His Odd Behaviour

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So I might be busy next week thus won't publish anything until after 2nd May as that is the last of my assessment is due and I shall finally be free, Haha! Do enjoy this chapter though as I made it longer than usual and thank you for the support! :D


"Why can't you put your back into it Jade? You do know that your movement is very sloppy and although you got the basics down, you are still making unnecessary movements. It's a wonder how they praise you since you killed those assassins back then, the assassins must not be that of a big deal after all huh?"

Sir Nicholas's training was hell that I could only grunt and glare at him without having any retorts as he truly is a demon in disguise.

Although I would swing the sword 50 times, this time he would make me do until 100 times or else he won't let me rest.

Added with the fact that he was now training my combat that I can finally do a high kick that reaches his face at 6 feet high (Sir Nicholas is 182cm high).

One week had passed and my body had gotten sore and tired that I would often sleep during the day while Midnight follows Sir Nicholas from behind and Snow, who now hides in my bag as he would grab attention if he roams around freely would guard my back.

But even at night, Snow's white fur was still visible that we had to hide amongst the trees until we were completely hidden from sight.

And ever since Snow had met Sir Nicholas, he has never warm up to him but because I had told him to be nice to Sir Nicholas, Snow had stopped growling and instead was giving Sir Nicholas a 'face'.

"Sir, can I suggest we just practice with combat for tonight?" I bit back the pain from my hands as they were tired from swinging the sword 100 times.

"You sure about that?" Sir Nicholas smirks and made me remember that combat was not anything better as Sir Nicholas would not go easy even on a lady. 

"... Yes", I nod. At least with combat, I could rest my hands and exercise my feet.

"As you say so milady", Sir Nicholas smiles and soon after that I could hear his demonic plans about the training that he would do for the night.

Because my hands were still numb, during the practice I could not punch Sir Nicholas as hard as I wanted to so I just made do with my kicks that in the end, the next morning my legs were sleeping. Silently cursing, I was glad my hands were still functional as I folded my blanket properly before adjusting myself to a sitting position.

"What are you doing?  we should move now that it's already daybreak" Sir Nicholas sighs when he saw that I was sitting in the place.

I bit my lips trying to think of another excuse but Sir Nicholas was now someone who knew me well that he could see through the lies.

After contemplating, I sigh and shyly said "...I can't move my feet".

Sir Nicholas gave a sharp stare before sighing and went to where I was as he carries me in both hands and transfer me to Midnight in a not-so-gentle way.

"Thank you", I said nonetheless and was glad that I could at least move my hands so I could hold unto Midnight's rein before following Sir Nicholas.

If one week was enough to make me this weak and jelly, I truly wonder how would 2 months be like.

At the end of 1 month however I find myself getting stronger and stronger that my body does not sleep as much as it used to.

However, I realize Sir Nicholas had an interesting trait towards him that he would often go away at rainy nights that I would not see him until the morning and even then he seems like he did not sleep a wink.

This time however, the rain was storming a blizzard that he could not leave the cave we were sheltering in and as we were both exhausted from the combat as I was slowly catching to Sir Nicholas's pace, we both slept as soon as night came.

I was enjoying my sleep when suddenly I woke up to a yell and jolted awake as I look at the man before me.

Sir Nicholas was someone that I imagined had no weakness as he was someone that could easily kill and did not seem attached to anyone in particular but he definitely converse with everyone. Yet I notice how sometimes he would have a sad look as in rainy days before he left and did not say anything as who was stupid enough to poke on someone else's sore spot? Privacy existed for a reason.

Yet this time it seems that I had to do something as Sir Nicholas was slowly moving near towards the fire as he yells, "Lily look out! Don't!"

Leaping forward, I tackled Sir Nicholas to the ground but he was putting up a fight as he struggles to get free that he manage to land a punch on my jaw that made me taste blood.

That's it!

Angry and annoyed, I used all my strength to land a punch on Sir Nicholas's Jaw that he was knocked out in his sleep.

Snow who got whiff of my blood woke up and approaches me as I sat beside Sir Nicholas by the wall and stroke his fur.

At first, Snow had gone crazy when he got a whiff of my blood however he was now used to it that I did not have to knock him out anymore too.

"I'm alright." I said and turn to look at Sir Nicholas's jaw that was slowly forming a bruise and wonder how should I explain it to him in the morning.

Then an idea forms into my head as I look at Snow, "You... do you mind if I sell out your name Snow?"

Snow had understand human speech now and was startled when I said this. Upset, he moves a few steps away and turned his back towards me that I smiled, "I'll let you hunt tomorrow morning and whatever you catch is fully yours".

Snow's ear twitch hearing this as it bend and within seconds, he stood up and went back to where I was as he purrs and lets me pet him again.

"Such as cheeky yet smart Snow", I smiled.

Snow was rarely let out to hunt in the mornings and whatever he catches was then cleaned as we share it amongst ourselves. He was slowly turning into an excellent hunter that I truly adore and cherish him better if not for the drool he emits whenever he finished hunting and we have to clean it away.

The next morning, as expected a bruise had formed on his jaw that he cast a knowing look towards my way that I couldn't help but look at the sky.

"...What happened last night?" Sir Nicholas asked warily. Although he was angry, he was also nervous for some reason.

"Snow accidentally knocked unto your jaw when he was chasing some bugs during the night.", I lied easily as I stare unto his eyes.

Snow was currently out on a hunt as he was gone by dawn that I didn't even realize he would be that eager. Forgive me, I thank Snow for his understanding.

"I see... Did anything else happened last night?" He broke the eye contact as he pretends to strech his body.

Another thing I realize about Sir Nicholas is that whenever he is nervous, he would stretch his entire upper body to hide it. Odd but very effective as one can easily overlook this however I got to knew it because he did this 3 times in one day in the beginning whenever he had to accompany, no guard me whenever I took a bath by the river or lake.

"No, nothing happened. Why?" I asked curiously which made Sir Nicholas flinch before he stood up and said, "Pack up".

I nod. After packing up we only needed to wait for Snow to arrived and when he did my lips twitch as he was covered in blood and his belly was full that I had an idea that he caught two rabbit for himself. However he was sensible enough to save one for us that I just sigh before promising to shower him later.

I just hope we find a river. As I also needed to clean the drool from the rabbit that Snow had caught. After all, food is still food. We should be grateful for what we have as I knew just how hard the journey could be.


So that's it for now. Do be patient until 3rd May as that would be date for the next publish. Once again, thank you!

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