Before The Storm

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I realize I keep getting confused when I made this story so if there are multiple publishes, it's basically just me editing the story's grammar and mistakes. No plot change is added.


After the ball, I had focus on my studies as well as my sword training. As for the matter with him I drove the thoughts deep in my mind because now was not the time.

Why am I anxious? The reason for that is none other than it was currently the month when my parents went to visit Aunt Charlemay who is Duchess near the border at the Fief. 

Aunt Charlemay consider herself as sisters with mother as they were friends since childhood to the point one would think they really are siblings. Because of this, aunt did not mind marrying Uncle Richardson who was the Marquess of XX. 

He married Aunt Charlemay as he wanted to have a Duke's title which was passed on to my father instead of him. They both got married and had cousin Ian who was as gentle as a lamb, one could not help but think he is an angel.

We visit her family once a year and currently father and mother decided to make the visit this May.

"Why are you agitated Jade?" Leo asks as we finished our spar but I still didn't feel like it was enough as I still felt a rush of energy waiting to be used.

"Nothing. I just want to get stronger, that's all", I move on to the stable and met my horse, Midnight.

Midnight was as the name states a majestic black horse that was thought to have been a wild one but the moment we met, he was as docile as a pigeon. Perhaps he can empathise with my feelings as we were both hurt by those close to us.

Midnight's previous owner tried to kill him for losing a race. Luckily, we manage to save him in time and after tending to his wounds until he healed, he became my loyal horse. That's why he would only let me ride him and no one else unless he deems them worthy.

"Good boy", I pat his head as he was excited to see me.

"Jade, where are you going?" Leo asks as he also fetch his horse, Persia.

"I need to clear my mind", I replied.

Both of us went as far as we could at the Duke's XX estate and rest at the forest where there was a pond so the horses could get a drink.

I went to the nearest cliff and sat down facing the afternoon sun. Leo sat beside me and again, he was staring.

"I don't know why but I think you've been staring at me too much Leo, am I that pretty in your eyes to the point that you just can't get enough of me?" I smirk.

His face became sour and offended, I slapped his back so hard he cried in pain.

"Sure, sure whatever makes you smile cousin. I just feel that lately you are so far away that I get the feeling you're not really like us you know? Like how you are sometimes wise and mature that you could make the adults speechless. I even realize you had your own business and is making money on your own was it?"

I sigh. I only started to invest in businesses that I know was going to be famous over the years and found the right person for it. Such as Annie from the orphanage was actually talented in making dresses. But in the other future it took her a while to get famous as she had to marry a rich man and even then she was a mistress. Though her life ended in tragedy, her talent was well-known.

After that was Robert who became a shoe-maker. And then a young commoner Jason who I know was smart enough to be an official.

All of the actions I had taken was to help me get wealth and good connection, I am already quite secure and stable but it didn't feel enough just quite yet in order to escape my destiny. Because the person I am facing was none other than royalty. Who dare defy them if not the gods.

I clench my fist and look at my cousin Leonel. Perhaps it is time for I to talk about this with someone close to me. 

"If I tell you something, will you promise not to tell anyone else and believe in my words?"

Leo was confused. "Why wouldn't I believe in you?" 

I gave a sad smile, "Because you might think I'm crazy once I'm done telling you this story"

He seems to be questioning himself but he tells me to go on.

So I told him all I know. My past life, with the Emperor, my parents death and etc.

By the time it ended, the sky had gone dark and Leo was still in a daze.

"... Let's go home. It's late already"

Before I could stand up, Leo had pulled me over and gave a full hug until I could feel his tears drenching my training clothes.

I pat his back trying to comfort him and told him it was alright now as I learnt from my mistakes.

After finding out he didn't help much and acted as a jerk in my previous life, Leo had apologize profusely to the point I got annoyed and told him it was enough.

"It will be different this time", I swore to him.

"It will for sure cousin Jade", he promise as his eyes was full of determination now.

We manage to ride back home safely and when we reach the back door, I turn to Leo.

"Remember, nobody else knows of this so you should keep it to yourself. I only told you of this as I trust you Leo. Promise me?"

He nods.

When we went inside, mother was already waiting and as this was the first time we got home late at night, she gave a good scolding to both of us as we were still 14 year olds.

I apologize sincerely as it was indeed my fault. Mother gave up when she saw how guilty I felt thus punish me with no dinner instead and I was grounded for 3 months.

Leo wanted to stay as he had a lot to talk about and even suggested to sleep over but I told him there was no need to hurry as we still had time tomorrow.

That is until mother suddenly announced we were to leave at noon for visiting Aunt Charlemay at the Fief.

Knowing Leo would come back in the morning, I immediately devise a plan to let him leave with the knights tomorrow as to assist in case the assassination did happen.

"I'll convince my parents to bring more knights with the excuse of fearing for bandits. But other than that, I will leave it in the hands of fate instead", I pat Leo's shoulder and look into his eyes. 

"I'll see you soon Leo"

He nods. "Stay safe until then"

Thus, the danger awaits as the journey starts.

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