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Once we were all better, the three of us started our journey back to Oflor. Apparently, the villagers had come to help once they sent a messenger to the empire and kept sending food and medicine to Sir Tim's house.

We thank them well and since I helped clear some misunderstanding, they thank the two knights as they thought before Sir Renard and Sir Nicholas had helped King Renard usurp the throne due to their friendship but founded out, they were preventing it instead.

The only reason why they didn't kick Sir Tim out was that because of his parents were quite popular with the villagers as well as Lily however since the rest passed away leaving Sir Tim alone, they didn't have the heart to banish him as he was truly pitiful so they simply ignored him since he didn't bother the villagers too.

The journey back home to Oflor turned out to be shorter than expected. It should have taken 3 months but perhaps it was because of our training being spared due to our injury, we spent more time riding just to get to the capital sooner.

"It seems that you've gotten better", Sir Nicholas complements now that our wounds have closed up.


Now that I've gotten used to Sir Nicholas's fighting skills, he had made it harder as I had to train with fighting two men at the same time now that Sir Tim had joined us.

"With your hellish routine who wouldn't", Sir Tim jokes around to which Sir Nicholas had joined in to laugh. The two were also drinking by the fire and seem to be enjoying their time.

Another noticeable change was that Snow had become a social butterfly as he now hangs out with the boys more often. But once he saw I was lonely; he would often go back to my side and those were the moments that made me felt touched. Like now, seeing the men making fun of me, he chooses to go to my side.

"Indeed, you deserve to be called a demon", I glare at Sir Nicholas before deciding to go to the river to wash up.

Noticing where I was going, Sir Nicholas sigh before saying "Don't forget to be careful".

"I know", now that Sir Tim had joined the party, Snow had been promoted to be my watcher.

So far there had no problems during the trip however tonight it felt a bit different. The starry sky was supposed to give a good view yet the lack of bugs made it out of place.

The leave rustled making my senses heighten however I did not make a move until I heard Snow growling.

"Who's there?"

I slowly approach the spot where I put my clothes and wore it over myself to cover my body ignoring the fact that it got wet along the process.

Brandishing my sword, I look at the place where the sound of the leaves rustled and kept Snow near me.

A wolf whistle erupts as five men came out from the bush, even in the dark I could see they were quite beefy but not as Mace.

"I told you they were beautiful", a man with a raspy voice said.

"You told us about the white tiger only idiot, you never said about the beauty", another comment.

"So what? At least now we'll be able to get more", a third voice came out.

"Snow, call out the two", I whispered as these men must've appeared this moment knowing that the other two were quite far away. "On my signal" They must have come prepared seeing that they choose to bring more men with them.

Snow prepares himself into a stance and when the men were slowly approaching us, I choose the moment to fight when I said "Now!"

Tackling two men who came first, their skills were not that good as Sir Tim and Sir Nicholas however taking account with the other three was not an easy task.

Taking no moment of hesitation, I cut their legs or hands leaving them alive and easily dealt with the two men which left with the other three.

A tall and burly man had used an axe as his weapon and I had a hard time deflecting his attack as his strength was truly strong.

"Argh!" A sound came from behind and the man suddenly falls to the ground. Only when I saw the familiar glint of a short knife did I understood what had happened.

"Jade!" Sir Tim's voice was full of concern as the two men made their way to where I was standing.

That was when the other two decided to run away.

"Are you ok-" Sir Nicholas stood still on the spot along with Sir Tim that I stare at them with a confused look.

They seem to be looking at my body so I look down to see that as I was wearing the clothes in the river to cover myself the clothes had clung unto my body to the point that my figure was accentuated and my white underwear was seen through.

Embarrassed, I went down on my knees in an attempt to hide myself and that was when I saw Snow who had approach me.

As Snow had gotten big, I choose to carry him as he hides my figure and went back to the camp place leaving the two men standing in place.

My only thought was that, I showered for nothing.

The next morning, I said "Please forget about what happened last night" and the two men agreed to not mention about my embarrassing moment but choose to accompany me whenever I needed to wash up.

After that night, the two men became quite awkward with me to the point that Sir Nicholas couldn't look me in the eyes when we were training. It was more awkward now that Sir Tim joins Sir Nicholas with keeping watch while I bath myself that I wonder just what did I do to deserve this punishment.

I cut down my training short and instead pushed our return further that only when I was home, I feel glad again.

"Rest well for the week", Sir Nicholas said when he accompanied me back home.

"Okay", I nod and went inside without looking back.

"Jade you're here- Oh my, what did you do that made your face red", My mother said when she saw me.

I think the reason why it was also awkward was because though Sir Nicholas couldn't meet my eyes, I felt the same towards him.

His stunned face that night was unforgettable that I suddenly realize he was truly a man while I was also a woman.


Lover boy, I couldn't get King Renard's words from that time that I felt a bit pain in my heart.

Whatever it is, nothing that concerns me now. Nothing...


Will try to update more and complete story by this month! Look forward to more chapters soon :D

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