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"I'm going with you", Sir Tim announced the next day when we were about to leave.

Sir Nicholas smirks, "Glad you'll be joining us then, it helps that Tim the courageous is joining us for this expedition"

I narrow my eyes at Sir Nicholas, did he forgot the fact that he was trying to recruit Sir Tim back just yesterday?

Nonetheless, I smiled at Sir Tim "Welcome aboard then".

It only took 3 days before we reach the Capital of Ostrington, Estertol.

Estertol was very different as most of the place was using stones that the main colour seen was grey. There was not much people selling food like fruits and vegetables but there were more weapon sellers selling swords, bows, and others that I could see how the kingdom gained the title of being the birthplace of evil.

"Don't stray too far away from us", Sir Nicholas warns as the two guys suddenly slowed down until they were beside me. Sir Nicholas on the right and Sir Tim on the left side.

"Stay hidden well Snow", I whispered to my bag as I could sense the town was not that friendly.

"Are we heading to the palace?" Sir Tim asked.

Sir Nicholas nods and said, "We have to inform the king about Mace. And make inquiries about him, the quicker the better"

With that we made our way to the palace and the castle was as ominous as it could be. The gates didn't even have guards that I wonder just how do the royalty live in here.

And it seems more odd that I was the only one disturb by this as the two knights seems to be used to it.

"Um-" I was about to ask about the situation when the main door suddenly opens and Sir Nicholas urges us to come inside.


Inside, the atmosphere was chilly that I felt goosebumps and Snow was rustling in the bag that I had to insert my hand to pet him to calm down. Just what is going on here?

"What brings the emperor's dogs to be here?" A voice boomed out when we reach the hall where the king attends to an audience from the locals.

My eyes couldn't believe it when I saw that the person sitting on the throne was none other than the mysterious man I wanted to avoid from the prince's debutante.

"I'm surprised the infamous Tyranny King didn't hear the news about Mace's escape", Sir Nicholas voice was full of venom when he said this. 

"Now, now Nicholas, for our friendship's sake it would have been better if you just stayed in Oflor (The Empire's Capital). That way I wouldn't need to see your faces at all", the man did not look like the king at all.

Perhaps it was because his uniform was purely black with the silver crown, it made him look like a demon's king instead. Coupled with his mismatch eyes of red and green colour, it made him look like an immortal being instead of a human. 

"I don't remember being friends with a demon like you who could start a civil war just because of your hunger for the silver throne, Renard", Sir Tim was giving out a blood lust aura that it can be seen though the three men shared a childhood memory where they were friends, they were also enemies now.

And I could finally understand why when King Renard gave a grin that made him look like a madman as he said "Now Timothy, I can't believe you are still hung up on Lily's death. After all wasn't it because of you that she died?"

"Enough!" Sir Nicholas warns and charges towards King Renard brandishing a sword by his neck until a straight line of blood was drawn out. "Utter her name and you'll regret ever living again Renard".

King Renard reaches out to touch the sword as he flicks it away and said, "That's King Renard for you Nicholas. Or should I say lover boy?"

Seeing red, Sir Nicholas went to take a swing but was suddenly pushed away by a force and seeing a bulky guy holding a mace I felt my blood ran cold.

"King Renard, are you betraying the empire by keeping this criminal by your side?" I asked with a cold like tone that I was surprised I could be this mean nowadays.

Still smiling, King Renard said "I never sworn to be loyal to the emperor".

"I see... that's quite true since you stole the throne away from the previous king. Now I remember you, the tyranny who usurp the throne by starting a civil war which caused plenty of death and even the death of Dame Lily the angel." memories began to flow freely now that I saw him again. "You truly deserve to die in hell".

I threw a knife that was easily deflected by Mace.

"And you are quite the fierce fairy. No wonder you manage to catch my eyes that day", he chuckles before leaving.

Sir Nicholas took this opportunity to start a fight with Mace with Sir Tim chasing after King Renard. I also took the chance to help with Sir Nicholas as Mace was a tough opponent.

Luckily since I was used to Sir Nicholas's fighting skills, we could easily fight according to memory that Mace was struggling to keep his pace.

"Glad the training worked", Sir Nicholas blurts when he went for a dash and skillfully inserts his sword through Mace's neck that he couldn't swing his weapon properly. "Let's go"

We chase after Sir Tim and King Renard. There were too many questions wanting to be answered but seeing that King Renard suddenly turned hostile against the empire, we shouldn't waste time.

By the time we reach outside the castle, King Renard was already fighting with Sir Tim but there was also an army behind him that I fear the worst was about to happen.

"This..." I started but couldn't finish the word as different scenarios played inside my mind. 

"He's crazy", Sir Nicholas said and went to help Sir Tim. "GO back to the empire and tell the emperor King Renard has committed treason against the empire!"

I froze. It would take me weeks before I reach the empire but leaving the two men to fend for themselves was nonsense. But-

I ran back towards the castle to go back to Midnight and Snow whom I left the moment we entered the palace.

I was glad to see they were still there and chasing time, we ran back to the village where the villagers were hostile. The 3 day trip took only 1 day and Midnight was tired yet I still force him.

"Please, help me send a message towards the empire!" I announce once I reach the middle of the village and saw that they were still unfriendly as usual.

"And why should we help the traitors that helped the usurper!" one of the villager retaliate.

"Because that usurper is trying to start a war with the empire!" I yelled leaving the rest speechless. "Do you truly want to get caught in the crossfire and start a war that would affect your way of living and bring a tragic future for your children?!" 

The villagers start to murmur and seeing that time was still running, I urged "Please, those very traitors that you are cursing are currently fending off the usurper and I do not know when they will last. I beg of you, send a message towards the emperor that King Renard is trying to start a war with the empire"

At this, one of woman had reach where I was begging on my knees and helped me get up that I could see she gave a smile towards me, "Please, don't stain your beautiful clothes. I'll get my husband to send the message"

It was only then did I realize I was crying that I held the lady's hand gratefully as I thank her again before going back to the castle with Midnight.

I know he was reaching his limit soon but I urged, "Please just a little bit more Midnight, I beg of you"

I could only pray the two were still safe and holding on. 


The story about the past will unfold soon, look forward to the next chapter.

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