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At this point I just want to finish the book as soon as I can. But I may not be able to write much as my assessments are due soon. Thank you for the patience and I hope you enjoy this chapter.


I raise my hand to slap his face but stop at the last minute.

He did not flinch at all and just stares at me with that same enchanting smile of his and this made me laugh.

"I see that you still wish to continue with this game Your Highness" I felt my heart being torn to pieces. "Too bad I don't want to join you as I have a goal of my own".

With that I bid him farewell and left as soon as we reach the estate without looking back at him. I was glad Snow was in the carriage with me as I had something to hold on to. 

When I was in my room I told Lucy to keep everyone out as I wanted time for myself. I even let Lucy took Snow away as I lay myself down on the bed and tears stream out.

Lately I find myself always crying. And I hated it.

I also hated how my heart keeps getting worked out by Prince Alexander's moves. I knew I was slowly falling for him and I hated it.

This feeling of love, why did it made me want to suffer.

Why do I keep falling for the Imperial Family, the hardest place to maintain a loving relationship. 

Prince Knox had loved Anna Thane but he still had to marry other women due to Politics. Prince Alexander will also have to do the same.

No matter what, I do not want to marry into a household that has is bound to have consorts. I want to marry someone that I love who will also love only me. Why was it so hard?

I took a deep breath and let it out as I said, "No matter what, I must never fall in love with a member of the Imperial family"

It was my new resolve that I intend to keep. Yes, let us forget this crush as in the end what matters the most was my own survival.

A month had passed and I was finally going to have my Knighthood's exam.

It was held in the palace where Lady Flora's grandfather, Duke Williams was in charge of being the oversee. He did not have to do this but for some reason he suddenly wanted to be in charge of admitting new knights that he deemed worthy.

Duke Williams smiled when he saw me and I return it with a nod as everyone's attention was somehow around me. 

"I can't believe they accepted a girl to be admitted into the test. Do they really believe she can be a knight?" a boy said rather loudly and I look to see it was none other than the Count's son, Lord Damian.

He, like Leo is also quite famous for his strength and power that he had become Leo's Vice Captain in my previous life. With his brown hair and light blue eyes, he could have enchanted multiple women if it weren't for his overbearing pride that made people see him as a brat.

I ignored Damian as I sat down for the entrance exam.

The examination had multiple stages. The first stage was a written test as Knights also needed to be knowledgeable in war tactics. The second stage would be archery and horse riding. And the last stage was a duel and the final winner is bound to be accepted as a knight. While the one who scored the highest in the three stages would get recruited into the Imperial Family.

I did not want to get recruited into the Imperial Family as I want to be as far away as I can. I was confident with my written test, as well as my archery and horse riding but for the duel I manage to get into the semi-final before admitting defeat to Damian who got outraged as he could see I did not give my all to the fight.

Overall I was accepted as a Knight and will be working with Uncle Nathaniel's Squadron as Damian got recruited to work with Duke Williams, the same place where Leonel was accepted.

When the exam was done, Damian had march until he was before me and asked, "Why didn't you give it your best. I can see that you can actually get into the Imperial Family's Squadron yet you didn't. Why?"

Smiling, I said in a nonchalant tone "As long as I am a Knight, does it really matter where my squadron would be?"

Damian gave a questioning look to which I ignored and went back home.

My parents were waiting by the entrance as they saw me and I could see how anxious they were.

"Well, how did you do?" Mother asks in a calm manner as she seems to have trust in me.

Grinning, I said "I am accepted and will be working under Uncle Nathaniel's Squadron"

Father weep with joy and embraces me in a hug to which I welcome. Mother joined in when I pulled out my hand and I felt happy and safe within my family's embrace.

Unfortunately we were suddenly interrupted by a cough and I look to see Prince Alexander was wearing a full on uniform. 

"Congratulations Lady Jade for getting accepted to be a Knight." he pulled out a flower by his side and handed them to me.

Not wanting to create a scene, I immediately accept and saw that his carriage was ready to go, "I see that you are also leaving. Forgive me for I did not prepare any farewell gifts. I will pray for your safe journey home instead"

Prince Alexander could see that I was faking it as I did not intend to give any farewell token to begin with and accepted the excuse with a smile, "That is okay. It is a gift itself that I get to see milady before I leave"

Mother seems to have gotten pleased as she comment, "Oh my..." while father was watching Prince Alexander in a betrayal expression.

Prince Alexander immediately excuse himself but not before leaving a kiss by my hand and bid farewell to my parents who he also left some gifts as thanks for the hospitality of letting him stay at the mansion.

Father immediately curse the Prince as he swears never to let any guy to stay at home ever again even if they are older than me and seems like a gentleman. 

Mother on the other hand had asked inquiries since she seems pleased that Prince Alexander had flirted with me and told me he had a good eye for things.

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