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Sir Tim's house was located inside the forest far away from the village however it was still part of it. Yet he seems to be able to manage to live by himself as he grew crops around his house and hunted for meat. The forest was also filled with wild edible plants that was easy to spot as some of them had medicinal properties.

I was glad that the books I've read about plants were useful seeing that we could use the herbs for future injuries.

Looking around I put my bag that I've carried down on the ground when I took it just now and let Snow roam freely.

"Follow closely and don't stray far away Snow", I warned but it seems to have been in one ear and out the other as he roams around freely trying to catch insects.

"Must've followed you from a far distance this young cub", Sir Tim chats when he saw Snow.

Maybe it was because he got used to the wild but he wasn't that surprised at looking at Snow and only treats it like a pet after a few seconds. He didn't approach it thought not like Sir Nicholas did when he was curious and only maintain a distance as we gathered some plants.

"Yes, it sneaked into my bag this little one. As it was too late to bring it back home we just brought it together with us", I smile staring at Snow.

It was better this way perhaps as he would felt suffocated just lazy-ing around in the mansion that he would prefer to be outside and roam freely like the animal he is.

When I look to my side, I realize Sir Tim had been staring at me and asked, "What is it?"

He gave a sad smile as he said, "You remind me of her, of my little sister Lily".

Confused, I asked "How so?" Lily was beginning to be a mystery for me that I wish to solve but know my boundaries. 

The silence was killing me that I regretted asking this as the awkward moment between us began to drag that I found myself saying, "It's alright if you don't want to talk about it".

Tim laughs for a bit and decides to rest as he sat on the ground and pats the space beside him, beckoning me to come closer.

"Lily likes animals too and is quite the caring girls that she also entered knighthood and became a Dame as she wanted to uphold justice. 'Protect the weak' was her favourite line", Sir Tim sighs.

"Maybe it's because you are Nicholas's apprentice somehow but I can tell how strong you've gotten even by a glance that you reminded me the moments when Lily was also a beginner like you", he stares at a faraway place.

"...She sounds like an amazing woman", I comment as I choose to enter knighthood to escape my fate and didn't thought about things like protecting the weak. 

Sir Tim looks at me and pats my head, "She is amazing. And you two would've been best friends if it weren't for me".

There was hint of despair and agony in Sir Tim's light blue eyes that I could see how much he was suffering again. Not knowing what to say I just sat there and thought for a while. I was curious of course but since it had something to do with his retirement and little sister I don't think it should be rushed seeing that it was a sentimental story.

"I am not sure about what happened but I do know that Dame Lily lived a happy life pursuing her justice. So please don't blame yourself as nobody would have wanted their beloved to suffer", Snow choose this moment to come after us so I took him in my hold as I stood up. "It seems that the sun is setting soon, we should go back now".

Sir Tim nods and slowly got back up too. He didn't say a word as he led us from the woods back to his house where Sir Nicholas was changing to a casual clothing.

He stood awkwardly when he saw Sir Tim by the door and sighing he approach where we were before saying, "Sorry".

I was surprised when Sir Tim suddenly hugs Sir Nicholas that I felt like the third wheel as I did not know on what to do by the door.

Meeting Sir Nichola's eyes, he gave a smile and pats on Sir Tim's back as he gave me a thumbs up gesture.

I didn't know what did I do that deserve that but I nod and went to the kitchen instead to put the plants away.

"I'm glad you're here with me", I put Snow down and pats his head as he purrs in a pleased manner.

After a while Sir Tim arrived at the kitchen and told me to bathe myself as he had prepared hot water in a tub in the bathroom. I accepted his offer and took Snow away as he hadn't showered properly in a while.

By the time we were done, Sir Nicholas had joined Sir Tim to cook in the kitchen and I took the time to survey the house until I reach a picture stand.

The picture had three teenagers in them and I could see that the dark hair was Sir Nicholas while the dark pink one was Sir Tim. Which left the middle one which was a girl with light pink hair and blue eyes as-

"That's Lily. Very identical to me isn't she?" Sir Tim was putting the food by the table when he saw Jade was roaming around and stood in front of their picture that was taken when they were young.

I nod and said, "She's very beautiful though, not like you Sir".

Sir Tim laughs and said that Lily would also often compliment herself as the prettier one between the two siblings. Overall, Jade was beginning to leave a good impression towards Sir Tim as he keeps finding similarities between the two girls that he had a great mood during dinner.

Sir Tim would also tell stories about their childhood and made Sir Nicholas wanting to kill him as the story about how he wetted his bed during his childhood got out.

This was when I found out that Sir Nicholas was adopted by Sir Tim's family as he was a war orphan that then entered knighthood with the two siblings. Hence the trio was quite well known until they served directly under Uncle Nathaniel due to their skills and heroic deeds.

Hearing the two childhood friends talking in a good mood made me listen more to their stories as I was glad they were still close even after the years but the curiosity about Lily grew even more. 

Sir Tim decides to bring out some wine that he stored for drinking and brought Sir Nicholas away with him as the two guys went out for a chat leaving me with cleaning duties. 


I feel better now, thank you for the cheering ups and get well soon! Will try to update more from today and finish this chapter hopefully less than 50? Cause I don't like it whenever the stories became too long that you'll lose track of things -_-"

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