be their emperor", once Prince Alexander said that, I took the glass and broke the edge making it sharp as I brandish it towards his way like a sword.

The guards must have heard the glass shattering as they rush inside but with a raise of hand, Prince Alexander told them to get out and guard the door. They refused of course but when he gave them his glare, the guards cower and retreated. Truly a tyrant.

"And?" I told him to continue as I walk towards him with the glass on hand. "What else did he say? What lies did he told you?"

At this rate, I actually wasn't going to kill him but I was trying to threaten him as the idea of declaring war towards my home empire, the place where my family was quite maddening that I couldn't properly control my emotion but I was thinking rationally.

As if sensing I did not mean him any harm, Prince Alexander rise up from his seat and approach where I was, I did not back down and still keep the glass being raised. Yet he still walks until he was standing mere centimeters away and used his hand to hold my hand that had the glass.

"It was a tempting deal", I was using a bit of force as I kept the glass upwards but with his own strength it was like an ant fighting an elephant as he easily and gently put my hand downwards with the glass and even put it back on the table yet still held on towards my hand, "But the current emperor is doing very well with his work that all the citizens were pleased with the monarchy. I have no reason to help him as I am also busy with my empire".

His purple eyes were staring deep into my green eyes with such confidence that I knew he was speaking the truth.

"Plus, it's the home of my beloved", he flashed his typical smirk and I found myself in a dilemma.

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