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In my previous life, I did attend the Royal Hunt as Uncle still had to display me at events since I was the Duke's heir. I was personally there when Crown Prince Knox was bestowed a gift from his father the Emperor for hunting a White Tiger.

Yet he easily rejected the gifts and said, "Father Emperor, I wish to request for a marriage to Baron Thane's daughter Anna Thane instead"

At this, the Emperor was surprised as he did not expect his son would fall in love with Anna and gave a pity glance at me before announcing, "If that is what you wish for, I will now bestow a marriage between Crown Prince Knox and Anna Thane"

A month after that, the two got married and I only realize at the Royal Hunt itself that I was in love with Knox.

But now it was different. 

Emperor Henry smiled at Knox as the White Tiger's body that had been skinned was brought in front of him, "I grant one thousand chest of gold for Crown Prince Knox as a reward for hunting this beautiful White Tiger."

Crown Prince Knox stood to accept the Emperor's gifts, "Thank you Imperial Father for the gifts".

At this I froze, why is it different from how I remembered it to be? Isn't he suppose to ask for marriage to Anna?

Anna smiled when Crown Prince Knox had returned by her side and the two chatted more. I could not stop staring at them that Knox must have realize this and look up to meet eyes with me.

I quickly turn away and walk outside with Leo as I excused myself.

Leonel seems to have sense I was in a shock and asks, "What's wrong Jade?"

I did not tell Leo the part where Knox got engaged with Anna at the Royal Hunt as it was not necessary and I just stare at him, "I- I do not know. I think the future has changed".

At this I finally told him about what happened in the past and he seems to be in wonder why didn't Knox ask for Anna's hand in marriage when he has been interacting with her a lot since his debutante.

Leo pats my head, "You shouldn't think about this much. They might not be engaged now but they should get married in the future right?"

At this I finally feel a sense of welcoming and looks at Leo in astonishment as he truly is smart at times.

He was right. They will get married in the future. They must.

We went back inside the tent and I notice Crown Prince Knox was staring at me. I smiled in acknowledgement to which he accepts with a nod and turn to look at Anna who was giving me what seems to be a fake smile.

By the time the feast ended, I went back with my family to meet Snow but was intercepted by someone that I did not recognize.

"Excuse me milady, but Prince Alexander requests to meet with you", I stood still as I suddenly remember seeing this guy standing around Alexander at times.

Not wanting to meet with the Prince, I immediately decline and rush back to my camp and greeted Snow as I let him out of his cage.

Lucy who saw this clicks her tongue in annoyance, "You shouldn't pamper him too much miss or else he will be arrogant and prideful"

At this I smiled and said, "He is a beautiful creature. He should be arrogant like his mistress or else he is not a pet of the nobility".

The next day, when we returned home, I was in a carriage with Prince Alexander since mother suddenly pushed us together saying that she had to talk with father. But I thought otherwise.

Since we are heading to the same destination, I complied and brought Snow to sit with me.

The wolf naturally smiled when he saw me and on the opposite side as he said, "It is nice to finally see you Jade"

Giving a sarcastic smile, I also replied, "I see that the Prince seems to enjoy being here very much. When will you finally return to the Ethereal Empire Your Highness?"

Snow had sat on my lap and ignored Prince Alexander's existence which made me smile and soothe his fur.

Taking notice of Snow, the Prince smiles as he said, "I see that it is quite a beautiful beast. It matches with its beautiful owner"

This instantly sent chills behind my back and I instantly replied in a cold voice, "You should really stop flattering me Your Highness. This game of yours, you should end it"

Noticing my sudden change, Prince Alexander's smile grew even wider yet the his stare seems colder than ever as he said, "Beautiful things ought to be admired and praised milady. Since you keep rejecting me I feel hurt milady. Shouldn't you heal this heart of mine?"

I gave a cold smile, my hands were itching to choke him yet I just replied, "No thanks Your Highness. I bet it can be healed by the women in your harem and any other ladies out there. If you would like it, I'll personally bring you to a pleasure house just so your mind won't even have the time to think about the pain"

At this, Prince Alexander laughs until there was tears and looks at me admiringly, "You truly amuse me Jade. I did not expect you would know of those things as I thought you are pure and innocent. Now I truly do want you for myself"

I didn't reply anymore as we were close to the estate now and just ignore him. 

Seeing that I did not want to entertain him any longer Prince Alexander became serious and said, "I am leaving soon"

At this I look at him and saw his smile.

"I would really like it if you can follow me to the Ethereal Empire milady".

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