The Royal Hunt

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I added some of the character's images to their chapters when they first appeared and fixed some of the earlier parts since my English is quite not so good. Do comment if you spot any mistakes and I will try to fix and edit them to be better if I can. Tq!


Today was it. It was the day when the hunt begins and it will last for 3 days and 3 nights. The first day was to officiate the hunt as well as hunting until the second day. And the last day would be a feast celebration with results from the hunt.

As father was a close friend of the Emperor, we were invited to camp near the Imperial Family. Leo's family also attended since his father is joining the hunt.

"What are you smiling around for?" Leo asks when we stood next to each other once we arrived at the camp site.

Indeed, I was smiling because I expect something good would happen soon. As the day when Anna would be the Prince's betrothal is soon and this will secretly set me free from my predicament with the Emperor's matchmaking.

"It's not enjoyable if I spoil the fun", I smiled in reply.

Leo pester me to spill the beans but I just ignored him as usual.

"Let's just prepare for the hunt, shall we?" I grin.

He gave up and joined me to prep for the hunt.

As we were preparing, we were suddenly joined in by the Crown Prince Knox.

"Will you be joining the hunt as well?" he asks and my glare was sufficient as an answer.

"We'll be competing against each other so let us do our best to play fair and square later, Your Highness Crown Prince Knox", Leo says this as he rests his hand around my shoulder.

Knox was staring at Leo's hands as if there was something bothering him but he did not say a word. Leo on the other hand was quite satisfied for some reason.

I ignored the two boys and broke free from Leo to climb up to Midnight's back. He was raring to go today and I was also excited to test my skills in to real life situations.

We went for a walk around the camping site for a while and went back to my family's tent.

Father was also joining the hunt and told me not to stray far from him. Or else I couldn't participate the hunt.

When I went down from Midnight's back, someone had come close to me and put his hands around my waist to help me get down from the horse.

Annoyed as it was obvious I did not need help, I was ready to give the person a piece of my mind when I turned around and saw none other than a wolf.

"I see that you have finally acknowledge me Jade", his smile was so bright and warm that I get the feeling of butterflies in my stomach.

Realizing his hands were still holding my waist, I pushed them away and crossed my hands together, "I did not need any help just now Your Highness, so please refrain from doing so again".

Alexander smiles and crossed his hands too as if following my moves and said, "I thought I told you to call me by my name, fairy".

The restless feeling inside me just grows even more now. Perhaps the reason why this man makes me easily lose composure and be a bundle of mess was none other than his flirting skills.

After all, of all the years I've lived in this life and the life before... I have never been flirted, even more shamelessly as this.

Because during my debutante, most people avoided me like a plague as they were scared to get bad luck and such since my parents died during my debutante year.

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