Knox's Debutante

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The teacher mother hired to teach was none other than her brother, the Noble Knight of Zurich, Marquess Nathaniel.

Uncle Nathaniel was quite reluctant to teach me at first as he said it was a bad idea but my perserverance had won him over and now I was training with my cousin, Leonel.

Leonel in my past life was known to be the strongest knight of Zurich who took over his father's role as the Emperor's trusted knight. So he will serve Knox in the future as his sword and shield. 

And in the past life, even if we were cousins, he did not make any attempt to help me or such so I was contemplating whether or not to befriend him.

Turns out, he was impressed by my determination and now we were friends with each other. Leonel has red hair and red eyes and was unruly as well as quite wild but his passion for the sword was definite. I nicknamed him Leo as he was like a lion, fierce and strong.

We trained together until we were currently 14 and that was when Crown Prince Knox would have his debutante.

I have manage to avoid visiting the imperial palace with the excuse of practicing for the sword and busy with learning. But now that there was the invite that was addressed personally to Jade for his debutante, I could not excuse myself anymore as everyone of the higher rank was expected to be there.

"My Lady, tonight I will make you the most beautiful woman in the party that even the Crown Prince himself cannot take his eyes away from you", said my maid and loyal friend Lucy. 

I shake my head, "I would rather wear comfy clothes Lucy, please?"

She pouted and starts to complain, in the end she won the argument because I could not stand to make her upset. But I compromise not to use jewelleries too much as the necklace was enough.

She gave a green dress and a pendant necklace as well as dark green gloves: (picture from DeviantArt).

Father cried in tears when he saw me saying, "You look so beautiful like a fairy, I'm worried about someone snatching you up now

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Father cried in tears when he saw me saying, "You look so beautiful like a fairy, I'm worried about someone snatching you up now."

He even attempted to let me stay at home instead but mother wasn't having any of this so the three of us rush to the palace. Father cried the whole time telling me to stay away from guys and just hang out with the girls at the party.

The debutante is a ball that will be held when one reaches 16 years old and is then recognized as an adult in the society. (A/N: In some stories for male it was 18/20 years old for a debutante but in this story I created I decided to make it 16 year old for both gender)

In my memories, this was when the Prince will meet his first love, Anna Thane. Anna was said to be the Baron's daughter but ever since the Baron remarried, Anna was like the black sheep of the family. Her stepmother would abuse her and did not bring her to the Crown Prince's party.

However, Anna had been looking forward to this party as she had heard rumors about the Prince and was desperate to meet him. With the help of her aunt, who was the Marquess of Dulce, they arrive together side by side and Anna was dressed up to the fullest to the point where Knox had fallen in love with her at first sight.

When we arrived, my parents went to congratulate the Emperor and told me to mingle with the crowd (only with the girls said father).

I nod and went to search for Leo as he was sure to be in this party. When I couldn't find him, I went outside instead where the garden was at.

Perhaps being outside was the best way to kill time since this way nobody can see me and I won't be seeing anybody.

Walking around, I remembered the steps that led me to the fountain and was happy when no one else was there.

Indeed, I should just stay here instead for tonight. Just until the party is over.

The sky was full of stars and the weather was not too cold. I doubt anyone else would be out here instead of joining the party so I was quite surprised when I heard a rustle.

"Who's there?" I asked. The rustling of leaves near the bushes stop and out came a handsome guy who was unique as his eyes were a pair of red and green colour. He felt like a fairy tale book coming into life.

"What do we have here, a beautiful fairy is it", he smiles at me but his eyes said a different story.

There was no recollection of this guy but I heard of stories about him before, a handsome guy with two eye colour. But I do not remember what those stories were all about.

He takes a step further until he was standing in front of me. His eyes had travel around my body making me feel flushed and uncomfortable and I turn my gaze away from him.

His cold hand touches my face and I find myself staring into his eyes once again and I was beginning to feel dizzy.

"Looks like you are real. I thought you came from a story book as a fairy fits the scene where there is a water fountain perfectly".

I blush and slap his hands away from me. This man is dangerous. I know this but why was it when I first laid eyes on him I felt enchanted and paralyzed to the point where I couldn't move. He feels like someone familiar but I couldnt' point out who.

"Do not touch me casually sir. We barely know each other", I stood up and began to leave. Looks like my plan of staying outside will not work for now.

I heard his chuckle but when I turn around the guy was gone and there was a whisper in the wind saying, "feisty, I like it"

It would be in my best interest to never meet that man ever again.

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