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Crown Prince Knox immediately came to the garden and his foot stopped when he saw me.

"Your Highness?" I rise from my seat and went to where he was standing.

When I was near enough, without warning, he put his hands on my shoulder and checked every nook and corner of my body as he assess for damages.

Once he was done, he slowly release his hands on my shoulder and as if realizing what he had done, he bows in apology.

"Please forgive me milady, I heard you were hurt and I could not help but worry thus I had to see whether you still had any injury left untreated."

He sounded really nervous and worried, it was unexpected.

"... It's alright. I understand your worries. Please, do take a seat and have a snack with me" I smiled and went back to sit where I was and pat the empty chair beside me.

He was contemplating on what to do as I could see he must've wonder why the sudden change in behaviour.

When you think about it, this guy is not guilty yet as he hasn't done anything wrong. But I just had to overreact and denied him all access without giving him time for an explanation; as I would not make the same mistake as him in the future, I will make sure to listen properly this time.

Crown Prince Knox finally made a move and sat next to me but other than that, he was still as a rock and every move he made screams of tension.

How do we start this...

"Your Highness", he had his full attention towards me, "It seems that I haven't been treating you right over the years but now that I've experience a life threatening event, I wish to apologize for my mistakes and would like to resolve the misunderstanding between us."

Now his face seems to be hit by lightning. But he kept calm and said," I also wish to apologize for my past behaviour as I realize how rude I have been. Would you care to explain why you were behaving like that then from our first encounter? "

His golden eyes held curiosity as he had his full attention towards me. I could not help but laugh at this innocent child as he wonders what his mistake was.

Being a fatal charmer, breaking my heart, blaming me for something I didn't do and etc. But now that I've been reborn and none of that has happened, you did nothing wrong really. Not yet that is.

I thought about this and considering how he was in the future, I remembered something he said to me.

"I did not want to marry you. Thus, I did not want to get close to you nor have any single interaction that would cause us to be engaged or married in the future."

His face was shocked, there was no composure as he asks, "So this was all because you did not want to marry me?"

I look into his eyes and said "Yes" as it was now the truth after all.

In the other life, he would talk all about his regret of marrying me thus it was the perfect answer for him.

"... But is that all your reason? You just hate me because you do not wish to marry me is that it?" he doesn't seem to understand this reason much.

I took a sip before answering, "My life is my own. Because of this, I do not wish to marry just because they ask me to unless I like that person. Frankly Your Highness, I wish to experience true love and live a life I want." I stare straight into his eyes making sure he understood my words one by one,"And currently, I just want to train to be a knight"

His face was still lost, "But you are a girl?"

I gave him a demonic glare and made him shut up.

"Which is why I wish to try to live a live that defies the discrimination. After all, females are allowed to be knights."

We talked more and more and by the time there was nothing else to point out, Crown Prince's face had gained the usual composure and was calm as the nature now.

" Does this mean... We are friends? " he shyly asks.

I was drinking tea when he asked this so now I was having a coughing fit as I try to calm down.

Was I ready to be friends with his majesty?

The boy looks dejected as he awaits a reply and sighing, I respond "Perhaps with time we shall see"

I realize I still have mixed feelings about being friends with him, I know I wanted peace but do we have to be friends?

Knox didn't seem to want to push his luck and accepted the reply saying "Something is better than nothing".

The time we spent together was quite long, even the Prince said he should go back and finish his works.

"Thank you for taking your time to see me, Your Highness." I curtsy.

"The pleasure was all mine Lady Jade. I am glad to see that you are healing well and I hope the medicines we sent today would help reduce the pain. I- I hope we see each other again", he bows politely and left.

Lucy had asked a barrage of question when night came.

"His Highness the Crown Prince is as handsome as the rumors said him to be, I think milady is quite weird to not have fallen for him yet", she gushes.

I gave a sad smile as that did happen before.

"I suppose I'm used to it", was the only reply I could think of.

Lucy went on saying how lucky my life was as I was raised in a loving and happy family, I was also rich and beautiful.

"Oh how we envy you, milady"

With each word being said, I could feel more anxious.

"That's why I am scared Lucy. Because I have so much to hold on to, I'm afraid when I would lose them all. Nothing last forever..." not even love

Lucy was smart enough not to push the topic again and instead apologize as she could see how my mood had changed.

It wasn't just the words she was saying but it was also because of what had happened.

A sense of foreboding danger had appear and I could not help but regret my actions for today.

Did I really do the right thing?

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