What was that?

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Nicholas's outfit is above, I tried to include it inside the text but it wouldn't want to.

I would have liked to stay and chatted more with Rose but then I remembered about Lady Aria and Lily. I was about to leave but someone blocked my path and I look to see those familiar brown eyes.

"Sir Nicholas...", no words could get out as I really did not expect to see him here.

"I promised I was to guard you this day did I not?" he gave his signature smirk that brought a smile upon my face.

I immediately gave him a hug that must have caught him by surprise as his body tensed up like a rock, "Whoa there, you've only been gone for about 3 days at most. Why are you acting like it was eternity?"

Now it was my turn to be tense. Indeed, why did I suddenly get relieved when I saw his face?

Sir Nicholas was somehow wearing a blue outfit that oddly matches mine that I just stare at him.

Nicholas outfit, charming concept.

"I thought you'd wear green so I would choose blue. It's my favourite color", he explained as if I was accusing him.

"Alright... I didn't say anything but... alright", I then remembered about King Renard. "Wait, aren't you supposed to do something? With you know who?"

Sir Nicholas glance at Prince Alexander then stare straight into my eyes that I got nervous, "I wanted to see you first to check if the Prince kept his part of the deal".

"I- I see. Well, I'm fine under his care. You don't have to worry anything as he's not really that bad. What I'm worried about is Snow however, is he doing well that cat?"

Sir Nicholas smiled at my joke then got serious, "Yes, he's currently being taken care of by Michael in the carriage. We should go soon; you've already attended the ball as you've promised milady".

I expected I would leave by the night but as soon as I fulfilled my promise was the real trigger here. "Let me see the crown prince first".

"Jade", Sir Nicholas talked in a tone as if I was a child that did something wrong. "I feel much safer if you leave and go back to the empire immediately. Before anything even starts, please".

No no no, it's not fair. Not when he's this compassionate and serious about my well-being.

"Sir please, I can take of myself well. Don't you trust me?" I plead with my eyes.

I was thankful we were by the edge where no one was paying attention to but at the same time I wish someone would do something because I didn't feel like parting with him yet. Not yet.

A bad feeling arises from my guts that I was going frantic soon. I can sense something wrong is just waiting to happen and I wanted to be there. Something or anything.

But judging by Sir Nicholas's stance, his words were final. My charms had no effect on him.

"...Fine, let me say goodbye to Lily first", I went my way but Sir Nicholas pulled my hand.

"I'll go with you. Stay by my side milady", Sir Nicholas lets go of my hand then takes the lead.

I've already said all I did to Rose so there was no point waiting here.

Once we reached the west side of the palace, it was very crowded that it would be very hard to find Lily but since Lady Aria wouldn't leave her side and wore a unique dress, she should be easier to be spotted. So, I told Sir Nicholas to scatter but he refused as he didn't want me to be away from his sight.

It might have been charming in a way but as he was starting to behave like my father, I only got annoyed and said, "Then help me search for them!"

Who knows how long we spent trying to search from them until I heard someone saying, "There's a goddess by the terrace"

Then it finally struck that I should have followed the most crowd as those two beauties were bound to attract some attention.

We followed the most crowd and ended up truly finding them. However, it seems that they were in trouble as Lady Aria was trying to protect Lily who was hiding behind her but as the two had similar stature, we could still see both of them.

"...-" before I could say the word however, an explosion erupted nearby that the crowd began to scatter haphazardly.

What was that? I turn towards Sir Nicholas who made a stern expression. He gave me a sword that I recognized was my own and drew his own that was by his side. Where did he even hide my sword?

"Go to the east exist now. Your carriage awaits you, quickly!", Sir Nicholas gave an order before running off somewhere.

I wanted to follow him but right now I was too worried for the girls and I turn to see that some men were still cornering them.

Once I got closer, they were still distracted until the sound of a sword wielded was heard and they turn to see me.

For these men it was easier to use simple words, "Back away from them or else".

"Or else-" before the man could even say that word, I had stabbed his sides.

I then stare at the others, "Anyone else wants to give a try on what will happen?"

As commoners entered the palace, they couldn't wield any weapons so they easily surrendered. In fact, nobody could wield a weapon here unless they were given permission so I assume Prince Alexander must have gave his to Sir Nicholas.

"Are you alright?" I held Lily's shoulder, she was very terrified and still hiding under Lady Aria's back, shaking.

"Those men suddenly brought bad memories to her. She can't hear what you are saying whenever she's like this", Lady Aria explained.

Ah... those bastards must have done something to trigger her trauma. I should've broken a few legs here and then. But-

"We can't stay here, let's go to the east exit. We'll head back to the prince's palace first", I held unto Lily's right hand and looks at Lady Aria, "Please follow me quickly".

Lady Aria looks uncertain but she nods and did as told. She held unto Lily's left hand and together we rush towards the east palace exit.

But the way back was more chaotic than I thought as a fight suddenly broke out between the commoners and the guards.

He must've been hiding as a commoner that evil king.


Author here, I feel the end is coming soon do beware.

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