Pecan Does Stupid Stuff

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*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

Our first group meet-up is on Friday afternoon. Drew and I decide that this project takes precedence over tutoring; after all, it is worth 50% of our German final.

We drive to my house right after school. Sam is at his friend's house, and I guess Peyton has been taking Jordan to and from school? I'm only assuming because I saw him hobbling around the hallways, Peyton at his side. But that's none of my business.

Kasie and Bella go together, Bella driving an old Honda Civic. I drive myself, and Drew follows in his car as usual.

"So, do you guys live near each other?" I ask, once we're all seated around my kitchen table.

"Yeah, we're in the same neighborhood. It was either carpool with Bella or suffer through my brother's obnoxious 80's music and awful air conditioning. It's a no-brainer, really," says Kasie, inspecting her nails. "I mean, if my hair gets too hot, it gets frizzy. Which is double the 80's. At least Bella has good music. Some of the time."

Bella winces. "Harsh. But understandable. I've seen her brother's car, and let me just say, I would rather wear skirts and blouses to school for a week than ride in his car."

Drew laughs. "That's probably the best thing I've heard all day," he comments, stretching his arms above his head. Annoyingly, his shirt rides up, and with it Kasie's eyelids.

"Damn, girl, you got yourself a nice one. If you ever get tired of him, you know where to find me," whistles Kasie.

Drew holds his hands up in defense. "Let's not go talking about me like I'm a male prostitute, please. I prefer the term 'non-selective' about my women. But sorry, Kaitlyn here is the only one for me." He smirks and drops his arm across my shoulders.

I scoff. "How juvenile. Not even Sam would do that, and he's a freshman." To which Drew responds by sticking his tongue out at me.

Bella yawns. "As much as I'd like to sit here and watch you two flirt shamelessly with each other, my girlfriend and I are going to go watch my little brother's soccer game later, and I'd prefer to be there instead of stuck here." She aggressively clicks a pen before flipping to a clean sheet in her notebook. "Now, who wants to cover what part of Germany?"

"I call Bavaria," calls out Drew. Seeing our glances, he shrugs. "What? It's simple. Pretzels, beer, and bratwurst. Easy."

Kasie laughs. "That is such a stereotype and you know it. Have you ever even heard of currywurst?"


"What about schnitzel? Spätzle? Do you even know how to spell that?" butts in Bella.

"Fine, you got me," Drew sighs. "But are we really going to split up the country into fourths? Did Frau Polsinelli even specify a time period?"

I finally decide to contribute to the discussion. "I think we just need to do traditional foods, where they came from, what region they're popular in, stuff like that. Probably nothing too complex. Maybe we could each pick one traditional food and research it?"

Kasie nods. "That sounds like a good idea. Does anybody have a laptop?"

"I do," I say, standing up. "I'll get it."

When I come back downstairs, Bella is showing Kasie and Drew a video of her cat, Pecan, doing stupid stuff.

"She does stupid stuff all the time, so I basically film her all the time. At least, when I'm not at practice or hanging out with my girlfriend." When Bella sees me back, she pauses the video.

"Okay," I say while turning my laptop on. "We each need to pick one traditional food." I open the search engine and google "traditional german foods". Clicking on the first website that pops up, I turn the laptop around so everyone else can see.

"Great. Now I'm hungry," grumbles Kasie. "Can you feed us, Kaitlyn?"

"Sure, but only after we've all picked a dish."

"HURRY UP GUYS, I'M STARVING!!" screams Kasie. I'm just glad the neighbors moved out about a month ago.

"Calm yourself, Kasie. You will not die of starvation, I promise you," Drew reassures her, placing a hand on her arm.

"Aw, really?"

"Of course you won't. You'll die of dehydration much sooner."

Kasie laughs, a full-on laugh. "Oh, I like this one. I like this one a lot."

Bella and I look at each other, each rolling our eyes.

"Well," starts Bella, "I guess I'll pick first. How about sauerbraten? I've heard that's good."

"I'll take spätzle. I had it once when I visited Germany with my grandparents," says Kasie.

"Hmm..." says Drew. "What should I pick, nerd?"

"Something with dairy in it so I don't have to eat it."

"What?" Drew gasps, seemingly horrified. "Are you saying I can't cook?"

"I'm not saying you can," I shoot back.

We're interrupted by laughter. Bella has her phone out recording us, and Kasie is writing furiously in Bella's notebook.

She looks up. "What? These are gold. I need to use them sometimes."

I sigh. "I'll take currywurst, and Drew will take Wienerschnitzel."

Half an hour and a few boxes of Oreos later (I ate popcorn), we have most our project planned out.

"Well, that was surprisingly easy," says Bella, hands in her pockets.

"Agreed," Drew smiles.

"Well, we gotta go. See you on Monday, and please work on this project over the weekend. I refuse to get a bad grade because you guys procrastinated and rushed." Bella shoulders her backpack and heads out the door, Kasie following close behind. I shut the door behind them with a wave goodbye and head back into the kitchen to clean up the Oreo crumbs that somehow made their way all over the kitchen. Drew follows me in.

"Well, that was... interesting," he remarks, leaning against the counter with his arms crossed.

"It's not like you were much help," I snap back.

"What, are you jealous?" he smirks, moving slowly closer to me. I turn around to find myself trapped in between the table and him.

"N-no, not jealous, just annoyed that you're not taking this project seriously. As your tutor, it's kind of my job to make sure you don't fail your classes," I huff, pushing him away to avail.

"Who says I'm not taking this seriously?"


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