Visiting Ethereal Empire

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After a week of rest, I've returned back to the Lion's Shield and found out from Dame Sara how Uncle Nathaniel had punished Sir Nicholas for kidnapping me without reason and welcomed Sir Tim back to his ranks.

We then found out that King Renard had made contact with Prince Alexander that I began to search my memories whether or not something happened.

I only remember Crown Prince Alexander had become the emperor of Ethereal Empire just when I married Knox and before I died a few months after marriage, that was when I heard about King Renard.

Did things happen faster now?

Unfortunately, I did not have much information but I can get more now that I heard of this. Quickly writing a letter for the Ethereal Empire, I then met with Uncle Nathaniel and the rest.

"So, what you are saying is that you'll become a spy?" Uncle Nathaniel looks into space as he began to think.

"It works quite well since Prince Alexander did stay in your estate during his visit so you could also do the same and no one would get suspicious", Dame Sara commented.

Sir Nicholas and Sir Tim did not seem to like the idea very much.

"I don't think it's better for Jade to go there since Renard saw her face. He can't help but get wary of Jade when he sees her", Sir Tim comments.

"He won't show his face anytime soon but it would be better if Jade saw him as it would confirm that they are up to something", Uncle Nathaniel comments. "Besides, Jade is the daughter to a Duke that has a high influence in this empire; No one would be stupid enough to mess with her"

He looks at Sir Nicholas and said, "Nicholas, you're going to accompany Jade as her guard. See if you can catch Renard's shadow"

Sir Nicholas could only nod.

"So, it's confirmed? I've already sent the letter saying I'll arrive soon since it will take 3 month", Ostrington was near to the border where Ethereal Empire was that it was no wonder King Renard find sanctuary there.

Uncle Nathaniel nods, "I'll place some soldiers at Ostrington in case something does happens. Tim, you're in charge".

Sir Tim made a sour face, "But I wanted to be with Jade"

Uncle Nathaniel sent some death glares that shut his mouth and Dame Sara giggles before slapping his head, "Nice try handsome, better luck next time".

With that, the meeting ended and I went home to pack as the sooner the better.

I lied to my parents saying I was going to visit Prince Alexander as I missed him which made father furious but mother was quite supportive as she said, "Go along then... to visit your friend"

She highlighted the word 'friend' very weirdly and her smile was very strange yet I nod and replied with a "Thank you".

The next day, Sir Nicholas had arrived and when I was downstairs, I saw my father talking happily with him that I wondered what was wrong.

As I approach, I could only hear the words, "I like you very much Sir Nicholas" that I wondered if father had gone mad.

Sir Nicholas gave his fake smile and nods to father, "Thank you sir, I like you too"

With that, the two men smiled at each other. One was genuine while one was a devil in disguise. They painted a mismatched picture that I had to interrupt the scene.

"Father" I called out Father's name and distracted him waiting until Lucy had arrived.

As we were going to Ethereal Empire for a visit, we had to use the carriage so now the three of us sat opposite of each other. Lucy sat beside me while Sir Nicholas was in front of me.

Sir Nicholas had also worn proper attire that made him look like a gentleman and I could see how many women would fall for his charms as Lucy could not help but stare at awe at him.

"Lucy, this is Sir Nicholas our knight for the trip. Sir Nicholas, this is my trusted maid Lucy", I introduce them.

"Nice to meet you sir" Lucy said while blushing. Oh my, her chatterbox manner was completely gone in front of men like Sir Nicholas.

"Nice to meet you too Lucy", Sir Nicholas was also oddly well behaved in front of other women and treated me differently as he was all smiles and gentlemanly while when we were alone, he would be a grumpy and ill-tempered man.

Rolling my eyes, I changed to see the scenery outside and saw some farmers working around the wheat field and wondered how life would be if I was one of them.

That was when I realize the pair of eyes also staring at my silhouette.

"I know I look beautiful but look anymore and you'll bore a hole through my head", I turned around to see Sir Nicholas smirking.

"It seems that you've gotten quite sarcastic lately", he comments.

I smiled a nonchalant one as I said, "I did learn from the best" while looking at him.

This made Sir Nicholas laugh while Lucy stares at us weirdly that I find his laughter soothing and made me felt warm inside. We've truly bonded well these past few months that I began to see him as a family which would be the same for him.

Sir Nicholas suddenly grew quiet and serious as he said, "Are you sure about this? It's never too late to get back, we are heading to the enemy's territory".

"I..." before I could say a word, I heard some rustling and voila, Snow had emerged from the bottom of the seat making Lucy surprised. His built must have been covered by the fabric hanging on the edge of the seat and he must've entered before we left.

And here I was certain he was left at home this time as I didn't want to lose him in unknown territory.

Snow must've sensed my disappointment as he was happy back then but when he saw my face, he suddenly lowers his head and curls his tail around himself, trying to make him look smaller that he usually does this when he knew he did something wrong.

... He's such a cunning cat that he knew I wouldn't be able to scold him whenever he looks this guilty so sighing, I pat the empty space beside me and said "Come here".

The carriage was big enough to fit six people so Snow did not have any trouble placing himself beside Lucy and I.

"He truly is a loyal cat", Sir Nicholas smiled but Snow growls at him when he realizes he was called a 'cat' instead of a 'tiger'.

"A troublemaker you mean", I pat his head when he rests his head on my lap.

Though I did not have the mood to scold Snow, Lucy on the other hand was quite the stern maid as she gave Snow a lecture. Lucy even forgot that there was Sir Nicholas in front of us as she chattered away making Snow look pitiful than usual.

Snow was quite scared of Lucy as she once scolds him when she realizes he had followed my trip outside.

I look back to Sir Nicholas while Lucy was distracted, "Anyways, sure I am scared but I know we have to do this and besides, Prince Alexander is quite nice when he's in his gentleman act. I am sure everything will be fine" I hope.

Sir Nicholas tries to assess any lies I had said and gave a nod, "Whatever you say then kiddo. I'll be right here for you".

Had I sat beside him I was sure he would pat my head as usual. But the thought of having Sir Nicholas as my support was not a bad one so I ignored the fact that he called me a kid for once.

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