The Feisty Girl with the Green Eyes

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A/N Sorry I didn't update yesterday. This chapter took me longer to write than expected.

Beth above :) Isn't she's really pretty?

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*Kaitlyn MacDonald*
After walking home in the rain, I had gotten a bad head cold and a runny nose, and had to stay home on Tuesday. Beth and Parker brought over my homework, and we sat and watched movies all afternoon.

This week has just been miserable because they're still fixing my car, so I've had to take the bus for two days. Jordan didn't take me because he would have either left really early to get Peyton, or it would be 7:45 and he won't be downstairs yet. I took my chances with the bus.

I haven't had any more run-ins with Drew, though, and for that I'm thankful. Now, it's finally Friday, and I couldn't be happier.

I bounce out of bed and into the shower at 6:15, a grin on my face as I get ready for the best school day of the week. On Fridays at Green Lake, classes are shortened from 50 minutes to 40, and we get out at 2 instead of 3. It's a God-send.

Slipping on a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a green tank top, I grab my stuff and stampede down the stairs, knocking on Sam's door as I go.

"You lose... Again!" I yell, with a crazy smile on my face.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Why is she so freaking energetic? Well, I'll tell you. It's because my contacts are finally coming today, and I'm picking up my car after school today. The past few days have been super awkward, because I could hardly see the board, and had to sit right in the front in all of my classes.

I texted Beth when I got home on Monday, and she convinced me to try out contacts.

"You have to, Lyn," she pleaded, "and they're a lot easier to deal with in class." I finally gave in, and ordered them Monday night.

Back to the present!

I bounce down the stairs and into the kitchen, and squeal when I see a box on the table with my name on it. My contacts! No longer will I be blind! It takes me 5 minutes to put them in, because I've only done it once before, and that was when Beth brought some of hers over so I could practice on Tuesday.

After they're in, I run back upstairs and grab my white high top Converse. I put them on over my penguin socks and run back downstairs. Maybe I should join the track team: with all this running I'm doing, I must be getting in good shape.

When I glance at the clock, I see that it's already 7:35.

"Sam!" I holler up the stairs. "Sam we gotta go! Otherwise Jordan's taking you, and goodness knows when he'll get up." I hear activity from upstairs and assume it's Sam scrambling to look presentable.

While waiting for him to come down, I grab the last of my smoothie and drink it, making sure to not to spill any on my clothes. Sam charges down the stairs, grabs a granola bar and runs out the door, shoes untied and laces flapping in the wind. Slipping on a jacket, I follow behind him, picking up the papers that fly from out of his open backpack. Oh Sam.

Just as we're about to get to the bus stop, I hear a car horn, and turn around to see Jordan in his car with the window down.

"Hey guys, do you want a ride? Peyton is sick, and I thought you might not want to take the bus again." Sam and I glance at each other before starting towards the car. I climb in the front and Sam hops in the back, and Jordan begins the drive to school. On the way there, I hand Sam his papers back and he ties his shoes.

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