Hello! I have a question!

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Hey friends! If any of you still have this book in your library after reading it (whether in the past month or from 3 years ago, idk), I have a very important question to ask.

Due to the current quarantine circumstances (my state is only on lockdown tho so that's something at least) and the lack of school or job or literally anything to do, I have made the decision to rewrite and update this fantastic (*not*) story. I'm working concurrently on this and on my new project (although it's not new anymore as I've been working on it for quite a while), and just need to know your preferences:

please comment on whichever style of writing you like the best, and that you'd like to read the new ttbb in:

first person present tense (what the original version is)

first person past tense

third person present tense (this one's kinda weird tho ngl)

third person past tense (what my new project is in :) )

please let me know!! I promise this new version will be of higher caliber writing and contain fewer plot holes and dropped plot points :)

love you all and hope you're doing well/coping with the whole situation <3


Update (12/20/2020): teaser chapter for the updated version of ttbb is posted!! Head to my profile to check it out! @foodismypromdate

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