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The picture uploaded is how Mary would look like.


The girls and I decided to visit town one day as we wanted to buy something. Anna and Flora were going to buy new dresses and accessories for the upcoming Royal Hunt. As I was joining the hunt, I was going to buy equipment and had an order made for a customized hunting suit.

The Royal Hunt was one of the days when people of higher ranks get together to test their abilities with each other. Those that got the biggest hunt was declared as the winner and thewinner would then be rewarded by the emperor, sometimes with a title or wealth.

Finishing with my shopping list, I went to the boutique where the two girls were supposed to be at and heard an argument.

I immediately went to the source and saw none other than Flora, Anna and the person whom I hated the most, Mary. 

Mary has blonde hair and red eyes that glowed like jewels, her skin was as white as snow and she was well proportioned. She was very pretty and beautiful but her personality was just horrible.

Mary was a Marquess's daughter that also fell in love with Crown Prince Knox during the royal hunt. That was also when she met Anna who was already the Crown Prince's companion for the day and they were soon to be engaged as Knox won and declared a marriage to Anna as the prize. 

Mary hated Anna since then and would always find fault with her trying to drag her down from Knox. The only reason why Knox even married her was because her father was the respectable Imperial Advisor and out of respect Knox granted his wish to take care of her when her father died.

"I saw that dress first so it is mine to begin with", Mary glares at Anna and clench the dress which was held by the two. 

It was a shock how Mary could end up this way when her father is a respectable and good man. Perhaps it is because of her mother that was rumored to be power thirst like uncle indeed she became this way.

"But I was holding it when we were here first", Anna argues and looks at Flora for backup.

The gentle Flora was like a shaking lamb as the two girls look her way.

I immediately went to interrupt the scene, "What is going on here"

Flora who was happy to see me, ran and hid behind my back. 

"Anna and I were just looking around the shop and saw this beautiful dress which suited Anna. She was just going to buy it when this lady appear and grabbed the dress claiming it was hers. They both started to argue and neither would give up which led to where we are now"

I sigh, it was as I expect the scene to be it seems

This seems to be the event of their first encounter. Mary would have won as her father was higher rank than Anna's. But now that I was here, this would get messy if not dealt properly.

Mary eyed me cautiously, perhaps trying to remember if she knew who I was. I have never met her properly but we have never exchanged a word and never did until now. 

My voice was coated with malice and venom as I wanted to appear more powerful than her at the moment. 

"Lady Mary", she took a step back out of fear hearing my voice. "As my friend was here first, I wonder if you can let my friend purchase this dress for the hunt"

She seems to be in a daze a bit but her pride made her snap out of it and still, she grabs the dress and said "No, this dress is mine! It does not suit your friend and I doubt she can afford it" Mary mockingly smiles at Anna.

Anna glares back at her and I sigh thinking how childish these two were being. 

I walk forward and put my hand over Anna who was still holding the dress, "Indeed this dress might not suit my friend, I have a better dress that will suit you Anna so just give this away to Lady Mary as charity" I smiled, still full of malice.

Anna did as told and hmph her way out saying, "Let's go then. This place will only dampen my mood".

We walked out the place but before we did, I took a glance to see the muddled Mary who made multiple expression of shame, anger and jealousy. I grin in satisfaction.

Once we were far, Anna looked back at me and asked "Did you really mean what you said just now Jade?"

"Of course", I replied without hesitation. "People will envy you at the hunt, the Prince is sure to be charmed by you. Now come, we have no moment to waste"

I brought Anna and Flora to a famous tailor shop and instructed some designs that was famous at the other life (A/N: I got tired of saying the life before so for now every time Jade is referring to the life when she died, it will be the 'other life').

By the end of the day, both Anna and Flora was amazed and hugged me saying if I was a man, they would marry me for my competence and skills.

I simply smile as a reply.

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