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When Sir Nicholas said quest, he was not joking around. It turned out that the criminal he captured was loose again and this time he was sent out to kill him.

The bandit was called Mace the Notorious. As his name has said, his favourite weapon was a mace to which he uses to crush his opponent's head to pieces.

"You should've told me more about this quest of yours, Sir Nicholas", I gave an accusing look towards him.

We were currently heading towards the Kingdom of Ostrington which was said to be the birthplace of Mace and many other criminals.

"Had I told you the truth, I doubt your parents would have let you go. Your uncle would also kill me once he finds out about this you know? So you should be glad you are coming with me since you get to be famous later" Sir Nicholas nonchalantly said as he rode his horse.

"..." This was true as I told my parents I was just going for a simple quest with Baron Nicholas. Since his reputation as a noble and knight was well known to many, my parents let me go but not before meeting Sir Nicholas properly before we left.

Father had said many things towards him that Sir Nicholas did not take seriously but when mother had talked with Sir Nicholas his face had a funny expression.

"It's going to take 3 months if we want to reach Ostrington so in these 3 months you should learn as much as you can", Sir Nicholas reminds. 

"Okay, tell me about Ostrington though," I looked around the forest and tried to imagine the place.

The kingdom of Ostrington was located near the borders between Zurich and Ethereal Empire that it was in a poor condition since it was near the warzone. Far from the Imperial Capital where the Emperor was living at thus he could barely know about the condition of the place due to the lack of information and control. 

But it was well known that Ostrington was where evil dwells as that was the place where many notorious criminals had came from. But other than that, the place was pretty much unknown. Like who was their King or Queen and etc.

Sir Nicholas ponder for a while and said, "It's a barren land that is full of criminals. That might just be the only information anyone has ever known as the ruler's identity is well hidden amongst the crowd."

"Do they even have a ruler?" I question as how is it possible that their ruler did not even take control of the place seeing that many criminals were born from there.

"It could be as although Ostrington is far from the Capital, it is actually easier to get in the kingdom but harder to leave. This is another task that we need to do", Sir Nicholas sighs thinking that his work was very troublesome but no sooner than that he looks at me in a serious manner and said, "Listen, no matter what; You should be safe and stay alive."

His look was so serious that I find myself nodding in confirmation, "Okay".

At this, Sir Nicholas ruffles my head before hurrying his horse to go forward. Realizing he was treating me as a kid despite my debut as an adult, I glare at his back figure but a smile appeared at his behaviour.

Night was closing in and Sir Nicholas deem that we should rest for the night. Although I was not a stranger to camping out, the time when I was with my family was different from when I was with Sir Nicholas as I realize that it was truly awkward for the two of us to be together.

Should I start a conversation with him? But what about...

Distracted by my thoughts, I fail to realize that my bag was moving until Sir Nicholas coughs and pointed it out.

I was about to open the bag but before I manage, a white fur ball with stripes had appeared and I sigh when I realize who it was.

"Snow, I thought I told you to stay behind. This is a very dangerous journey so you should be safer at home", Snow was supposed to be left behind at the mansion as he was still a cub and although I wanted to bring him, knowing that out there was more dangerous I choose to let Lucy take care of him.

Midnight who was lying down beside me saw Snow and presume to neigh around as if he was scolding the little cub which made me laugh.

Suddenly realizing we were not alone, Snow growls warily at Sir Nicholas as he hides behind my back.

"I'm sorry for this. It might be too late to go back now is it?" I stare warily at Sir Nicholas who kept staring openly at my pets and I.

"How rare. A white tiger cub is it. It's better to train him in the wild if you want him to survive", Sir Nicholas went to see Snow closer. "Or are you training it to be a docile pet?"

"I was going to train him when he is slightly older than now. Snow can choose to go once he is an adult as I don't want to keep him restrained", I pat Snow who climbs unto my lap and was still hissing at Sir Nicholas.

Sir Nicholas quietly stares for a while which got me feeling embarrassed as I asked, "What? Why are you looking at me like that".

When I turn to see him, he was looking with a judgemental look as his face began to become sour, "I wonder what is it about you that attracts animal and make them tame early on. Maybe it is because you are a beast itself and they see you as their own kin?" 

Without waiting, I grabbed the nearest item which was my sword and hit Sir Nicholas, not regretting it as he groans in pain.

A/N Note:

An Empire consist of multiple kingdoms and is run by the Emperors and Empresses.

While a Kingdom consist of towns or villages and is run by Kings and Queens.

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