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During my week rest, I have spent time catching up with Leo who is now under the Captain of the Imperial's army guide and founded out that the incident where he saved Flora had happened so I was quite excited when Leo confess he might be in love with Flora and plans to propose to her soon.

On the other hand, Anna had spent time with Crown Prince Knox yet there was not much progress that I began to wonder if something had changed.

No, rather I felt something was different the moment Knox did not ask for a marriage with Anna from the Royal Hunt yet because they still meet each other often the feelings must still be there isn't it?

So imagine to my surprise when the emperor wanted an audience one day just to speak about an engagement with Crown Prince Knox.

I stare at the man sitting opposite of me in alarm and pinch myself before meeting eyes with His Majesty the Emperor, "Please forgive me Your Majesty but I wish to decline this proposal" I was trying hard to control the tone of my voice yet my annoyance must've been heard since the emperor began to frown.

"But why?" The emperor questions that I truly wonder if he doesn't know about Knox's relationship with Anna.

Crown Prince Knox was still quietly staring at his tea and annoyed he forgot about our 'chat' I choose to burn the bridge before he could even cross them.

"I wonder if you know this Your Majesty but His Highness and my friend Anna Thane have been spending time with each other that I see them as a beautiful couple" the emperor was stunned.

"Anna is quite a pretty lady that is also benevolent and kind, I believe she will be a good Empress and she also seems to be quite fond of His Highness" I continued and thought I saw Crown Prince Knox frowning.

It might have been bold of me to talk like this towards His Majesty but I knew what kind of person he was.

"Had I known I truly regret forcing you to enter this family", his words from before his death in my previous life played in my mind.

He wouldn't force myself seeing that in this life, I did not love Knox as I did before hence I was honest.

The emperor looks at Knox's way before he meet my eyes and sighs in defeat, "I see... I understand".

After that, I excused myself but Crown Prince Knox got me by the door that my annoyance had gone to reach to reach its boundary.

He proposed a walk by the garden where we had gone when we were young that I felt stunned. 

"...Okay", I agreed and thought he would talk during our way towards the garden but he was silent the whole time.

Only when we reach by the fountain that I met King Renard before did he turned around and said, "Is it that miserable for you if you married me?" 

Once again I had gone speechless by this man before me, before founding my anger had gotten the best of me and seethe out saying "Yes".

Knox must've not expected seeing how his eyes got wide so I continued, "I do not wish to marry you Your Highness as I've said before. I can see my miserable life and I don't want to experience it again so please... Marry Anna, she loves you and is fully devoted to you that you wouldn't regret it for your whole life. The two of you make the perfect couple".

Seeing the speechless prince, I took the chance to run away and left him like that.

The next day an announcement came out where Anna was engaged to the Crown Prince Knox. Only then did I sigh in relief that I even smiled towards Anna at their engagement party and began to ignore Crown Prince Knox.

Flora notices this and asked if something happened between us but I just smiled and said "Nothing".

I made her distracted by asking things with Leonard and tease around saying "next it will be your turn".


Short chapter that I wrote since I still have some ideas left. Enjoy!

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