First Meeting

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Above is MC but her eyes should be a dark green shade instead. Credits to Google for giving me this picture.


Jade Evangeline Smith Kensington.

Daughter to Duke Smith Kensington and his wife, Lady Louise. Inherited her father's dark hair and her mother's jewel like emerald eyes which was why they named her Jade. Porcelain skin, ruby red lips and was beautiful ever since she was born. She was even pampered like a Princess to the point where even the Emperor had wanted to meet this child since young.

Which was why she was brought into the Imperial Palace where she was to meet the Emperor with her father.

 I sigh. 

"What's wrong my dear Jade?" Duke Smith asks as he caught his daughter sighing.

"Nothing Papa" I smiled as to not make him worry even further. He didn't buy it at first but my cheerful attitude convinced him in the end.

Refusing to go to the imperial palace was a death sentence for disobeying the Emperor's order. There was no escaping and I brace myself for this. The moment when it all began.

As soon as we arrived at the entrance, one of the palace maid was waiting to escort us to the garden and if my memories were correct this was where we were to meet the Imperial family for the first time for a tea break.

My hands grab my father's hand for a sense of safety and he took that sign to carry me into his arms. He was quite strong to pick me up using one hand but I was more glad he used both hands to secure me in his arms.

"Ah Smith, you are finally here", Emperor Henry greets as the father and daughter enters into sight.

It was no secret that the Duke and the current Emperor Henry were good friends since childhood.

"Come, sit with us", he gesture towards the empty seat and that was when I saw him.

Crown Prince Knox. The other reason why the Emperor had actually wanted to meet me was so he could get us both acquainted and this was actually a match making. His wife, the Empress had passed away 5 years ago and he refuses to remarry as it would mean betraying his love towards his wife. Thus he not assumes the role of both the father and mother for the Crown Prince.

"Greetings Your Majesty" I greet the Emperor with a curtsy as father puts me down. The current Emperor had done nothing wrong to me in my previous life instead he was one of the ones who cherish and supported me which was why once he died, Emperor Knox's behaviour became even worse.

I refuse to glance at the Crown Prince's piercing gaze. Ha, maybe if this was the past me I would be the one gazing at you, ogling nonstop until I almost drool but this time I will not make a mistake.

Emperor Henry notice Jade was ignoring the Crown Prince and made an attempt to introduce him, "So this is your daughter, it seems that the rumors did no justice as she truly is a jewel since those eyes of hers truly shine brightly." He glance at Crown Prince Knox, "Say, why don't you become friends with my son, Prince Knox since the two of you are quite similar in age".

Clenching my fist, I flash my most beautiful smile to the Crown Prince who seem startled by my sudden turn facing him.

"Dear me, I must've not seen him as the Emperor's presence was too bright to the point that Crown Prince Knox must have been hidden by the light you emitted, Your Majesty. Do forgive me if that was rude of me not to address you, Crown Prince Knox", I smirk. 

Knox was quite the arrogant Crown Prince when he was young, so he was easily angered but beside the Emperor he was mostly a docile brat who was now also clenching his fist and smiling as he reply, "No need to apologize, I can understand myself since the Emperor is like the sun which is why his presence is blinding. Do enjoy your time here snacking, I hope it will suit to your taste as the palace makes wonderful desserts for tea time".

I smiled but my goosebumps were spreading. Even though young docile Knox was a brat, the effects he has on me from my memories were strong and I can't help but feel anxious around him.

Luckily the Emperor had asked a question towards Father and I place my attention back at them, "Why did you name her Jade instead of Emerald, Smith?"

Father smiled and looks at me, "Louise was the one who liked the name Jade as she recently has an obsession with the jewels and ornaments that we've recently obtained from overseas and somehow the word Jade has caught her interest. I also think it is a unique and lovely name as Jade herself is beautiful like an ornament (this is meant in a good way as her father thinks she is too lovely he wouldn't mind it if  he had her as an ornament)".

Blushing, I flash a bright and genuine smile towards my father.

Most of the time I would eat the snacks that was placed as it would be a waste not to enjoy them. I also notice Prince Knox's piercing gaze but I continue to ignore his presence. Our fathers continues to chat and seeing as that we weren't chatting ourselves, the Emperor would have this idea to chase us away for a walk so we could bond in the past life.

"Why don't you two take a walk around the palace and have a chat while we catch up on our work?" The Emperor suggests and knowing this would happen I agreed.

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