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In my previous life, my parents were said to have died from falling off a cliff due to escaping from bandits.

This did not make sense as they had their guards with them and the journey we usually use was a safe one free from bandits.

In the end, the bandits were not caught and the incident was buried down as in reality, it was actually my uncle as well as my father's brother Lord Richardson, which was Aunt Charlemay's husband fault for their deaths.

As my grandfather, the Duke Kensington appointed father as the heir to the state of XX, uncle who was the eldest was given the title as Marquess instead and married into Aunt Charlemay's family to become a Duke. But even then he was still not satisfied as he was located far from the Crown.

Envious, he planned to hire some assassins instead as my parents wanted to come for a visit once a year and made it look like an accident. It took him years of planning before he decided to implement this.

Though his plan was a success as father died, it was also a failure as I was named the heir. It was only when he married me off to Emperor Knox did he told me the truth.

"Now that you are gone, I will finally inherit what is truly mine from the beginning"

"....Uncle, are you saying what I think you are saying. Did you- did you kill my parents because of this- this madness for power?"

He leers and laughs when he saw my ghastly expression, "Indeed you are smart. You should've died with your parents back then"

Aunt Charlemay had killed herself as she hated the duke for killing her beloved sister. Only after I beg for justice to the Emperor did uncle get his karma as he was sentenced to death.

This was also because Emperor Knox got annoyed at the demanding Duke and instead pass on the duties to his capable son which was cousin Ian (Shown in the picture).

The gentle and smart Ian then became the right hand of the Emperor. His gentle demeanor was gone and instead he became a cold and calculating men who did not trust anyone. Not even his own cousin who was the Royal Consort.

Currently we were half way around the journey and if I was not wrong, it should be around these areas when the carriage would get attack.

It was currently nightfall and I couldn't close my eyes to fall asleep when I knew death was near.

Every second matter as I paid close attention to the sound and surroundings. My sword was placed near my waist as I wore comfortable clothing instead of a dress with the excuse of afraid of discomfort. Luckily, mother let me be but she warned that we were to wear proper clothings once we arrived at the Fief's mansion.

There was a rustle in the leaves and I picked up my sword with a defence stance as I look over towards my mother and gave her a small knife for protection.

"Don't leave the carriage and don't open the door unless I tell you to. Lock them well and stay safe", I stood to leave but mother grasp my hand and was about to say something but was stopped by me.

"I know what I am doing mother, please believe in me", I grasp her hand and gave it a tight squeeze.

She knew how much training I've done and heard about my accomplishments as I manage to defeat the Head Knight's guard when I was serious. It was why they bought me a sword as a gift which I called Gladio as it reminded me of a gladiator.

Mother was reluctant and there was a silent debate as she seems to have a struggle within herself. Perhaps it was because of a mother's instinct that she sensed something wrong. But finally, she lets me go and whisper "Stay safe".

I nod and went out the door, "Lock the door and do not open unless you hear father's or my voice mother" I wait until she nods and closed the door, not leaving until I heard the click sound.

Luckily, the carriage was remodeled with the knowledge I have had from the future and I made sure it was as strong as a steel before I was satisfied with the end result. The door could only be opened from the inside with a key as well as two bolt connected at the top and bottom. Only with the power of 3 men might they be able to wreck it open.

Father was nearby and was surprised to see me.

But before he could say a word, I threw one of the small daggers I carried to the side and landed a hit on an assassin.

With that, the fight began.

I stayed near the carriage as I worried for my mother's safety. But I made sure to battle as far as possible from them in case the sword would poke through the doors.

As expected, the number of assassins rivaled that of our guards and it seems that there was a leak of information from the inside. We will find this rat once the fight is over.

Though it was dark, as I've trained myself to adjust to any environment, my vision was clear as I cut down the enemy's weak points by their legs or knees and arms. Avoiding life threatening injuries as I still needed them alive.

But these ones were sneaky like a rat and stubborn as a cockroach, I had to cut them down until they were useless or else they would rise to fight again.

One was even trying to aim for father's back so I had to dash and warn father as I pierce the enemy's hand.

Back to back with father, the enemy circled around us. The guards grew into a sense of urgency when they saw the state we were in.

One by one we cut the enemy down but because of my slow reaction, the enemy manage to land a cut on my knee as well as my side stomach. But the wound was not too deep and was manageable.

There was still too many that I doubt my strength would last to fend them off but luckily, Leo arrived with his horse and rushed in to save us.

He fought them bravely and you could hear the marching of soldiers as reinforcement arrives.

The assassins withdrew and we were saved.

"Jade!" Leo leaps down from Persia and rushes to my side. "You're hurt!"

Father who was behind me, turns and assess my condition as he frantically calls the doctor and rushes me to lie down and rest while Leo was lost on what to do.

"I'm fine, it is just a small cut. There's no need to fret you two. This will heal in no time", I rest on a nearby tree.

"It's good that you came on time, thank you Leo", I smiled at him.

Leo took my hand and gave it a squeeze as he smiles, "I'm glad I was here to help. It was thanks to you for telling us in advance. This was all thanks to you Jade..."

I suddenly feel drowsy. Still smiling, I could hear the sleepiness in my voice as I said "Yeah... I'm glad... It's over..."

"Jade? Jade? What's wrong?" his voice was drowning out. What was wrong with me?

I feel my body shift and slowly, my conscious fades into the back of my mind and the darkness starts to welcomes me.

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