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Not a Love Story by risingstarlight
Not a Love Storyby anne
*C O M P L E T E D* "This isn't like that stupid book, Oliver." "What do you mean by that?" "I mean this isn't a love story." - - - - Olive...
Brains and Brawn (BxB) by lady-writer-2000
Brains and Brawn (BxB)by lady-writer-2000
Based on the prompt: "I'm not stalking you, exactly, it's just that you accidentally put my notebook in your bag and I'm waiting for a good moment to steal it back...
Tutoring A Malfoy - Dramione by AlwaysDramione
Tutoring A Malfoy - Dramioneby AlwaysDramione
Hermione Granger has brains, as everyone knows, so it's not very odd that she would be tutoring a few Hogwarts students who perhaps lack in their studies. But what happe...
Here To Stay | ✓ by yourneighbourhoodcow
Here To Stay | ✓by rory
❝Wнαт ιғ I αм нere тo ѕтαy?❞ • • • Indiana (Indy) Wilson was left heartbroken after her father walked out on her and her family. Indiana has always been kind, caring...
Quarterback's Study Buddy by Armani_Cares
Quarterback's Study Buddyby Armani_Cares
Noelle Cartwright did everything by the book. Some call her 'stuck-up.' But, she never cared. She's a high-school senior with a lot on her plate and no room for romance...
Just You (Itsuki Nakano x Male OC) by Paul_0918
Just You (Itsuki Nakano x Male OC)by Chovy
An athletic idiot needs to get good grades so he can be able to play games. His father made him to have a tutor named Fuutarou Uesugi. Suddenly, he met a girl who really...
The List by cryingnwonder
The Listby cryingnwonder
❝When two people love each other, they don't- -They don't what Alice? They don't break each other's hearts? Because you've already accomplished that...
𝘁𝗿𝗮𝘂𝗺𝗮, A GRAPHICS GUIDE  by eggyeuls
𝘁𝗿𝗮𝘂𝗺𝗮, A GRAPHICS GUIDE by ᶻ 𝘇 𐰁 !
Invisible || Ashton Irwin by crispystrips
Invisible || Ashton Irwinby Baby
Tutoring! Where every great soppy love story begins. But not for me. Zoe and Ashton are from completely different worlds. He's in a band. Lives and breathes music. Does...
Obsessed // Drinny by fadedDazed
Obsessed // Drinnyby Lunar Rainshine
Characters belong to J.K Rowling Cover came from Google
Glee Club - (Finn Hudson x Paris Schuester) by Lulu_Hargreeves
Glee Club - (Finn Hudson x Paris S...by
A story where Quarterback Finn Hudson and Paris Shuester fall for each other. They start out as just two desk partners in Spanish and Math, but then the tutoring comes i...
What's In It For Me? by FallDown5
What's In It For Me?by Autumn Renee
Harry really, REALLY sucks at Advanced Potions. He needs someone who knows what they're doing and can effectively tutor him. Unfortunately, the only person taking that c...
For Edd, I Will (KevEdd) by BrokenDevils22
For Edd, I Will (KevEdd)by BrokenDevils22
Author: devoosha Summary: The story of Edd and Kevin as seniors in high school. ⛔NOTE: I am not the writer of this story. Full credit goes to the given author at top. If...
Chasing Ashes by ScoobyDo6105
Chasing Ashesby J. Scarlet
""Where am I?" I look around curiously, my eyes locking on every boy in the room. Everett steps forward, a slight smile on his face. "You're in hell...
Student X teacher / smut / fluff / lemon?  by crazy_herold
Student X teacher / smut / fluff...by Crazy_herold
You'd been lagging behind in classes, and your teacher Mr Hale had offered you private tutoring. You'd been going for a few weeks and formed a fast friendship. But what...
Apologize by queenbeekailya
Apologizeby Kaii_7588
Poor Kayla Ross honestly didn't mean to walk into Ashton Anderson and she really didn't mean to send up in the mess that she is in now. But he didn't apologize .... Kay...
Risking It All  by Alpine_21
Risking It All by Alpine_21
Jade Singh isn't a risk taker, not unless this risk is perfectly planned out. Then again that wouldn't be a risk would it. Taking a risk means flying above the radar, a...
Essence of Affection || Severus Snape Love Story by Sun-Kissed-Serenity
Essence of Affection || Severus Sn...by Sun-Kissed-Serenity
In nearly every aspect, fifth year Hufflepuff Everly Thompson is a gifted Potions student, but when her dream career is threatened by the class's poison chapter (her wor...