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The picture uploaded is how Lady Flora looks like.


When I found Leo, I had introduced him to Lady Flora and left the two to chat more with each other. I then sneaked out to my room and told Lucy to prepare a bath as I was going to bed since it was quite late already. Mother would forgive me for leaving after all.

The next morning I took a walk around the garden to exercise my legs and went to my secret place which was located at the inner garden. 

Father had built me a rose garden which had a gazebo inside that was stack with pillows so I could take a nap at times, I like to call it my gazebo bed.

I had just sat on the gazebo when someone appeared out of nowhere and I was surprised to see him.

"How did you get here?" the words left my mouth before I could stop myself.

"I was just admiring the garden when I found the rose garden and took a walk thinking how beautiful this place was. But now that you are here, it seems that the garden pales in comparison to your beauty Jade"

Goosebumps appear making my body's hair stand on edge. Only he could do this to me at this moment.

"I thought I told you not to call my name so casually Your Highness Prince Alexander. Please leave as this place is a private property and only certain people could enter as it is quite personal to me"

As usual, he does not listen to a word I say and instead went to sit next to me. He wore a white shirt that was left opened intentionally, showing his neck and he appears to have just showered as his hair was still wet and there were wet patches on his shirt. The scent of soap could be distinguised and I was surprise.

"Did you stay here last night?" I found myself asking again before he could respond to my previous statement.

The man smirks and said "Yes, I just talked to your father how I would like to stay here instead of the palace as I wanted to feel more comfortable and work freely. And I don't mind if people misunderstand when I call your name Jade, because I do have feelings for you. So please call me Alex milady"

I was speechless, this man had no sense of shame and it did not seem to be effective to talk with him, "If you won't leave, then I will"

Standing up, I walked just a few steps before a hand pulled me and next thing I know I was lying on the gazebo bed. Prince Alexander was on top of me and his right hand was on my waist as his other was leaning on the bed.

His face was so close to mine, I could feel his body heat and I think he could hear the loud beating from my heart.

Blushing, I push him away but the man was strong and not moving a muscle, "Please let me go Your Highness"

I flinch when he lowers his face and turn to the side thinking he was going to kiss me. But again, he was just whispering, "Not until you call me Alex from now on, Jade".

This place was quite isolated as I prefer it to be quiet and peaceful thus all the servants were not to come here when they know I was there. I told Lucy how I will be at this place and wouldn't return for a while so crying for help was not an option.

I tested my strength again as I struggle to get free but it was pointless as Prince Alexander was not budging, this was only a waste of energy.

"Come on Jade, you only need to call out my name", he move his left hand to my face and his thumb was caressing my lips.

At this moment I stopped struggling and was frozen for a second as I could only stare into his eyes. They were such a beautiful shade of purple, I find myself reaching out to his face and stare into them. 

"You have such beautiful eyes", the Prince got startled by my action but gave a gentle smile and held my hand on his face.

"Not as beautiful as you", he kissed my palm and made me blush. Just how can he say those words so easily. 

Is it because he has many experiences and women under his charms? I find myself burning in jealousy and hatred when I realize just how often he spoke those words to women.

For a second I could feel his arms being loose and I took that opportunity to reverse ourselves. Now I was on top and he was at the bottom of the bed.

I did the same thing he did to my lips and lean in close to whisper the words that have been on my mind, "Don't get too close to me, I beg of you".

Without a second delayed, I ran back to my room in my training attire. It was a good choice not to wear a dress or else my movements would get delayed.

From then onwards, I told Lucy to stay close to me and spend most of my time either training with Leo or riding Midnight and having lessons. Luckily, Prince Alexander was busy with the peace talk and I rarely see him. But when we did, I made sure to ignore his presence and did my work as usual.

He would often stare and try to initiate a conversation with me but I counter every move by saying I had something to do or just leave the house to meet up with the girls.

Anna and Flora are quite nice to begin with so it was easy to befriend them. Although I felt uncomfortable with Anna because of what happened before, so long as I told myself this was going to work out well, it was durable.

We were currently at Lady Flora's house having a tea when the two shared a glance before staring at me. 

"...Is there anything wrong ladies?" I asked and they were both hesitant to ask but Flora braced herself and said, 

"Lady Jade, I am glad we are friends and love how supportive you are of our love life. But we realize recently we haven't been a good friend to you"

I was confused.

Anna intercept and said, "We appreciate the tips and information you have know of whom we admired. It just feels a bit unfair for us as we feel like we are taking advantage of you. We know how you do not like your cousin Leonel and the Crown Prince Knox but is there anyone you like recently?"

The image of Prince Alexander passed through my mind but I dismiss the thought before it was formed.

"No, no. It is quite alright girls as I don't dare to stray from my goal of becoming a knight at the moment"

They were trying to get me to say something but in the end I told them there really was no one and if there was then I couldn't possibly dare to dream about it.

Anna remembered a rumor about Prince Alexander and innocently asks, "What do you think of Prince Alexander then?" 

It took me a while to respond and sighing I said, "I just want to marry someone whom I will have a happy life with. I do not want to fight for my love too. Thus, it is quite impossible for me to love anyone as there's no such thing as loyalty."

They didn't try to push the subject more ever since then.

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