Anna Thane makes her entrance

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By the time I entered the ballroom again, Leo had found and scolded me for a while as he thought I had forgotten about him and that he would have to suffer alone if I had not come.

I apologize many times and told him to accompany me to the food table as I was getting hungry.

"You are always hungry. That's why you are fat", he blurts and I kicked his leg for the insult before I left him as he struggles on the floor.

The food might be the only good thing about this ball as luxurious dishes were served and I took as much as I could on my plate before finding a spot to eat in peace.

Leo had informed me of what had just happened and it seems that the main character, the Prince, himself had not made an appearance yet.

"He will come in a moment" I blurt and after that is when Anna would also come and steal the attention away.

The noise the crowd made has gone louder and this was when I know it was time. The horn was blared and His Highness the Crown Prince of Zurich, Knox Henry Ferdinand had arrived.

"Oh my gosh, he looks so handsome"


You could hear many other noises as the girls fawn over the Prince. Leo who sat beside me was stealing glances that I couldn't help but ask "What is it?"

He scratches his head, "How come you're not like those girls who gush over the Prince? Don't you want to see him or gain his attention?"

I laugh a little too loud until some people glance our way to which I gave an apologetic face but in reality I wasn't sorry.

"I guess I used to but now that I have a goal, it's best not to be bothered by these trivial things", I smiled.

Because he will fall for someone tonight.

Leo looks at me with an admiring look, "You sure are weird Jade. But that's good in a way"

He pats my head and I brush him off as it feels weird being petted by someone other than my parents.

As if on cue, another set of whispers are heard and you can hear people commenting "who is that?" "She's so pretty" and etc.

And like that, the scene where Knox falls in love with Anna at first sight was played in my mind as if it was just yesterday when I experienced this. It was one of the moments that I would never forget because this was the moment when I realize my heart was broken.

Once I was done eating, I invited Leo outside for a walk but he being the gentleman he was, offered to dance with me instead.

I did a double check on his temperature by placing my hand on his forehead and was confused.

Leo must have felt insulted with my action that he grows red in the face and said "I'm perfectly fine. I know how to dance perfectly well, I was just asking you so I could show you myself"

I smirk, "You just said that because you fail to impress me".

He blushes. It was fun teasing him but any more than this would make him cry as he goes back home.

"Alright let's dance", I pull his hand over to the dancing floor and assume position.

"I'll make you eat your words", he retorts.

And sure enough, he did. Leo was quite the gentleman as he dance like one too. I even glance to see some of the girls had fallen for him as they all look at him admiringly and I would too if he wasn't my cousin.

I had so much fun with Leo I forgot to keep track of the music until the next one was played and it was time to change partners. My blood ran cold when I face the two last people that I didn't want to meet the most.

Running away would ruin his reputation so I had no choice but to assume position and partner up with the Crown Prince while Leo partnered up with Anna.

When the music started and we close the gap, His Highness was too close to my liking and I purposely keep stepping on his feet but he was quite an expert as being a calm guy now as he did not make any expression to show he was in pain.

"You seem to be happy and enjoying yourself when you had danced with Sir Leo just now. What happened to make you sloppy with your steps as you dance with me", he comments along the dance.

Again, I was shocked. How did he had the time to see us dancing just now when I didn't see him around us at all.

"It must be the person leading then. Because I have no problems with my dancing", I smiled.

Knox put a pressure on our joined hands and without warning, he made me turn and fall as he catches me. Showing his abilities to dance as if proving he was better than Leo.

I find myself laughing at his childish antics but instead once we were close and the song was reaching the end, I whispered "Or it must be because I do not feel like I am enjoying myself when I am with you".

He tightens the hand that was on my waist and brought me closer but I also put force on his shoulder to push him so there was space.

I wonder how other people see this as they might have mistaken we were too close and intimate seeing how we both are fake smiling to each other.

"I wish you happiness with Sir Leo then" he said when the song ends and I curtsy before I went to Leo and walked away from the scene until we were alone.

How dare he, How dare he! Why was he such a cold person in my past life that did not pay any attention to me and yet now he tries to play the compassionate type of guy who pays attention to your every movement.

I rest myself on Leo's shoulder once he was near and this made him worried as my tears start to fall and my mask was broken.

"Promise not to let me be near His Highness Crown Prince Knox ever again Leo, even during the ballroom dancing because I do not feel comfortable with him. Promise me Leo"

Leo was confused but nonetheless he said, "I promise". Maybe it was to please me and to stop my tears but I still believed his words.

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