Lady Lily

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I immediately took back my hand as if scalded by hot water and stare at the prince with a look of contempt, "And how can I trust you? You've just kidnapped me without a warning and said this was for the best? Why couldn't you just caught King Renard and send him our way? Wouldn't that be easier, after all you have the Golden army that is famed for their strength"

Prince Alexander gave a smile and explained, "Had I not kidnapped you first he would have kidnapped you and who knows what would happen then. He also knew that Sir Nicholas has been following him around and leave it that way as he said it was part of his plan. He was going to use you against Sir Nicholas, Jade"

And then he made a smile that send chills through my back as he said, "I would have caught him myself but somehow he knows the secret that I think someone in the empire is helping him as he dares to threaten me. I'm willing to play with the charade however only until the last day of the festival. That is when we'll capture him".

I don't know what secret King Renard has but it must be something very bad seeing how Prince Alexander was giving that smile of his that send warning bell ringing inside our mind.

"I see, then let me help you", I spoke.

Prince Alexander shakes his head immediately and said, "I've already asked for the help of Sir Nicholas. He told me to ensure your safety so there is no need for you to act, my fairy." he flash a grateful smile.

I frown, "I am a dame myself you know? Please let me help you capture King Renard, Alex"

Prince Alexander seems to have flinch when he realizes I used his nickname that he often plead me to use. "I'm happy for your feelings, truly Jade but I can't let them harm a single hair on you".

I then used my feminine charms to make him say 'yes' but maybe because I was a novice on flirting myself so it did not have any effect as his final say was still 'no'. He even offered to organize a carriage so I could go back to the empire that I had to give up.

At this, I change my gear and instead says, "Then can I at least attend the ball Your Highness? I promised Lady Rose and Lady Lily already that I would meet and dance with them so I would like to do so before I go home".

Prince Alexander stares at me for a while, "... alright. Only if you dance with me too and call me Alex again".

I stare at him as if he was mad, but he kept saying, "Well what are you waiting for Jade? Come on and call my name".

At the end of that, I decided to throw the nearest item which happens to be a pillow lying on the couch that he easily caught and said, "Get out or else I might puke at the sight of you".

He then chuckles and said, "I see that you'll only be flirty if you have a wish".

But before he left, he told me how I could go to the garden, the place where we met before as in his palace, everything should be fine. If I wish to go outside the palace though, it was another story as he emphasizes how things could ruin his plan.

And so... 2 days left until the ball did, I realize again that I still did not have a dress. At this, I told the guard to invite a seamstress.

He must've told the Prince because somehow, Lady Lily was brought to my room.

We were both surprised to see each other especially since Lady Lily kept glancing at the door that has a lock.

Once we were alone, Lady Lily embrace me in a hug and asks "Are you alright Lady Jade?" after that the words rush out her mouth defending her husband saying, "I'm sure there is a reason why His Highness captured you so please don't misunderstand him"

Ah, that dimwit Casanova of a prince, it seems that he did not explain what happened so it was my duty to fill in the blanks.

"Ah... yes. His Highness is currently protecting me from someone and since I kept trying to escape, he just had to use the guards and the lock. Do tell though why is Lady Lily invited to come here?"

At this Lady Lily calms down and said, "Ah, His Highness explained that someone needed my expertise hence I was summoned. He did not say it was you so I was quite surprised just then" she laughs it out.

It was then did I know that Lady Lily was invited to help me find a dress for the ball and as I was worried for the time consumption, I just told her to perhaps lend me a dress and we'll get it adjusted to my size as Lady Lily was similar to my built yet her waist was smaller than mine.

She then got my measurements and told that everything was going to be fine as she has a dress in mind that would suit me. I just thanked her and since there was plenty of time, we suddenly had tea and snacks served by Lucy who got friendly with the other staffs.

That girl was sure getting comfy here after seeing the Crown Prince and even sang praises for his looks.

Noticing how Lady Lily was sometimes glancing my way as if she had something to say, I encouraged her to ask away while I was having some tea and almost let go of the handle as I find it nonsense.

"Lady Jade... do you perhaps fancy His Highness?"

I mean, me? Of course, his looks might have been charming but his personality was truly rotten that my face must have given the answer as Lady Lily suddenly frown.

"He's not that bad you know?" Lady Lily tries to persuade.

Since she has a good impression of the prince it was no wonder. It was quite outstanding since he saved the Egyptian Princess and Lady Lily but my first impression of his was too strong and filled with rejection that I couldn't oversee his looks. Yet I admit he has a charm.

"You are quite a weird woman Lady Lily", I pat her head as she was younger than me. "Most concubine would not try to matchmake woman to like their husband and yet here you are trying to play cupid".

Lady Lily made a sad smile, "Though the two of us love His Highness very much, he does not feel the same towards us. Hence, I try to find someone whom  he likes to be his partner".

At her words I froze, "... and you think that someone is me? What about his fiancé, Lady Rose?"

Lady Lily seems to be hesitant but she explains, "I meant nothing bad towards Lady Rose, she's truly a beautiful and magnificent woman but- she seems to be as cold as the prince that I fear they won't be in love with one another. But with you however, I notice he gave a smile when we talked about you that I-"

"Enough Lady Lily", I stopped her as it was too much. "Please, it must be your imagination. And I do not harbor any feelings towards His Highness and would not match him as well as Lady Rose since I am from another empire. Do give them time as feelings after marriage can also blossom".

But it can also cause a stalemate like how my marriage ended up with Knox from my past life. I know that Lady Rose would be a great empress but thinking back, I didn't know if Prince Alexander had begun to love her... but he still lets her reign as an empress. That was good enough as love in my opinion.

I made an excuse on how I didn't feel well and let Lady Lily go back to her room as memories of my past was flooding back again and it did not put me in a good mood.

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