Uncontrolled Levels of Testosterone and Really Good Smelling Cologne

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*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

The rest of the day is slightly weird. Asher ends up in two more of my classes, and guess what they are.

German and study hall. Which means that the three classes I have with Drew (German, study hall, and US History, after he switched into that hour) I also have with Asher. I love my life.

Come German, we have a sub. Frau Polsinelli must be sick or out of town or something, because when I walk into the classroom just before the second bell rang, I see a short, middle aged woman with curly dark hair and thick-rimmed glasses. She keeps nervously pushing them up her nose, no doubt in fear of the teenagers she's been forced to deal with and the ones still to come today.

I can relate.

When the bell rings, I take my seat, ruefully noting the empty desks around me. I know Drew is here, but as to where he is currently I have no idea.

Maybe he got too weirded out by Asher and decided to leave. My chest tightens a little bit at that thought, and I internally frown. Do I really like him that much that I'm sad because he isn't here?

"Kaitlyn MacDonald?"

My head snaps up to see the sub staring at me, clipboard in hand. Her glasses are about to fall off her nose, but I don't think she's noticed yet.

"Yes, sorry, I'm so sorry. I'm paying attention, I promise."

"Dear," she says, catching her black frames with the tip of her finger just as they're about to slip off her face. "I was just calling attendance. Nobody else was raising their hand for your name, so I assumed it was you by the way you were staring off into space."

"Oh," I mumble, feeling my cheeks enflame with embarrassment.

The sub continues to call off names like nothing happened.

Did I just embarrass myself in front of the entire class because I was sad that Drew wasn't here? What is wrong with me?

15 or so minutes into class, the door opens and in walks Drew with a scowl on his face. Right behind him is Asher. My brows furrow at seeing them walk into class together, late, I might add. Were they together?

I'm pretty sure Drew is straight, my brain tells me.

How helpful. Shut up.

Neither of the boys meet my eyes as they walk over to where I'm sitting. Drew slumps into his normal seat, letting his backpack drop onto the floor, while Asher slides gracefully into the desk on my other side.

Great. Surrounded by uncontrolled levels of testosterone and really good smelling cologne.

"Where were you?" I whispered to the boy on my right, hoping that he'll respond. I'm out of luck. Drew's mouth remains tightly shut as he stares straight ahead, boring a hole into the whiteboard at the front of the room.

Do I want to ask Asher?

"Hey, Asher?" I question cautiously. Out of the corner of my eye I see Drew's head snap up as he frowns in our direction, but I ignore him. He had his chance.

"Yeah, bean?" I wince.

"Where were you?"

"Why do you want to know?" Asher crosses his arms, emphasizing his biceps that have me imagining how much he must work out.

"Yeesh. Never mind, forget I asked." I receive a noncommittal grunt in reply and roll my eyes.


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