Face Off

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Above is the photo for Prince Knox, just change the color of his eyes to gold like this guy here: Credits to google for images.

Above is the photo for Prince Knox, just change the color of his eyes to gold like this guy here: Credits to google for images

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In my memory, I was too shy around the Crown Prince as I got lovestruck at first sight. No word  would manage to get out so our walk was quite simple and awkward. By the time we went back to our fathers we had not exchange any words at all.

So I was quite surprised when once we were far from our father's sight, Prince Knox suddenly turned to face me.

"What are you up to?" He looks with an accusing gaze. The Jade from before might have been docile and cower under his gaze but now that I know how cruel and evil he can be, I was mostly angry at him.

Glaring myself, I did not spoke in the gentle tone as I did before and said "I only want to get far away from you as much as possible"

He was taken aback at my hostility and I took this chance to break away.

"You can say whatever you like to your father but I will not spend any more time with you. Heed my words, it is better if we do not have anything to do with each other, Crown Prince Knox."

It was almost a successful attempt to run away from him but he just had to stop me.

The strength of a 7 year old boy was too strong and overwhelming for a 5 year old, I find myself being pulled towards his chest.

He put both arms on my shoulder and force me to face him and again, I almost got overwhelmed by this person.

"Why do you hate me so much?"

Dark blue hair and golden eyes, it was a sin to be this enchanting even at a young age.

Flustered, I push him away and broke free as I look at him, "It does not matter what I feel towards you, Your Highness. For our bond is one that does not require much interaction. It is enough for our family and lineage to be loyal to you. Please, do excuse me"

The further I am from him, the better it is. After all, he will only hate me in the end.

It was easy to go back to the garden where our parents are as I've been in this palace plenty of times before in my past life until I was used to it already.

"Excuse me for interrupting Your Majesty, but I do not feel well so I hope you can pardon me as I wish to go home for now. I left the prince with the same excuse, I hope we can do this again another time", I curtsy in front of the Emperor.

He must've been surprised I would go back quickly but I was reaching my limit. Any longer and I might go insane again.

The Emperor seems to be understanding and allowed us to go home.  In the carriage, father asks what was wrong but I told him I was just having a stomachache and needed to go rest in bed for a while.

"I must've ate too much snack just now", I convinced him. But in reality it was something else.

I just hope my excuse was the same as the prince as knowing him, that was what he would most likely retort at. How I was munching like a pig without a care. He was the type that did not like it if someone misbehaves.

The next day after that, I woke up and review some plans for me to escape my horrible ending:

1. Enter knighthood to serve the country

2. Run away from home once accumulated profit

3. Marry someone else and have a loving family

These were my top three choices. I also noted that I should prevent the bad things that will fall to the family and promise to prevent my parent's death that would happened when I reached 14 years old. 

For now let's just focus on Plan no.1

I went to my father's office room and asked permission before I went inside.

"Come in", he looks up to see his daughter and a smile was instantly plastered as he ditches his paperwork and ran up to Jade.

Duke Kensingston was too fond of Jade but because of this, he refuses to let anyone marry her unless he was dead.

"Jade, my darling baby~", I quickly dodge to the left at the last minute and made my father kiss the floor.

His loyal attendant Sebastian was flustered and quickly help my father to get up. Such a loyal man this guy, he was also one of the servants who died during the trip

"Jade darling, how can I help you?" father asks once the situation was calm.

I readied my tears and put on my most convincing face, "Papa" he was already trapped, now all it takes is for him to say yes. "I want to learn how to wield the sword".

The sound of glass shattering*

Sebastian just dropped the tea set he was suppose to serve and I rush to his side. "Are you hurt Sebastian?"

He was still in shock as he lowers himself until we were both eye level with each other and held my tiny hands into his warm ones. Sebastian had cared and loved me like I was one of his own family and I also see him as a grandfather figure as he was old enough to be one.

Who knew he would be this shocked when I said this and it wasn't even to him. I look to father to see his reaction and it seems that he was also shocked but in a different way. He was frozen in his place.

Panicking, I called for help and as mother was on the way to meet father, she help settle the problem and now we were all sitting in the office.

"D-dear, our darling girl, our darling baby girl wants to learn how to wield a sword", father cries into mother's arms and now I felt guilty.

Mother was a kind woman who was strict but loving because I was her first and last child as she couldn't conceive anymore or else it would harm her health.

I look at her pleadingly and put on my most convincing face.

Instead of becoming shock she was curious, "Why do you want to use the sword?"

"To protect myself". In my past life, there was no knights assigned to protect me and uncle would hire assassins to kill me so he would inherit the title. But I couldn't tell them that.

I continued when mother seems lost at my answer, "I want to be stronger and I do not want to rely on just my guards for my safety. Besides, this will make me more healthier".

Jade's mother was known to be quite fragile and weak. She worries the most when Jade would be born she would inherit her weakness but luckily Jade was a healthy child. This did not stop Lady Louise from worrying further. She was especially frantic whenever Jade encounter fever and such. Which was why this was a perfect excuse.

"Alright then". Jade looks at her mother and was confused, "Yes, you may learn how to wield the sword but I will personally choose who will be your teacher. And this will not mean you do not have to study other subjects"

I squealed in joy. I ran and hug both my parents who seem to be surprised at my reaction. "Thank you papa, thank you mama".

The three of us hug in silence and I felt good taking the chance for this. Now my plan was succeeding.

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