The Mount Rushmore-Sized Pile of Snow on My Butt

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sorry I didn't update yesterday- I was actually dead from retreat.

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*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

All the weirdness with Drew abates after a few days. I've managed to deal with Asher and Drew subsequently and am still not sure how I survived the rest of the week. But no matter. I've moved on to more important things.

Like Drew's upcoming chemistry test.

To be clear, we aren't in the same class. I'm in the accelerated course, and he's in the regular one. However, that hasn't stopped me from helping him with his work in addition to learning my own.

I guess that's what a tutor does, though.

His test is on Wednesday, the Wednesday after the Monday that I'm supposed to have Asher caught up by. I had him caught up by Friday.

We spend all weekend studying. Actually studying, too. Not the "studying" we did at the beginning of the tutoring sessions. I quiz him on his polyatomic ions, both the cations and the anions, as well as digging out some of the old tests and quizzes I took on thermochemistry, the same topic his test is on on Wednesday. I type up the easier multiple choice, math, and short answer questions from mine and give them to him to practice on.

I really hope all this studying pays off. I mean, I guess I don't have much else to do this weekend, because Jordan still pretty much sits on the couch watching the Vampire Diaries and talking with Peyton. I'm pretty sure she likes taking care of him. Maybe they'll get married one day. Then Drew and I could go to their wedding and eat all the cake.

Wednesday finally rolls around, and I drive to school with Jordan in the front seat and Sam in the back.

"So, Sam," I say. "What exactly were you doing at Drew's house that one time?"

"Kaitlyn," he whines, crossing his arms. "Please let's not do this right now."

"Fine, fine," I say, holding one arm up in protest. "We won't do this right now."

"Wait, what happened?" says Jordan.

"See, it was the day after Halloween, and-"

"KAITLYN!" Sam yells.

"FINE!" I yell back.

Sibling goals.

I park in the handicapped spot in the parking lot (because of Jordan's knee and his dependency on crutches, they gave me a handicapped tag because I am his driver until he gets full movement of his knee back). Sam bolts out, as usual, and Peyton turns up to grab Jordan's backpack and walk with him into school.

Since there's still almost 20 minutes until the first bell rings for class, I decide to sit in my car for a little bit on my phone.

After a couple of minutes, there's a knock on the passenger window, and I look up to see none other than Drew McCarthy.

I roll down the window, keeping the doors locked.

"What do you want now?" I grumble, locking my phone.

"Good morning, doll," he grins. "Can I come in?"

I frown. "Why?"

Drew rolls his eyes. "Duh. I need your spirit and encouragement to take this chem test. You do know it's second hour, right?"

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