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It has been a while since the book was published, as I currently am stuck in a writer's block I'll just edit back my current work until I have an idea on what to do next.

Duke Smith Kensington, a prestigious person who's family had served the Emperor ever since the beginning of Zurich Empire has an only child named Jade Evangeline Smith Kensington.

She inherit her father's title when she turned 16 as her parents both died in an accident which involves them falling off a cliff when they were on the way to visit their cousin.

Poor Jade couldn't come with her parents as she was unwell and the journey was said to take a week. She laid sick for 3 days in bed by the time the bad news reach to her.

The Duke was one of the most richest aristocrats who owns not just gold or jewellery mines but also had a vast land that produces crops and livestock.

Her greedy cousins did not hesitate to take the opportunity and assume control of the Kensington saying she was still a fledgling and wet behind the ears. Though they let her keep the title, she was no more than a puppet for display.

As the Empire was suffering from financial crisis, Jade was given or more likely sold to the Emperor as his consort, in the return for their riches.

Though her uncle did that because of his greediness for the position of Duke, Jade was quite happy about this as she secretly admires the current Emperor when he was still the Crown Prince.

Smart, athletic and good looking, Emperor Knox Henry Ferdinand was more than worthy being the next heir to inherit the Empire. But he had already married his sweetheart, Anna Thane, the Baron's daughter who became Empress and his beloved from the start.

Heartbroken, becoming his wife was like an impossible dream so Jade accepted the marriage without complaint as even if she did refuse, who dared to refuse the Emperor other than his Empress would only suffer death.

But nobody knew, the Emperor never came to visit Jade on their wedding night and has never acknowledge her even during events. Oh how she was forgotten.

Even the palace maids had reduced and only her loyal friend and maid, Lucy was by her side.

Jade lived quietly as she could, away from peering eyes until she met Mary, who was the vilainness to their story.

Mary used Jade as a pawn to bring Empress Anna to sickness. Framed and innocent, she was brought to the guillotine where she was then sentenced to death as the Emperor looks at her coldly with the Empress glaring daggers by his side.

"Please Your Majesty, I'm innocent!" she plead but it fell unto deaf ears. Nobody could become her witness now as even Lucy was killed trying to protect Jade until the very end.

Despaired, she laughed like a mad woman as she reluctantly accepted her fate.

"My only sin was loving you, Your Majesty. If I have to do this again, I will gladly avoid falling in love with you"

Thud. Her head was chopped and crowd cheers when they see blood, and poor Jade was gone.


I held my neck and struggle for air. My hands were shaking profusely, refusing to move the way I want them to.

Around the corner, the shimmering light from the moon reflects in the mirror, catching my attention and I made a run just so I could stare at myself.

This is...

This is me. When I was 5 years old.

"What in the heavens just happened..." I mutter.

Was it all just a bad dream? I held my neck.

No, it wasn't. Even now my neck was throbbing with pain and I could feel the ice cold edge of the guillotine slicing through me.

Perhaps this was an answer to my prayers. Did they finally listen and granted my wish as they realize my sufferings?

Hah, as if.

Tears began to flow down my cheeks as memories of my past life played one by one. And the most vivid of them all was when the Emperor was staring coldly during my last breath.

I clench my fist. I swear never to fall in love with anyone else after this. Especially not him.

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