Boys-Invade-Kaitlyn's-Room Day

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A/N Yeah, yeah, it's been a while, but this chapter better make up for it. I think you guys are gonna love it <3

Please enjoy this chapter :)


*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

Drew and I eventually fall asleep, and when I wake up in the morning he's gone. I'm still on the couch, a blanket tucked around me. The important thing is that it's covering my feet; how did Drew know I hate cold feet? Weird.

My nose is suddenly assaulted by the smell of bacon coming from the kitchen, and I push myself off the couch, blanket still wrapped around me. It smells slightly like his cologne, and I smile before pulling it tighter around myself.

Nobody is in the kitchen, the only sing of humans being the bacon, the answering machine beeping, and a note left on the table with my name on it. I grab a plate from the cabinet and place the bacon on it, setting it on the table before picking up the note.

It's from Drew.

Hey, nerd.

I woke up early because I had to get going. But text me if you want me to come back over. I know you don't have much of a hangover (at least I hope not), but if you want some company just let me know.

There's bacon on the stove for you, and I made you a smoothie (it's in the fridge). How did you not wake up to the sound of the blender? Usually I can wake any girl up ;)

I can see you blushing.

Also, somebody called the house phone, but I didn't hear it because the blender was going. They left a message though, so I would definitely check that out.

Had fun last night; hope we can do it again.


I smack a hand to my face, feeling the heated skin from, you guessed it, a blush. How did he know? Creep.

My eyes scan the note again, only noticing the heart Drew signed by his name the second time down. A smile rises on my face, and the blush comes back.

The answering machine's beeping wakes me up from my Drew-induced reverie, and I quickly press the play button.

Hey, Kaitlyn! I hope your Halloween was great. Jordan's surgery was fine, as I think you know, and he's still sleeping because of the pain meds. When he wakes up, I'm probably going to take him and Peyton out to eat somewhere. You know, because he hasn't eaten since Sunday afternoon. Poor boy. We should be home around 3-ish; I'll call you when we're on our way back.

Also, has Sam contacted you? I haven't seen him since I left to take Jordan for his surgery. It's not that I don't trust him, I just get worried. Let me know if you hear anything.

Love, Grandma.

Well that was interesting. Grandma's message reminds me of Sam- I almost forgot I had a little brother! Pulling out my phone, I send him a quick text before diving into the bacon.

Half an hour later, the dishes are in the dishwasher and I've straightened up the couch. Stretching after placing the last pillow in place, I decide it's time for a shower, and I head up the stairs to turn the shower on.

As I make my way up the stairs, my phone buzzes with a text, and I look down to see who it is.

Oh, look. It's Beth.

I shut the phone off, not wanting to deal with her at the moment. After all, I'm pretty sure she and Drew had something. And it's not that that I don't mind, it's the fact that she never told me. I thought we were best friends, for goodness sakes!

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