Annual Harvest Festival

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Time had passed and Lily sent a letter about how we can only meet each other by the last day of the festival as they were invited to the ball.

On the other hand she also gave plenty of details about their past as she explained that Aria was easily jealous as after Prince Alexander saved her from the Royal Family in the Middle East through marriage, her love for His Highness was quite strong hence she would get jealous easily as she explained that Aria had no one except the Prince.

Then Lily explained how she was also saved by the Prince from a horrible experience as she was a war orphan that fell in love with the Prince and got to be his consort as it was truly a miracle as he almost adopted her as his daughter.

Though Lily did not tell about why Aria was not jealous of her as the two were the Prince's consort I could tell that overall, the two beauties were indeed saved by the Prince and loves him dearly.

Except can the same be said for the Prince?

Either way, I shake this thinking away from my mind as they were the least of my worries.

Sir Nicholas had not contacted me in 3 days and only return at the hotel at night to crash the bed.

Of course, he did send some reports handed to the guard that took his place called Michael. Michael was now officially my guard and sometimes I could see the loving look he gives to Lucy yet Lucy seems to be unaware of the man's emotions as she was mostly focused on scolding Snow or nagging me as she notices how I was not as friendly with Sir Nicholas as before.

'You're treating him like a wall' she commented and I just gave a look that said IDC.

Since Sir Nicholas was doing his part of the job, I should do the same.

Hence, for the first official day of the festival... I had joined in to the Town Square where the Emperor had promised to officiate by giving the first welcoming speech.

The Emperor, which was Prince Alexander's father was known for his name The Galivant Lucius was truly... I could see where Prince Alexander got his handsome looks from, I'd say.

And standing next to the emperor was also a man in his 50s yet still had a magnificent built that also emits a powerful aura and it dawn to me that perhaps this was the revered Grand Duke Chaplin, Rose's father. Truly the people from Ethereal Empire were much flashier than the ones in Zurich Empire that it was no wonder there were equally more dramas happening in this empire than the other. Yet both were quite involved in many troubles.

The emperor gave a magnificent speech as he compliments his empire and glories to the empire as well as give thanks to the goddess of harvest, Demeter. I didn't pay attention much as my eyes were wandering around and notice that the main protagonist was nowhere to be seen.

Will he only appear in the last day?

Disturbed from my thoughts, I was suddenly greeted by none other than Lady Rose who looks beautiful in her light blue dress.

"Greetings Lady Jade, I see you are also taking the chance to look around the first day of the festival. If you don't mind, can I join you?" she gave a smile that accentuate her looks more.

Ah, this lady is truly charming. Returning the smile, I nod "Yes, that would truly be for the best as I am still a novice in these events".

Lady Rose showed me around the town from one booth to another and chatted about the goodness of each product that I was amazed how she could be this knowledgeable that she must have wander around each festival to the point where she memorizes it.

When she realizes I had given her a look, she leans in to whisper "Don't tell anyone but I usually sneak around during the festivals" and winked.

Already, I find myself liking Lady Rose very well as I grin and replied, "I understand very well".

This was because usually ladies from noble families did not intend to join the local's celebrations in town unless they were married or engaged. This was because their parents usually thought it was just a waste of time hence no need to be involved since there was no benefit to begin with or some were very protective of their daughters (you know how is it). So, one could only hope that their beloveds would bring them here instead as it was the time when they could only have dates.

By night time however the booth will change as more games were put up as entertainment. Puppet shows and actors as well as talent contests being held. Unfortunately, as Lady Rose was caught by the Grand Duke himself, they had to say farewell and promised to meet the next night instead.

The next night as now that Lady Rose was officially engaged, she could go out as she wanted so long as she was escorted with the guards and reported who she was going with.

Since I was a knight myself, my parents have already given their trust and I did not need any permission but still brought Michael along with Lucy.

Snow was also brought out but he was hiding under a bag that was carried by Michael and once in a while I had sneak some meat bough from the stands for the tiger to munch on.

We were currently waiting for Lady Rose by the fountain as promised when I caught a look of someone that seems like King Renard.

He was wearing a black hood and went to an alley so I ordered Michael to send some of the nearby guards to check on it but when they returned, Michael reported there was no one in sight.

I sigh, noting how I should report this to Sir Nicholas later.

When I saw Lady Rose however, I kept the thoughts inside as instead I portray a look of excitement.

"Sorry to keep you waiting but my father said he wouldn't let me go unless I brought these men along", behind Lady Rose was around 15 men that they were instantly covering her from anyone's sight.

The men allowed us to join in too yet it was too embarrassing now that everyone would look our way.

"Your father... loves you very much Rose", I gave an amused look to which Rose grunted.

After yesterday, Lady Rose told me how I should address her with her name as she will do the same with mine since we were friends now.

"Don't say anything more", Rose sigh and pretends that the men did not exist as we played from one booth to another.

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