Prince Alexander

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Leo had excuse himself as he said he was thirsty but I knew well that he was just shy and wanted to take a time out to calm himself down.

So it was only right of me to assume it was him that was approaching when I heard footsteps.

"Leo?" I turn away from looking at the bottom of the fountain and saw an unfamiliar stranger.

The man was quite dashing and good looking, my heart ran wild when I saw him. It felt like the first time when I saw the Crown Prince at my previous life.

Dark hair and purple eyes. He was tall and had a good physique as he looks quite strong. He must be an adult as he could rival that of fathers' stature.

As dashing as he looks however, the moment he smiled I felt fear all over again.

"My, it seems there truly are fairies in this Zurich Empire as my messenger has said. I was late to the party but judging from your looks, you must be the honorable Lady Jade Evangeline, daughter of Duke Smith Kensington. You truly are as beautiful as the rumors portray you to be"

As I couldn't move and stayed seated by the edge, I was just staring at the man before I could compose myself.

By the time he finished his words, he had arrived where I was seated and lowered himself to reach my hand so he could give it a kiss.

The way he looks at me was like I was the meat in a lion's point of view.

Who was he? How come I haven't met this guy in my previous life.

He could see the confusion in my expression. Smirking, he then introduces himself.

"I seem to have made the lady surprised. Allow me to introduce myself as Prince Alexander from the neighbouring Ethereal Empire. I was sent here to negotiate peace talks with the Emperor and met the Duke along the way, who invited me to this party. I hope you don't mind that I venture around as I wanted to see the garden"

Hearing his name I remembered now. He did came as one of the envoys that wanted to end the war between the two empire. But because he did not meet father there was no way for me to have met him.

But I did hear of his name as in the end he became the Emperor, and was actually the Crown Prince in disguise when he visited here. Crown Prince Alexander was known among all as he was just the 4th prince and wasn't the Crown Prince to begin with. 

But ever since he joined the Ethereal Empire's army, he won countless battle and rose up the ranks until the army was strong under his rule, nobody wanted to find fault with him thus he became influential and was made the Crown Prince. 

Only Zurich Empire could rival that of the Ethereal Empire but instead of fighting, he choose for peace.

The man was also famous to be a cold, calculative guy who has charmed many women that he had a harem that consist of many of them. I've never met him before but I had hated to even know him as I could understand the pain the ladies would be in.

But meeting him now did I truly understand just how true the rumors were.

"I've also heard rumors about you, Your Highness", I took back my hand from his hold as the experiences from my past life flash before me. How many hopeless and sufferings I felt just for the sake of one man. I never want to experience the feeling ever again

As the cold wind blew, waking me up before I made a mistake, I put on a fake smile and stood up to leave, "Please excuse me as I suddenly feel cold outside. Do take your time enjoying the view of the garden", I curtsy before leaving.

But the Prince just stood back up and followed me, "If that is the case, I am feeling cold myself at the moment. Why don't we both go together then".

I would've prefer it if I slapped him and told him to stay away as far as possible but this man was the Crown Prince of the neighbouring empire. One wrong move and the war would not end as most would hope it to be.

Not saying another word, I just smiled and walk back towards the hall. The dense man followed and was openly staring without care as if he wanted to say something but I made sure to keep my view forward and ignored him as if he was the wind.

The first thing I did when we were inside was to find the man who left me behind. When I found him, it was no wonder he took his time as he was actually surrounded by a swarm full of ladies. Leo could not even take a single step as they barricade him in a circle.

He was truly relieved when he saw me and sent a message using his face that screams 'help me'.

I sigh, truly wondering how will he ever his partner like this and just as I said that, I truly did found the one for him. 

I went to Lady Flora. She was Leonard's wife in the previous life and I was envious of their relationship as they were truly in love with each other. She was a beautiful, gentle and friendly girl that I mostly understood why Leo had fallen in love with her.

"Lady Jade, it is nice to finally meet you. Congratulations on your debut", she greeted with a warm smile. And sometimes I could see her sneaking looks to Leo who was crying for help.

See, I heard how she fell in love with Leo at first sight and Leo fell for her when he saved her from being mugged from the streets in town. The two then married and have two children but I never met them as I was mostly abandoned and forgotten at the palace.

"Thank you Lady Flora. I've always wanted to be friends with you as your grandfather told many stories about you. Do you mind visiting once in a while for tea?"

Oh and another reason why she is the perfect candidate is also because her grandfather is none other than Duke William who is the General of the Imperial Army. It was one of the reasons why Leo would also remember and felt fond of Flora as we hear stories from the General since he is the one who also teaches us combat when Uncle Nathaniel was not around.

She blushes and admit she also wanted to meet and became friends with me as Duke William had also told interesting stories about me. She said she admires my resolution to become a female knight as she came from a family of them.

We chatted for a bit and made a promise to see each other again and will soon write letters. Once that was done did I finally went to Leo who glared when he saw me.

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