The Biggest Piece of Cake You're Ever Going To Eat

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<one year and a couple months later>

*Kaitlyn MacDonald*

Drew stands across the aisle from me, and we both smile at each other. My hands sweat from holding this giant bouquet, and I've barely managed to go without rolling my ankles in these heels.

But, man, am I exhausted. Planning a wedding takes a lot of work, but the church and reception turned out very nice. I'm almost glad it's almost over, because then I can sit back and do nothing. Goodness knows Drew doesn't like how hard I've been working for the past couple of months, especially because it's the beginning of summer, a couple of weeks after graduation.

Ugh. I'm not looking forward to my own wedding one day. Helping Peyton plan hers was hard enough.

"So, Peyton and Jordan, this is where you'll be standing, right here between Kaitlyn and Drew." Our wedding planner stands with a clipboard, tapping her foot on the floor. I've determined she has some kind of nervous tic.

"Okay," Peyton says, sipping from a bottle of water. The church feels like a sauna, and I know that my feet are going to stink to high heaven (literally) when I take my heels off.

The practice continues, with us taking breaks every once in a while to snack and lay around. Their wedding is taking place tomorrow, and I'm super excited for the both of them.

"See, I told you they were going to get together one day," I smile up at Drew, who grabs my hand as we walk to his beautiful car.

"Um, I believe I was the one that told Jordan he was going to find a great girl all the way back in freshman year, so really, I'm the one that knew what was going to happen before it did." He grins back down at me, stealing a quick kiss before sprinting ahead to his car.

"Ouch, Drew. I felt that, right here," I say, clutching at my heart.

"I can kiss it better later, if you'd like," Drew waggles his eyebrows, opening the passenger door for me.

I just roll my eyes. Ever since we got back together the day that Asher was arrested, he's been teasing me like there's no tomorrow, and honestly, I don't mind it. It just makes me happier every day that this boy is mine.

Tomorrow comes quickly, and I roll out of bed and into the shower. I'm supposed to head over to Peyton's with Beth, Veronica, and Chelsea to get ready and help her get ready. Blake, Ashton, Drew, and Sam are getting ready with Jordan.

I sigh, thinking about all the friends I've made, and even those that I've lost. Parker moved after junior year, but don't worry; he said goodbye. Beth broke up with Mack after she found out the role he played with Asher, and I haven't seen or heard from Mack since then. All I can assume is that he left and isn't coming back, which I think will be good for him.

And, surprise surprise, Drew and I aren't the only ones that are dating now! Sam and Veronica are, but that's not as shocking as Beth and Ashton. I guess they bonded over a love of music and embarrassing their friends.

Getting ready goes smoothly, with the four of us girls constantly reassuring Peyton that she looks beautiful and that she's lucky. Pre-marriage jitters, I suppose.

"Hey, Mrs. McCarthy," Beth elbows me. Chelsea flanks my other side as we walk to the car, Veronica back with Peyton.

"I'm sorry, what?"

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