Meeting His Consorts

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So I don't have an exact update plan if you notice, the story will also have time lapse as there isn't much to highlight (stories only include the major events and forgot the minor ones) as it would take a longer time to explain and etc. Hope you guys enjoy this chapter.


"I never thought I would see you again my fairy. And quite the right timing as I was just thinking about you when your letter arrived" Prince Alexander said.

Currently, we were having tea at the imperial garden. Prince Alexander had sent a letter replying to my previous one that stated how I came to Ethereal Empire's capital, Oz for a visit.

He offered us to stay in his palace but I rejected it as it was not proper seeing how I was still unmarried. So instead, he kept inviting us to the palace during my free time like right now.

Currently, Lucy and Sir Nicholas was standing by the side at a good distance while I was alone with the Prince who also has only one guard standing at a distance.

"I heard it's almost time for the empire's Annual Harvest festival and rumors has it the Crown Prince will finally be revealed to the public" my lips quirk up when I saw the prince flinching.

The empire's Annual Harvest festival is one where they celebrate as thanks to Demeter, the Goddess for the good harvest and continues to pray for another one each year during Autumn. Yet this year was different as finally, his real identity would be known to all seeing how he has been successful in his mission for the peace treaty with Zurich empire.

"Yes... it seems so", he gave a knowing smile.

I am curious about future Emperor Alexander but what's more interesting now is rather...

"I've also heard about your betrothal to the Grand Duke's daughter. Congratulations Your Highness", I forgot about this before but if I wasn't wrong then this woman was his future empress.

There were other rumors now that we've truly arrived in Ethereal empire itself. About how Prince Alexander has many consorts and that beauties surrounding him every day.

Right now, the same prince that was labeled as society's player was in front of me and I could not help but smile when I heard about his marriage.

"Thank you, milady. I've also heard that Crown Prince Knox is engaged, now is he?" Prince Alexander gave a sharp glance as he continued, "I heard he was supposed to be betrothed to you yet... I wonder what had happened?"

Perhaps he was trying to spread some salt on a wound but since there was no wound to begin with, I happily replied, "Perhaps he fell in love. Who knows? One thing for sure is that; I don't see myself bearing a crown even in the distant future Your Highness. It's good enough to be a Duke's daughter".

At this, Prince Alexander burst out laughing until there were tears in his eyes, "Indeed. You should live as you are living right now".

After he calmed down, I continued to test the water, "Jokes aside, I wonder if Your Highness has heard about Ostrington"

Prince Alexander was drinking his tea when he stopped his hand and put the cup down, "No... I haven't heard about it."

He was doing a great job acting if I had to say so myself but I continued saying, "I see... I heard the King disappeared somewhere near the border so he might be somewhere in Ethereal Empire..."

Prince Alexander got the hint as he became serious and said, "I'll tell you if there's anything I know of then".

The talk then diverges into another direction as I asked about the Annual Festival's origin. Prince Alexander was just about to explain when someone came dashing through our way.

I was not paying much attention until I heard Sir Nicholas saying, "2 O'clock".

Next thing you know, I was using a fan trying to block someone's hand and when I saw the person, I was shocked.

It was a female that had slightly tan skin with dark hair and dark brown eyes. She wore a white dress that I've never seen before yet the material was one that is very expensive as it was silk.

A Goddess...

Even with her glare, she was still beautiful that I wonder if she was one of the beauties in the rumor.

One of the trending rumors surrounding Prince Alexander is about his foreign consort that was said to be from Egypt. The story about her was quite ridiculous that I didn't know what to believe in as one said she was a slave while another said she was a runaway princess or a prize for the prince.

"Aria! I told you His Highness is meeting someone", a feminine voice shouted.

When I turn to see the source, it was another beautiful lady with blonde hair and blue eyes. Yet she seems to be younger than I am at the moment.

When the girl was in front of us, she pulled the lady called Aria behind her as she bows, "Forgive me Your Highness, I've interrupted your time with your guest".

Another consort perhaps. This one must be the war orphan I've heard about that was saved by His Highness during one of his expeditions.

"It's alright... I was just about to leave after all", I went ahead and said an excuse seeing how the beautiful lady was still glaring at me.

Prince Alexander didn't seem to be bothered and might have expected this thing to happen as he did not lose composure and just gave an apologetic look before acknowledging the girl.

"Please forgive my consorts Lady Jade. Lily, Aria, this is my beloved guest Lady Jade, Daughter to Duke Smith from Zurich Empire", Prince Alexander introduce ourselves.

Aria didn't seem to be welcoming but she did give an acknowledging bow while Lily was very polite as she even gave a beautiful smile saying, "Nice to meet you Lady Jade".

Seeing the three together I felt that God was truly unfair.

Prince Alexander was handsome enough but paired with the goddess Aria and angel Lily, it seems as if a painting made in heaven.

Seeing how there was nothing else to do, I left but not before accepting an invite from the Prince to accompany his consorts.

"Why don't you three be friends", he said.

I could only smile and nod as truly I am interested.

Author's Note:

Grand Duke is said to be higher than a Duke's title. Google more if you are curious.

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