Is It Over?

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I felt my mind drifting and memories of my past life had replayed once again over and over until I felt sick of it.

It felt cold and numb, to the point where I feel like I was sleeping in the snow but my conscious was still there.

Sometimes I would hear voices that sounded like Leo and my parents. But they were just mumbles and incomplete so I couldn't understand any word they were saying.

Is this it? Was it the end now? Has my life ended now that I've achieved what I wanted the most to prevent. Now that I've saved my parents, I guess I don't mind leaving as it would feel right.

Even the thought about them, the two who I last saw before my death in the previous life did nothing that I must've given up on revenge now. I don't even mind forgiving them as in the end it was due to a chain of misunderstanding did the tragedies began.

Perhaps it's for the best indeed if I died at this moment.

I don't know how long did it felt like until I could finally open my eyes and saw my mother who was holding my hand as she fell asleep beside me.

I could also see Leo sleeping on the couch and judging by their looks, it seems that it has been a while since I was gone in a deep slumber.

There was a binding feeling on both my knee and side stomach where I was slashed. My throat felt parched and thirsty. My only guess now was that the swords the assassins had used was coated in poison which was why I felt weak and paralyzed. I only hope I was the only victim.

The door made a creak noise as it opens and I look to see none other than Aunt Charlemay walking inside.

She was bringing a bowl of water it seems and she accidentally let it go as it splashed down the carpet, getting herself and the carpet wet. Ignoring the bowl, she rushes towards me.

"Oh my goodness, you are finally awake Jade", tears flew down her cheeks and she tried to wake mother up but I stopped her.

"It's alright. Let mother sleep be, how long was I asleep?" my voice felt a bit raspy, aunt had given a glass of water to which I greedily drank and happily accepted. 

Aunt Charlemay nods in understanding and began to explain what happened.

It seems that I was asleep for a week as the poison was known to be slow yet deadly. If it weren't for the doctor's quick actions I could have been a goner. But even then the doctor could not know when I would finally wake up.

Father did his best to find the one responsible for the incident and manage to trace back to his brother and made him confess. As they were sibling and that uncle still had a family, father showed mercy thus request in a lifetime sentence to jail instead of the guillotine.

Aunt apologize nonstop and cried until she woke both mother and Leo up. They were overjoyed to see me and mother cried as she hug me to sleep.

Leo was afraid to lose me, he even swore to end his life if he did not manage to save me. As revenge, he made sure all the assassin was caught and punished until they confess uncle was the mastermind.

Overall, I couldn't help but be glad as the storm had passed, for the end that awaited my family had been prevented.

After a few days of recovery, I was back to my usual self and we went back home as there was still a lot to be done.

Cousin Ian and I also had a talk and after knowing him better, I was glad to know he did not blame us for what happened to his father.

"I had long realize the ambitions of my father, It pains me when I could not help to prevent this tragedy as he was stubborn and our words of advice feel unto deaf ears. I hope you forgive us for this, my dear cousin"

His angelic face made it hard to say no and since they were innocent to begin with, it was easy for me to forgive them.

I felt sorry too as I had caused the burden of pushing the responsibility of the fief to the heir. But Ian would say it was his responsibility and he would gladly bear the burden.

When we arrived at home, the next day an unexpected visit from Knox surprised me.

Leo had gone to train and become a full-fledged Knight while I had to stay at home to recover as mother said I could only take up the sword once a month had passed.

If possible I wouldn't want to face Knox but after the second life threatening situation, I had come to an understanding with myself and realizing revenge might not always be the answer. I decided to perhaps make peace with the Prince but only to a limited amount as in the end, I do not wish to spend my whole life with him.

I told the maids to welcome and invite him for a tea at the garden as it was currently a nice weather outside.

If only there was a sign that showed me what I had done was the right thing to do.

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