The Past

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By the time I've arrived at the castle, Sir Nicholas and Sir Tim was still fighting with some soldiers but King Renard was nowhere in sight.

"Jade?" Sir Nicholas gave a glare when he realizes I was there again. "What are you doing here?!"

Ignoring Sir Nicholas who seems to still be fine, Sir Tim seems to have been injured as there was blood dripping down his head so I went to his side to help.

"I've told the villagers to pass the message!" I yelled out seeing that Sir Nicholas was sending death glares along my way.

"I doubt they'd help much", Sir Tim had enough energy to chuckle as he easily maneuvers around two confused soldier that stabs each other.

Impressive, how I wish time would have stayed still just then to admire the two knights fighting skills as they were truly magnificent and beyond my current standing.

However, they were still human beings. An archer released an arrow that was heading towards Sir Tim's blind spot that I had to rush to his side, "Watch out!"

I thought my sword skills were sufficient enough that I managed to deflect the arrow however the archer was one step faster as he released an arrow as soon as he shot the other one.

Within the short time lapse, one arrow was deflected however the second one pierced through my left shoulder.

"Jade!" Sir Tim yells out and Sir Nicholas threw a short knife towards the archer that landed between his brows.

"I'm- fine" I clench the arrow as I took it out.

But I was a fool. When I took out the arrow, I notice the black tip. Could it be? Not again...

My eyes grew heavy as my breathing got ragged. The two men were still busy defending themselves and it would only made things worse if I did pass out.

I barely kept myself awake as I torture myself even by stabbing myself just enough to keep my eyes open. It seems that since I got poisoned before this time, I was more immune towards it so I could manage myself.

"Retreat!" the enemy shouted and I let out a sigh of relief.

Only after the truly left did I felt myself passing out and I didn't miss out Sir Tim's pale face when he saw the condition, I was in.

Again... In this dark space I was left alone to think by myself. But it was only a moment before I could open my eyes again as this time it wasn't that life threatening.

When I woke up, I realize my shoulder had been bandaged and my clothes were changed. Snow was beside me and he licked my hand as he gave a sad look that made me smile, "I'm fine".

Looking at the surrounding, it seems that we were back at Sir Tim's house as this was where I stayed the night back then.

The door opened and Sir Tim walked in. He seems to be frozen in place so I had to say something, "H-"

But before I could complete the sentence, he had appeared beside me and embrace me in a hug.

"Don't you ever die on me!" Sir Tim shouts and I felt tense.

Since the clothes that I was wearing was now that heavy, I could feel something wet by my right shoulder and that was when I felt my head going empty.

"Sir Tim?" my voice wasn't as hoarse as it was when I was poisoned and instead was weaker and soft than usual.

Sir Tim grew tense that I could feel his whole body gone frozen as if realizing what he had just done.

As if on a nice timing, Sir Nicholas walks into the room and said, "You're making her injury worse"

His sarcastic and nasty comments were always not welcome however this time I felt comfort through his words.

"Oh uh- I'll get you some food. You must be hungry", Sir Tim released his hands that were on me and his face was in a deep shade of red as he made his escape.

Sir Nicholas sighs before going inside and I expected a scolding however he was too cruel when I felt his fist hitting my head.

"Ow!" I glare at Sir Nicholas. "What was that for?!"

I knew why but agitated, I just had to let it all out just then.

After that, Sir Nicholas ruffles my head before he took a seat by the bed. "You idiot, you should've run away when it happened. You almost gave Tim another trauma"

Silence filled the air as I wonder what he meant. But that didn't last long as Sir Nicholas told a story.

Long ago, Sir Nicholas was adopted into Sir Tim's family where the two siblings befriended him. As they lived in Lumbold, near Ostrington's capital Estertol, they often went to the capital and met with Renard, the current king.

"Renard came from a line of royalty whose generation used to be the emperor of Zurich Empire. However, his family was banished to Estertol because they committed a great sin of trying to kill the old emperor. The emperor only made him a noble of this kingdom and banned their entry to the capital, Oflor. Because his family told him they were destined to be royals, Renard started a rebellion to usurp the throne to Ostrington. And..." he made a pained face.

"You helped Renard?" I asked. He did speak about old friendship.

"No" Sir Nicholas raised his voice. "The three of us were already knights back then and we were trying to stop the civil war from happening and warned Renard but he was too mad about royalty that he didn't care about our friendship and history that he continued with his plans."

Sir Nicholas seems to have regrets during that time that I could see how betrayed he felt towards his friend. No wonder they didn't seem to get along again now....

"..." I knew what happened next but I didn't want to say anything.

"When I saw you covering for me, I thought I saw the past", Sir Tim walks in with a cup of water that he handed to me. He sat on the bed as there was no other chair left. "Lily, you see... we were trying to stop the fight when the enemy tried to attack from a hidden spot and since Lily was quite fast, she covered for us before the enemy was quite strong that they- they"

"Please don't say it", I said. The two strong knights that I saw fighting that day were so vulnerable at the moment that I could see how much they cherish Lily.

"The civil war ended with Renard's victory and since Lily's final wish was 'make peace' we tried to help with him establishing Ostrington. He did keep his word to behave by himself as if honoring Lily's wish but now... Why?" Sir Nicholas was burning with fury.

"He must be after the empire", Sir Tim said with confidence.

I felt my heart beating faster as a memory began to play in my mind. Prince Alexander... was he truly here for a peace treaty?

How regretful I didn't know much about King Renard however I did hear about him, the rebel tyrannical king that wanted to usurp the empire's throne... How did I even forget about him in the first place?

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