Bonus Chapter

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Hello, since many of you wanted more and I also felt the ending was a pity, I decided to make a proper ending...

And this one includes their first night with each other, *coughs coughs.


So... Enjoy.


It has been a month since Sir Nicholas suddenly drop the announcement where he wanted to marry me directly to my parents.

Father froze for a while before a fuse erupted and he tried to beat the crap out of Sir Nicholas so I stepped in before he could do it.

I'm not worried for Sir Nicholas since I know his fighting prowess but I did it more to save my father because although he can wield a sword and use a bow, he wasn't much of a warrior... Sorry father...

But he overreacted when I tried to protect Sir Nicholas so he threatens him saying, "No! I'll never let you marry her!"

That is until I counter, "But father, I love him! If you don't want me to marry him then I'll just elope with Nick (Nickname Jade created for Sir Nicholas that made him blush)!"

Father gasps and went towards mother to cry out on her shoulder saying things like, "She changed! Our lovely daughter changed because of him, darling! Uhuhu"

Mother tried to comfort father as she led him back inside the mansion but she gave a wink and a thumbs up when father wasn't looking.

And so... Because of what happened father agreed to let Sir Nicholas married me but only after a year.

Sir Nicholas erupted and said "A month. I wish to marry her in a month's time".

Since they had the meeting without my knowledge, father had a go against Sir Nicholas and as expected he lost terribly that he gave his consent but said, "Fine, one month but you won't meet her during this whole time until she becomes your wife!"

I was quite sad at first as Sir Nicholas agreed and I missed him terribly after not seeing his face for a week.

But since it was only a month's time, and the reward was greater, I abide by the conditions and tried to please father instead.

Sometimes he would say a compliment or two about Sir Nicholas saying "He's alright" or "nyeh" but you can tell he was accepting him.

Besides, I was also busy in those 1 months' time as I had to prepare for a wedding!

Although it was tradition to have an engagement party first since we couldn't wait, we just skipped to the wedding and lots of invitation were sent out. Including to Leonel and his family, Ian and Aunt Charlemay, Lady Flora and her grandfather, Sir Tim, Dame Sarah, Lady Rose, Lily and Aria from Ethereal Empire and I even sent an invitation to the Emperor of Zurich as well as Prince Knox and Anna.

My mother then got busy trying to plan the perfect wedding from the shoes to the dress being custom made with expensive materials, then a wedding cake as well as decorating the whole mansion so every day was busy.

When the wedding day finally came, I was once again woken up at the crack of dawn for my bath, then makeup and finally the dress up. It was hard to sleep when the night I had the 'talk' with my mother about the rituals of a newly wed's honeymoon night. Even now I still blush when I think of what was coming.

"You look beautiful", mother smiled before tears slipped out and embarrassed, she turns away trying to hide her face.

My heart felt sad as tears also threaten to come out until Lucy warned me not to cry as the makeup would get ruined.

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