The Feast

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Hello everyone, due to the covid-19 virus, which has affected most countries including where I am at, I have begun to study online and thus found myself with more time to spare which made me want to continue writing as somehow this semester, I do not feel that studious? But I do try to keep up with my studies as I made a promise to my parents. Anyhow, stay safe and practice good hygiene. I will try to update at least once a week.


Father who had heard of what happened had rushed to go towards his daughter's side but I had already returned to the camp site. 

Taking off the mantle, I used it to cover Snow as we went back riding Midnight's in a slow yet steady pace. And as soon as we arrived at my family's camp, I called the doctor to treat the young cub who was getting weaker as it was losing too much blood at the moment.

"Save him, no matter what. I beg of you", I got on my knees to be and this made the doctor confused but he swore he would do his best.

Lady Louise who had heard her daughter was back had just arrived at the camp when she saw blood on her daughter's clothes.

As any mother would do, she panicked and had grasp my hand checking every inch of my body for an injury. "What happened? Did you get hurt? Whose blood is this?" she questions nonstop without giving chance a chance for me to reply.

Sighing, I gently pushed mother so I can look into her eyes, "I am fine mother. This is just blood from Snow's injury" I glance at the cub that was currently being treated by the doctor.

Mother gasps when she saw the cub and checked for injuries again thinking the cub must have resisted when I brought it here.

I explained what had happened and told her mother that Snow was now my responsibility.

"I don't think you should keep it Jade. It might turn feral and hurt you. It's dangerous", Mother warned as father finally arrived.

"What's dangerous?" Duke Smith asks as he looks at his wife and daughter.

Mother had explained to him on what had happened and by the end of it, he was looking at me with a calm and wise expression as he waits for me to explain further.

"I will personally tame it myself", I spoke with a clear and confident voice as I look at both my parents. There was no other way they could change my mind with this.

Father and Mother realize nothing would make me think otherwise so the father made me promise this instead, "If it went wild, will you kill it by then?"

I look at Father with a serious expression and thought about it. With an absolute voice, I said "I'll personally kill it myself if this happens".

Father tried to look for a sliver of doubt but in the end he sighs and walks away with mother following him.

With that Snow was officially my new pet that I will personally raise like my own child. I never left the cub's side when it was being treated until the doctor said it was going to be fine.

Snow who also felt fond of me now, never left my side and we would often sleep next to each other as I also personally feeds him and caress its fur from time to time.

This kept up until it was finally the day of the feast.

Anna and Flora had gone to meet up with me as Anna's dress was currently at my tent for safekeeping.

"Jade!" Flora shouted and hugs me with Anna following behind. "We were so worried as we haven't seen you from last time"

This was also because I had locked myself up in the tent and refused to meet anyone, even my close friends and the Crown Prince.

I smiled at the two girls in front of me and said "I am sorry if I have made you two worry. It is fine now"

Anna and Flora wanted to ask more but from my tone of voice it seems that they knew the matter was done and not to be questioned anymore.

The girls got ready and by the end of it, Anna indeed was dazzling and it was certain she would be the most beautiful girl for the night.

"You look beautiful", I comment and Flora had also given a shower of compliments until Anna had gone red as a tomato.

"Thank you", she replies and indeed, she looks like an Empress. Just like how I remembered her to be. After tonight I should finally be free.

The girls had also met Snow who was quite shy of strangers and did not dare to get close to the two even if they wanted to pet him. 

It looks like he is a cautious and intelligent cub, I smiles proudly. If Snow was going to stay by my side then it was a must for him to grow stronger and smarter. 

Snow was then left in his cage which father had brought in. At first I did not like this idea as I wanted Snow to be let out as often and be near my side but the cage was quite useful in case someone did wanted to kidnap Snow when I was out of sight. 

To make Snow get used to the cage, we slept together in the cage as it was quite spacious to fit 5 adults and it was also decorated to the point that one would envy those living in the cage itself.

"I'll be right back", I pet Snow who accepted my hand and gave it a lick. He gave a look that made me thought he was going to stay and wait for me to return. 

"Take care", not wanting to leave, I reluctantly part with Snow once I gave him a kiss on the head.

Anna and Flora seem stunned to see the sight but they slowly smiled as they thought Snow was making Jade more gentle and easier to approach, not like her usual self. But they also knew that only those that got really close to her would knew what kind of person she was. 

A kind hearted girl who was pure as an angel.

Once everything was settle, the three girls departed towards the feast which was  located at the middle of the campsite. Which was not far from everyone's tent as they were located at the center of the camp site.

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