The Thorny Path of A Female Knight

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Uncle Nathaniel's squadron called the Lion's Shield is the strongest after the Imperial Army. Although Uncle Nathaniel could take over Duke William's place as the General of the Imperial Army he didn't for some reason.

Whenever I asked him of this, he would smile and said "Home is where family is" to which Leo and I assume he felt his squadron was his family thus he didn't want to leave them.

The Lion's Shield is also the main force that would be first deployed if any enemy attacks the kingdom yet in my previous life I've never remember if there were any serious attacks to the Kingdom ever since Zurich Empire agreed to ally with Ethereal Empire.

However, what my current problem now was that there was still prejudice towards a female knight.

"I still can't believe you choose to be a knight, you're still young for heaven's sake!" said Sara who has blonde hair and blue eyes. She was one of the female knights who joined and was now Uncle Nathaniel's Vice General. (Picture attached above)

I smiled, "Why you were also young yourself when you first joined in as a Knight Lady Sara."

At this Sara smiles. One of the reasons why Sara is famous as Sara the Mighty was because she contributed a lot for the previous wars. In fact, she was one of the ones who killed the enemy's figureheads.

"Tell me whenever someone bullies you and I'll set things straight", Sara pats my head and turns to leave as someone calls for her.

The other knights look at me with envy to which I sigh. They know the General Nathaniel was my uncle and now Sara his Vice General who is also a Countess (Earl) just had to say that deliberately during practice when she decided to say her greetings to the newly appointed knights.

It was already a week ever since I got knighted and mother had warned Uncle Nathaniel to watch over me that he had strictly called out my name during the welcoming ceremony thus everyone knew who Jade Evangeline Smith Kensington was.

Now, I can't even train properly as everyone was afraid of messing with the Duke's child as well as well- you can tell that once someone has a formidable background, no one would mess with them.

However, there was one knight who was indifferent towards me. His name is Nicholas and he was the famous commoner who got into knighthood during his times.

Currently he was known to be the youngest Baron and maybe he would become a Viscount soon as I heard he recently had dealt with the empire's most wanted criminals. He is also a Vice General for Uncle Nathaniel like Sara.

He has dark hair and brown eyes. A/N: I got the picture from Pinterest that has Japanese writing, credits to whoever did this:

 A/N: I got the picture from Pinterest that has Japanese writing, credits to whoever did this:

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I was put under his charge by Uncle Nathaniel to which he grunts in return. "Brat, you better work hard or else I'm kicking you out" he said as soon as he met me.

Of course, I got mad but seeing that he was my Senior, I had to listen to what he said even if he decided to twofold my practices.

"Is that the best you can do? My grandma swings the sword better than you!" He shouted.

Though I was agitated and felt insulted, I tried to calm down my emotions as I glare at him, "Sir Nicholas, since you said your grandma swings better than I do at the moment, may I meet her to learn a few tricks in hand?"

At this he got stunned at me, then he laughs out loud making all the other knights look at me. "I see you got some spunk. Why don't you show me what you got and I'll see if grandma can teach you a few tricks"

Sir Nicholas stood from his seat and approached the practice area where I was standing at. When he whistles, his friend whom I forgot his name threw him a wooden sword to which he catches with ease.

"Take your stance brat", he smirks as he gets into position himself.

When his friend said "start", I was immediately down on the ground.

"Looks like you do need grandma's tricks after all. But it might not be enough", he smirks and leaves the place.

It hasn't even been 1 second yet the way Sir Nicholas moves were beyond the human speed. It seems that he isn't a Vice General for no reason.

The next day, when I saw Sir Nicholas, I immediately request for a talk so we were going to his office which he rarely uses.

Before he could utter a word, I said "Please teach me the ways of a Knight" as I kneel with one foot on the ground.

Silence.... I was afraid of meeting his eyes for fear of rejection. After all, a noble who had a higher stance than himself was kneeling with one foot on the ground (A/N: Like a proposal btw :D) was already a blow to my own pride. So, rejecting me would definitely made me feel worse.

"...Stand up. You shouldn't kneel to someone that easily Lady Jade." Sir Nicholas helps me get up as I met his eyes. There was a hidden emotion in them. As if hurt but why?

"I can see that you have the basic skills and your strength is already good enough. In fact, your uncle did a good job training you, you have also dueled with General Williams I assume?"

I look towards the ground and nods making Sir Nicholas laugh, "I see, that should've been painful. But if you are serious about this then you better not say another word of complaint as soon as we start"

I look upwards again and saw Sir Nicholas looks at me seriously. "Yes!" I immediately reply.

"Good, now pack up and follow me on a quest", he turns to leave and left me speechless.

"Ye- Quest?" Sir Nicholas was already a few feet away from me and seeing that he was far from my sight, I sigh before leaving to go pack at home.

Titles from highest to lowest:

Duke => Marquess ==> Earl (Count/Countess)==> Viscount==> Baron

P.s I am not sure about the rankings in a knight so I'll just make the assumption that:

General (Highest) => Vice General => Lieutenant => Vice Lieutenant => Captain =>Vice Captain => Ordinary Knigh

Actual Stage to be a Knight I could find however was:

credits to @ChunelleCEspanol for giving more details on this

Page (until 13) => Squire (when you are worthy for knighthood) => Ordinary Knight

So I missed out some of the steps to Knighthood it seems as the actual stages were like the one above. So this story just like any others are made by my assumption. There are also Paladins and others but I couldn't get the info I wanted to these are just normal knights story, no power involve except training and strength.

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